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Alan quotBaldiequot Longo born April 2 1950 is an alleged Brooklyn

Alan quotBaldiequot Longo born April 2 1950 is an alleged Brooklyn


Alan "Baldie" Longo (born April 2, 1950) is an alleged Brooklyn

Alphonse "Allie Shades" Malangone (born December 2, 1936) is a New York City mobster and caporegime in the Genovese crime family, headed by Vincent…

Sebastiano Bellanca aka Benny Blanca (1904-1950) was a Sicilian born soldier in

Nicholas Martello aka Bulldog Nick (1907-1958) was a soldier in the Lucchese family. Born in Brooklyn in 1907, his criminal record started in 1926 with an ...

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Joseph Schipani (1912-2003) was a soldier in the Genovese family. He

Gregory J. DePalma (April - November Butner, North Carolina) was an acting capo in the Gambino crime family who was responsible for introducing an ...

Anthony C. Strollo (June 1899 – April aka "Tony Bender", was a New York mobster who served as a high-ranking capo of the Genovese crime family for several ...

Tommy Lucchese was also referred to as "Tommy Three Fingered Brown". Though NEVER

Anthony "Tough Tony" Anastasio (February 1906 – March was an Italian mobster and labor racketeer for the Gambino crime who controlled the Brooklyn dockyards ...

Rare pic of Gus Faraces corpse. He was murdered for killing DEA agent Everett Hatcher

... mobster in the Colombo crime family who financed the ground-breaking pornographic film Deep Throat. Peraino got his nickname "Big Tony" allegedly due ...

Greg scarpa Sr after he lost his right eye in a gunshot incident by some punk

Ukranian-born Semion 'Brainy Don' Mogilevich, the so-called 'Boss of Bosses' of the Russian Mafia,is on the FBI's 10 Most Wanted Fugitive List.

Carmine Tramunti aka Mr. Gribbs, one time acting boss of the Lucchese family.

Modesto Santoro, aka Duke, was born 1912, and lived at 2402 Benson Avenue

Joseph "Joey Flowers" Tangorra (born August 2, 1949) is a soldier, and former capo of the "Bensonhurst Crew". In September 2000, Tangorra was indicted along ...

William "Willie Rat" Dominick Cammisano Sr. (April 26, 1914-January

Hardly any photos of former Genovese captain Mario gigante

William Cali (Born 1954) is a soldier in the Genovese Crime Family. In

Current gambino captain John rizzo , rizzo runs a crew in Brooklyn and Staten Island

Wanted poster of Bonanno Family Patriarch Joseph 'Joe Bananas' Bonanno ...

Current genovese soldier Peter Lodi leconte , he is in the crew formally headed by tino

Joseph D'Amico (born 1955 in Little Italy, Manhattan), also known

Sandro Aiosa is a capo in the Bonanno Crime Family. Aiosa has served as a

Paul “Brass” or “Paulie” Gulino (Born?– Murdered July was a former mob associate for the Bonanno and Gambino Crime families.

Mario Gallo, one of the 3 man hit squad that killed Gus Farace. He

John Russo (born Jan. 4, 1909 - died Dec. 2, 1978

Michael Franzese (prince of the mafia) is the son of Coloumbo capo John (

A more recent photo of genovese soldier pasquale scop deluca

Rare pic of Pasquale A. "Paddy Mac" Macchiarole (born 1920- died

Vic Orena former street boss of the colombo family

Anthony 'Tumac' Accetturo on the left side, capo of the Jersey Crew,

Benjamin Lefty ruggiero

Cesare The Tall Guy Bonventre - He was a member of both the Sicilian Mafia and the Bonanno Organized Crime Family operating out of Brooklyn, New York.

Primo Cassarino (born April 26, 1956 Dyker Heights, Brooklyn) is a New

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Mickey Rooney, early ~ (Born: September Brooklyn, NY Died: April Studio City, CA)

All in the Family: Inside the Gambinos

Ex-N.Y. Mafia Boss Found Dead by River in Canada

... Johnny Green He was Profaci's bodyguard, he was kidnapped and roughed up by the Gallo gang as seen on the picture. Scimone was suspected of being the ...

