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18th Regiment of the Line Gatinois Grenadier France 1781

18th Regiment of the Line Gatinois Grenadier France 1781


18th Regiment of the Line (Gatinois), Grenadier, France, 1781 Formed in 1776; sent to the West Indies 1777; siege of Savannah 1779; 1781 at the Battle of ...

French infantry de Brie line regiment of King Louis XVI

French Grenadier of the Regiment Soissonnais by Don Troiani.

85th Regiment of the Line (Saintonge), France, 1781 Uniform: white cloth coats and waistcoats, faced and piped with dark green; linen breeches and white ...

French Louisiana Regiment of Fusiliers and Grenadiers

The French Martinique Grenadiers, Dillon's Fusilier and Saint-Domingue Chasseur in the American War of Independence

French; Regiment Languedoc, Hatman and Grenadier 1704

85th Regiment of the Line (Saintonge), Musician, 1779-1783 Uniform: Dark French blue coats trimmed with crimson and white braid around; collar, cuffs, ...

Chasseur of the French Saintonge Regiment Yorktown,

The French Martinique Grenadiers, Dillon's Fusilier and Saint-Domingue Chasseur in the American War

swiss-sapeurs-and-officers. French Revolution

Fusilier, Regiment Forez; Grenadier, Regiment Agenois

portrait of a Captain Commanding officer of the Cambrésis Regiment Infantry Regiment)

French; Armagnac Regiment, Chasseur, 1779 regulation uniform

AWI French: Fusilier, Soissonnais French Infantry Regiment 1780-1783, by R. J. Marrion.

The French Grenadiers in the American War of Independence

French; Hainault Regiment, Grenadier, in 1779 regulation uniform

Scottish company musicians of the French Garde du Corps

French; Irish Regiments Dillon & Walsh 1776-80. L to R Dillon Regt

Français de la révolution américaine

French; Gatinois Regt of Infantry, a private in fatigues at the Seige of Yorktown

French Navy: Marines_2

Orléans Dragons - 1781 par Begnini

Lieutenant in second of the infantry regiment of Artois, France, about An Ensign from the Artois infantry regiment, France, c.

French; Constitutional Guard of Louis XVI, Company Captain Edmé de la Chapelle, Spring

French grenadier throwing a grenade, Seven Years War, by (artist unknown).

French; Guadeloupe Regiment, Sergeant, 1780. the silver braid on the cuff indicates

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85th Regiment of the Line (Saintonge), France, 1781 Uniform: white cloth coats and waistcoats, faced and piped with dark green; linen breeches and …

Gatinois and Saintonge Regiment of Infantry in Parade Dress 1781.

French School 18th Century Portrait of a Military Officer with a Portrait of a Lady Behind

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American Revolution, French Army, Revolutionaries, Lantern, 19th Century, Modeling, Soldiers, Hurricane Candle, Models

French;Infantry Regiment Guyenne, Officer in Summer Campaign Dress, 1775-60 by

French Grenadiers a Cheval of the Maison du Roi cavalry


Chasseur of the French Touraine Regiment as he would have appeared at the siege of Yorktown

This soldier, depicted here in a self-portrait was in the Royal Deux-Ponts regiment

Imperial Guard, Chasseur a Pied Regiment, Eagle & Guard, 1815 by P.

Regiment de Berry. This regiment had 2 battalions in New France and they fought at

MINIATURAS MILITARES POR ALFONS CÀNOVAS: LOS FRANCESES EN AMERICA (1778-1783 )… | French Army in the era of the American Revolution | Pinterest | French ...

French; Swiss Regiments, fusiliers c.1789. L to R Erness(1eme

Nelson FC

This regiment was present at the siege of Savannah in 1779, and later at both Pensacola and Yorktown in 1781.

SOLDIERS- Courcelle: AWI- France: French Chasseur, Regiment Navarre 1780, by

Los Héroes de la Concepción - Metro de Santiago

Wall | VK | Napoleonic French Army - La Grande Armée de Napoléon | Pinterest | Walls and Napoleonic wars

The French Army in the American War of Independence

French;Mousquetaire du Roy, 1660 by L.Rousselot


French Granadier 18th Line Regiment, Gatinois, 1781. (...) Siege of Savannah 1779; Battle of Yorktown, 1781. | American Revolutionary War (1775-83) ...

Officer Royal Deux-Pont. American RevolutionMilitary UniformsFrench Army18th Century

French regimental drummers

Jean-Baptiste Donatien de Vimeur, comte de Rochambeau.

Nicolas Hoffmann, Royal Artillerie 1786. - | Frank Morrison | Pinterest | Royals, French army and American revolution

French fusiliers under British assault, Seven Years War

French king approving a new uniform for his Royal Musketeers, 1688

French; Cheveau Leger de La Garde du Roi during the reign of Louis XVI(

Francois Flameng

French; Infantry serving in West Indies, India & Louisiana during the Seven Years War

Gatinois Regiment of Infantry, 1781 | France | Pinterest | Independence war, American war and American history

French private, Belsunce Dragoons (21st Regiment ) 1779, as they appeared during the

Inside the French entrenchments the log walls protected the French soldiers firing on the attacking Anglo

1786. Louis XVI. Infanterie Française: Rég.t de Colonel-Général;

French;Saintonge Regiment, Private, Yorktown 1781 by Don Troiani

Revue du régiment de Condé à Strasbourg entre 1779 et 1781, huile sur toile,

French Second Company "Black Musketeers" Maison ...

Wayne's Legion Cavalry

French Army, 1756 Regiment d'Auxerrois by Lucien Rousselot.

Grenadier of the French Guyenne regiment (left) and a corporal from the Béarn regiment

SYW- Britain: British Infantry Seven Years War, by Michael Roffe.

Original Patrice Courcelle : Soldat du rgt de Grenadiers de France, vers 1769 | Art

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... Britains American Revolution 17541 FRENCH GATINOIS REGIMENT

Fanteria di linea Granatieri

Company of the French Maison du Roi guards charging into battle, by Lucien Rousselot.

img_9168.jpg (529×705)

33rd Regiment of Foot - American Revolution

1781 French Fashion Plate - Style: Levite

French Lauzun's Legion in America during the War of Independence

French; Royal Artillery, 1740s. Top Sergeant, Officers & Gunners. Bottom L

Assassin's Creed art gallery containing characters, concept art, and promotional pictures. See More. 18th Regiment of the Line (Gatinois), Grenadier, France ...

Line Infantry

W Britain 16051 Continental Line Standing Defending No. 2 1777-87

Regiment Bourbonnais. Photo Trig Photography · American RevolutionFrench ArmyCivil Wars18th Century

W Britain 16060 Continental Line Reaching for Cartridge No. 2 1777-87

French Infantry in Canada

Capitaine de grenadiers, régiment de Neustrie, 1786

392299.JPG (JPEG Image, 446 × 600 pixels) - Scaled (80

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French; Dillon Regiment, Officer, 1778

Bearn infantry Regiment, 1755-1760

The regiment, commanded by Vicomte de Poudeux, was among forces under Saint Simon brought from the West Indies to Yorktown.

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Kościuszko Uprising army

Drummer Regiment la Reine 1755 Eugene Leliepvre. Small image

AWI- Hessian: Brunswick Regiment of Dragoons, by F.Chapman & J.Elting (Company of Military Historians).

ISNARD Etat général des uniformes de toutes les troupes d. French ArmyAmerican Revolution18th Century

French; Infantry, Seven Years War, 1760-63. 1. Bresse Regt