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A drawing of the giant snake creature called the Basilisk t

A drawing of the giant snake creature called the Basilisk t


A drawing of the giant snake creature called the Basilisk.

A drawing of the giant snake creature called the Basilisk.

Basilisk: M.O.M. Classification XXXXX. Herpo the Foul (a Parselmouth) discovered that when

HARRY POTTER and The Chamber of Secrets: BASILISK by Jerome-K-Moore on deviantART


Art for 's project "Revenge of the Pantheons", a table top card game. Revenge of the Pantheons : Basilisk

Wyrm, Basilisk by Level9Drow ...

Hospital Sketches: Basilisk by lmerlo72 ...

The Basilisk is a creature mainly found in Roman and Greek mythology. They are most often depicted as serpentine in nature and are said to possess both ...


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Basilisk, Julien Carrasco on ArtStation at https://www.artstation.com

Leah's Thestral by SashaWren on DeviantArt

Hippogriff by Grey

Giant Eagle Faced Sea Serpent


The basilisk and the weasel, in a print attributed to Wenceslas Hollar. The cockatrice (pictured) became seen as synonymous with the basilisk when the " ...

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

City seal of Zwolle from 1295 with the Archangel Michael killing a basilisk

Artwork of a Basilisk

Magical Creatures of the Ancient World

The Basilisk A Symbol of Lust, Treachery and Disease, Especially Syphilis.


The basilisk is first and foremost a snake, born from the blood of Medusa as were all venomous snakes. It is found in the North African deserts – its very ...

Basilisk. I'm sure Harry Potter fans aren't going to be too happy using

A basilisk. “


Everything you didn't know about Parseltongue

Basilisk ...

Drawing from the Imagination: Mythological Creatures in Star Wars, Part 1 | StarWars.com

'B' is for Basilisk by JustMick ' ...

Few creatures have struck more terror into more hearts for longer than the basilisk: a crested snake, hatched from a cock's egg, that was widely believed to ...

“Basilisk, creature concept” © Milan Nikolic. Accessed at his deviantArt page here.

The Basilisk is another Harry Potter creature that's legacy lives on throughout the series. It is most known for looks that can kill and deadly venom.

Often confused with the Basilisk is the Cockatrice, though both are said to be born from the merging of serpent and rooster. The Cockatrice is said to hatch ...

“Black Basilisk” © Kate Pfeilshiefter. Accessed at her deviantArt here

Of course, "release the Cetus" doesn't seem to be quite badass

An illustration of Fawkes attacking the Basilisk.

Traits. "

Horned Serpent


Svara by arvalis ...

This creature looks nothing like the giant serpent in the "Harry Potter" movies; the original creature, which people actually believed in, looks so comedic ...

Despite the butch appearance of a mane, the Chimera is actually a girl. Don


In China, people believed that this creature was a companion to the gods and appeared to people only when a very wise person or great king was born or died.

A putto kills a basilisk, symbolic of Swedish occupiers and Protestant heresy, on the Mariensäule, Munich, erected in 1638.

Mythology - Leviathan

About a month ago @sulevi said “A quail basilisk would be sooooo cute!

A weasel fights a cockatrice/basilisk in a print attributed to Wenceslas Hollar. Note

Basilisk by TigerChickTigriss Basilisk by TigerChickTigriss

“Basilisks are hideous creatures that infest the jungles of Sothoryos. And are found in great numbers on Basilisk Point, some large, some small, ...

10 Legendary Monsters of Europe


Basilisk ...

I thought it was a strange new creature I had never seen before. Maybe the first confirmed sighting of a Basilisk ...

“There is the same power [the deadly stare] also in the serpent called the Basilisk. It is produced in the province of Cyrene, being not more than twelve ...

The thing that lives in the castle is an ancient creature we spiders fear above all others.

Chinese New Year Special: Wild horses being dragged back from the edge

This Chupacabra looks as if it's a mix between a porcupine, hyena, and a

Fantastic mythical creature, a basilisk-drake sea monstewr, vintage engraving, year 1598


Drawing from the Imagination: Mythological Creatures in Star Wars, Part 1 | StarWars.com

Suicide Squad Vol 4 13 Textless

The BASILISK (Harry Potter CREATURES Explained) ...

The Basilisk (Scientific Name: Draco basiliskos) and Cockatrice (Scientific Name: Gallicus halitosis) became known as the same creatures ...

A 17th-century carved depiction of serpent in the Book of Genesis, at Stokesay Castle

Sea serpent

The basilisk is a legendary reptile said to be “king of the serpents or snakes”. Allegedly it was hatched by a cockerel from the egg of a serpent or toad ...


Harry Potter: The Creature Vault book cover

Larger image available

Harry stabs the Basilisk with the Sword of Gryffindor.

Basilisk ...

The life cycle of the basilisk is involved and complicated. The Egyptians believed it to be born from the egg of the ibis, while Neckham blames chickens.

663: Basilisk (Fantasy Beast Week, Day 3)

An artist's ilistration of a Wyvern

Artwork by Guillem H. Pongiluppi

Magical Creatures

Monster Island Expanded: the Basilisk by goatrex ...

Basilisks are their greatest fear due the Basilisks killing vision. Since Acromantulas have quadruple the amount of eyes that humans have, they are more ...

Ravenous Crystal Lizard

Bahamut - Maybe this name feels familiar as it is a popular name for the so- called Dragon King. Bahamut is not a dragon though.

Well the basilisk in this would look more like this:

Basilisk lizard runs on water to catch a butterfly, Rate My Science

Basilisk ...

Picture. The basilisk, terrifying, gigantic, and deadly. A slithering snake with a giant rooster head that could kill you with one look, or stare.

The dark treasures of Slytherin house

Drawing from the Imagination: Mythological Creatures in Star Wars, Part 1 | StarWars.com