Thomas "Tommy Ryan" Eboli (pronounced "EH-bow-lee") (June 1911 Scisciano, Italy - July 1972 Crown Heights, Brooklyn) was a New York City mobster who ...

Genovese Family Connecticut captain Salvatore (Midge) Annunziato (photo) and longtime Connecticut-based Colombo captain Ralph (Whitey) Tropiano were both ...

Francesco Palmeri - The alleged mobster is said to be the number three of the Gambino

Anthony Scarpati and Greg Scarpa. Courtesy of Linda Scarpa... Greg n "Scappy.."

Cosa Nostra News: Mobsters Have Fewer "Psychopathic Traits" Than Other Crooks

Meli was born on August 25, 1894 in San Cataldo, Caltanissetta, Sicilia, Italy. Meli was the older brother to Detroit mobster Angelo ...

Mafia Family Leadership Charts | About The Mafia

Gregory Scarpa Jr, 64, former member of the Colombo crime family, is serving a 40-year sentence on racketeering charges.

Joe Adonis

Acting Boss: Joseph "Joe Saunders" Cammarano Consigliere: Anthony "Fat Tony" Rabito Capos(Brooklyn) :Joseph Sabella, Joseph DeSimone, Thomas DiFiore, ...

Bonanno soldier Frank 'Frankie Boy' Salerno, 43. In June 2018 he was charged with charges of: Racketeering, Illegal Gambling, Conspiracy to Distribute ...

1988, Genovese capo Federico Giovanelli aka Fritzy, holding his daughters Carol (L) and Marianne after being released from custody for the alleged killing ...

Alliance with Luciano[edit]

Marjorie Lord

David Berkowitz aka Son of Sam - David Berkowitz (David Richard Berkowitz) is an American serial killer that was born on June 1953 in Brooklyn,…


Emanuel Guaragna aka Manny From The Bronx, longtime Bonanno soldier

Matthew Perry - Perry in 2010

Harry "Happy" Maione and Harry 'Pittsburgh Phil' ...

Vincent (Chin) Gigante (C) is helped to his limousine 26 June 1997 as he leaves a Manhattan townhouse on his way to Brooklyn Federal Court.

Salvatore "Dago Louis" Piscopo (1893-1977) was a Neapolitan-born American mobster and prominent member of the Los Angeles crime family.

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Rare pic of alleged Cleveland boss Russell papalardo with his wife (daughter of made member

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Dr. Jenny McCarthy

The Rise and Fall of Gotti | But Gotti narrowly escapes the justice for his unsanctioned

Colorado Governor Silent About El Pueblo Under DHS, Director, Reggie Bicha, who fled Wisconsin on child fraud allegations.https://bit.ly/2mc12e2 ...

Before Stonewall : the making of a gay and lesbian community by Schiller, Greta (dir.) & Rosenberg, Robert (dir.)

John "Porky" Zancocchio (born 1958) is a New York mobster with the

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Rare photo of possible capo of the elmwood park crew tony dote , he is allegedly

Gambino capo Lorenzo mannino , he was the captain of the 18th avenue crew but seems to have been replaced . This possibly means he is on the gambin…

Allan Kaprow - Allan Kaprow, February, 1973

Thomas Anthony DeSimone (May 1950 – disappeared January also known as Two-Gun Tommy or Tommy D, was a Sicilian-American gangster and associate of the ...

'Bad Girls Club' Star Linsey Jade Confirmed Dead


Born, Benjamin Siegel

Conor McGregor reportedly attacked a bus full of rival MMA fighters in New York City's Barclays

... 1919 - December 31, 2006) was a caporegime in the Genovese crime familywho worked in the Bronx borough of New York. Born in New York, Ardito married Fay ...