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A man wearing an yoroi Wikipedia JPN SAMURAI

A man wearing an yoroi Wikipedia JPN SAMURAI


A man wearing an Ō-yoroi - 大鎧 - Wikipedia

A samurai on horseback wearing ō-yoroi

Antique samurai ō-yoroi armour from the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Kenshin Uesugi's armour - Uesugi Kenshin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


A lightweight portable folding (tatami) armour made from small square or rectangle armor plates called karuta. The karuta are usually connected to each ...

A samurai wearing an ō-yoroi; two of the large skirt-like kusazuri can be seen-Ō-Yoroi had four kusazuri unlike the other armours of the era, which usually ...

Rear view of Onikojima Yatarô Kazutada in armor with a sashimono, a woodblock print by Utagawa Kuniyoshi from the series Six Select Heroes

nihonshiki: “ (via Japanese Samurai Armor and Armour. Japanese Yoroi, Kabuto, Kachu) ”

Samurai on horseback wearing an ō-yoroi-the large skirt-like kusazuri shows that this is an ō-yoroi.

A samurai wearing the horo, a garment used as a defense against arrows.

SAMURAI-RÜSTUNG (YOROI). Japan, späte Edo-Periode.

Samourai photo 1867 - Japanese people - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Harikake kabuto, a type of kawari kabuto which used papier-mâché mixed with lacquer for the elaborate decoration (the shell) on an iron bowl, beginning of ...

yoroi | File:Samurai o-yoroi.jpg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Samurai wearing o-yoroi (great armor), ca. 1880

After watching some samurai films, I figure you might be interested in knowing how a real-life samurai warrior actually look like.

Hand-colored photo-portrait of a man in samurai armor. Circa 1876, Japan. Photographer Kozaburo Tamamura

Rare 1800s photograph showing kusari katabira (chain armour jackets) and hachi gane (forehead protectors) with kusari shikoro (chain armour neck guards) ...


Ishi-jo wielding a naginata, by Utagawa Kuniyoshi

Parts of the samurai yoroi

File:Mounted samurai showing uma yoroi or bagai (horse armor) 2.jpg

Samurai o-yoroi.jpg

TheSamuraiWorkshop :: Other products - Yoroi - samurai armour - Yoroi Samurai armor with Shikami kabuto

Ashigaru wearing armor and jingasa firing tanegashima (Japanese matchlocks).

Auxiliary armour (Japan). From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Nanban dou (dō) gusoku, a Japanese (samurai) suit of armour with a western-style cuirass (dou or dō) made of plate armour. Tokyo National Museum.

Menpo iron mask (for yoroi) - Japan - 2nd half of 20th century

A woodblock print by ukiyo-e master Utagawa Kuniyoshi depicting famous rōnin Miyamoto Musashi having his fortune told.

Kusari (Japanese mail armour). From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Shingen Takeda armor - Takeda Shingen - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Japanese sword. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

samurai wearing a suit of armor. Old style o-yoroi armor.

Hakama - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Japanese Armour Diagram by Wendelin Boeheim - Japanese armour - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

O-yoroi, old style samurai armor.

File:Mounted samurai showing uma yoroi or bagai (horse armor) 10.jpg

Yoroi Box For sale is this elegant Edo period armor with 62 plate Kabuto and very large Maedate. This is a set you cannot go wrong with both for visual ...

thekimonogallery: “Wiki: ō-yoroi was a rich man's armor and not used by lower ranking samurai. The armor was mainly worn by the higher ranking samurai on ...

Samurai Armour, Yoroi Musha Ningyo – Japan – around 1920

Lithograph plate (1888) by Albert Racinet showing samurai warriors with various different types of armour and weaponry. ❣Julianne McPeters❣ no pin limits

Samurai holding a kanabō.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

An Edo period wood block print showing samurai gunners firing bo-hiya with hiya-

Samurai around the 1860s. and in modern Japanese ...


armaduras samurais - Pesquisa do Google

Seppuku | File:Seppuku-2.jpg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Best Samurai Warrior in Japan ! / 真田 幸村 [ 信繁 ] 日本一の兵 - Wikipedia

Parts of the kabuto[edit]

Samurai o-yoroi armour from the Tokyo National Museum (side view)

Antique Japanese (samurai) hon kozane dou (dō) maru, Tokyo National Museum.

World History -- This picture from Unit Study of Japan - with videos! (There are also other units for other cultures) Amazing wiki.

The armor you're likely thinking of for samurai armor is the Domaru. This was certainly the most popular variety, becoming common in the 12th century and ...

Gusoku means a style of samurai armor established around 1500 in Japan. Some parts of the armor in the picture can be ...

Rokō Segawa VI as Tomoe Gozen

yoroi: Oda Nobunaga NANBAN torso gusoku costumes (hire/rental) - Purchase now to accumulate reedemable points!

Samurai holding a saihai and wearing a jinbaori.

Japanese Yoroi belonging to Ashikaga Takauji (1305-1358), founder of the Ashikaga Shogunate (1336-1573). It is currently on view at the Metropolitan Museum ...

Japanese armor of o-yoroi type with hoshi-kabuto helmet

Gendai Gusoku (complete set of samurai armor) Daimyo (general) O-Yoroi

Japanese woodblock print showing a kari ebira type quiver being used.

Group of Japanese samurai dressed in full armor (different types of armor). references. old Japan

In this Kunisada print, Horibe Yasubei holds a large mallet.

The sōhei Benkei with Minamoto no Yoshitsune

(B=78) YOROI set EDO for Adult with HITU, YOROI Stand |

Taiheki Artist: Kuniyoshi (Taiheki) Date: Size/Format: Oban 10 by inches Description: Sama-no-suke Fujiwarar no Yasuakira, in armour, carrying a jumonji ...

A Fighting Monk, Military Costumes in Old Japan. - Japanese martial arts - Wikipedia

Japanese Armor [Yoroi-Kabuto]. Muromachi era. 15th.

The Forty Seven Ronin:

Archival image of Samurai. Public domain.

Antique samurai O-Yoroi 1 - Dō (armour) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Yoroi Chuu Episode 77.jpg

Japanese Samurai Armor Yoroi Showa period

samurai armor - Google Search

Samurai (侍), usually referred to in Japanese ...

Old Japanese military weapons

Samurai Armour, Yoroi Musha Ningyo – Japan – circa 1920

Powerful Japanese Samurai Armor Yoroi

16:37, February 10, 2010 ...

Japanese Yoroi in Shibuya

The Last Samurai. Love this movie, can't stand Tom Cruise.

Edo-period screen depicting the Battle of Sekigahara. It began on 21 October 1600 with a total of 160,000 men facing each other.