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Antique Chinese Silk Robe Daoist Taoist Priest Imperial t

Antique Chinese Silk Robe Daoist Taoist Priest Imperial t


Antique Chinese Silk Robe Daoist Taoist Priest Imperial Buddhist Embroidery #unknown

Imperial dragon robe, Qing Dynasty.

ancient chinese robes | Imperial Costumes

372: 20th C. Chinese Embroidered 9 Dragon Emperor Robe on

Manchu Emperor's ceremonial twelve-symbol jifu court robe. Silk tapestry, China, 18th century, L.54-3/4 in. Features the twelve imperial motifs of the sun, ...

Chinese silk embroidered surcoat with rank badges, black with metallic gold and silk dragons amid

China, Imperial lady's informal gauze robe, Qing Dynasty, Guangxu Period, embroidered with

A silk dress red-ground with gold dragons, China, Qing Dynasty, 19th

Antique Chinese Silk Dragon robe from the Qing dynasty, estimated late 1800's. This beautiful

Imperial concubine's festive robe (Qianlong period) Yellow silk with woven pattern cm x width 176 cm

Robes of Emperor Dragon | Personal collection, no inventory, while supplies last, price

Longpao (dragon robe) of gold silk satin, embroidered in coloured silk with twelve symbols of Imperial Authority, for an Empress or Empress Dowager: China, ...

Antique summer robe China. Qing Dynasty

CHINESE EMBROIDERED SILK DRAGON ROBE 寶藍地龍紋吉服袍 Fine Chinese embroidered silk

Daoist (Taoist) priest coat Nationality: Chinese Creation date: about 1870 Dynasty: Qing dynasty Materials: silk, silk and metallic threads, ...

Man's Court Robe Unknown artist, Chinese; Manchu Man's Court Robe, Silk and gold-wrapped thread slit-tapestry weave (kesi) with fur trim

Antique Chinese Silk Robe Garment Jacket Manchu Forbidden Stitch Gold Buttons #Asian

Court robe, 18th century, Chinese, silk & metal, Metropolitan Museum of Art

Antique Chinese Summer Gauze BROWN Silk Embroidered Dragon Robe IMPERIAL COURT

A rare imperial blue-ground kesi surcoat (jiagua); Qing dynasty, 18th-19th century · A_RARE_IMPERIAL_BLUE_GROUND_KESI_SURCOAT__JIAGUA___QING_DYNASTY

Robes of Emperor Dragon

Antique china · Emperor Silk Robes | 100% hand embroidery, safe & reliable shopping, satisfaction .

Imperial Chinese robes, Harvard Sackler museum

Antique Chinese Silk Embroidered Court Robe from 19th by Ritzco, $1000.00

Chinese Blue Silk Robe, 19th Century

Daoist Priest's Robe, 19th century, China

Rare Chinese Qing Silk Embroidered Daoist Priest's Robe

Qing dynasty Antique Kangxi emperor blue robe embroidered silk dragon robe 1.4M

Ming Dynasty Daoist Robe Medium: Silk and metallic thread tapestry weave (kesi) The poncho-like jiang yi (绛衣 Daoist ceremonial robe) is worn for ...

Antique Chinese embroidered silk robe with flowers and gold metallic thread butterfly Chinese embroidery

Vestment for 1st degree Daoist priest (hongi) Chinese, Qing dynasty, late 19th

Silk · DAOIST ROBES | Second Degree Daoist Priest's Robe, China ...

Banyan and waistcoat, 1780-1810, Chinese for the Western market.

Antique Chinese dragon robe forbidden stitch silk imperial Qing dynasty stunning by thekaliman

A black silk ground Daoist priest's robe with embroidered decoration. Late Qing/Republic Period

A Chinese Antique Silk Embroidered Clothing

textile | sotheby's n09360lot7ybk9en

Antique Chinese Silk Robe Court Vest Original Embroidered

Antique Chinese Embroidered Silk Robe on

Five-clawed dragons, symbolising Chinese imperial authority, decorate a nineteenth-century Chinese court robe.

Important Chinese Imperial Yellow Embroidered Robe

Daoist robe

Antique Chinese Ladies Embroidered Blue Damask Robe 19th Century - This antique Chinese robe is made

ancient chinese robes | Antique Chinese Silk Robe And In Robes & Textiles photo

Emperor Silk Robes | Qing Dynasty, The Manchu Emperor's robe

ancient chinese robes | Chinese Embroidered Silk And Gold Metal 5 - Clawed Dragon Robe,

1940s Chinese Embroidered Robe or Coat

Emperor Silk Robes | dress worn by the Empress Dowager Ci Xi of the Qing Dynasty

Chinese Silk Robe Imperial Dragon, Qing Dynasty : Lot 100

Taoist ceremonial robe, Qing dynasty, approx. 1644–1700. China. Silk with gold thread. Asian Art Museum, Transfer from the Fine Arts Museums of San ...


Antique Chinese Embroidered Brown Silk Daoist Priest Ceremonial Dragon Robe photo

Antique Chinese Asian Silk Robe Coat With Pants Robes & Textiles photo

China Daoist Priest's Robe, Late Qing dynasty, circa Textile; Ceremonial/Ritual Dress, Silk and metallic thread embroidery on cotton, Center back length: 52 ...

Daoist robe

Image is loading Antique-Qing-Chinese-Taoist-Priest-Yellow-Dragon-Robe-

Antique 19th C Chinese Hand Embroidered Silk De Chine Robe / Coat photo

Taoist Priest's Robe Qing dynasty, century Embroidered silk tapestry

A Chinese 20th century fur-lined embroidered robe. photo Bonhams


Antique Bamboo Framed Chinese Forbidden Stitch Silk Embroidery photo

Antique Vintage Silk Madame Butterfly Asian Robe

Antique Chinese White Silk Counted Stitch Embroidery Robe Sleeve Band Cuff Pair photo

Jin Wu Di.jpg

Antique Early 20th Chinese Silk Embroidered Woman Han Costume Robe Embroidery photo

Stunning Antique Chinese Taoist Silk Hanging Circa 1880 – 1890 Rr802 photo

Vintage Chinese Silk Embroidered Woman's Jacket. Cranes & floral.


Golden Deer Vintage Chinese Hand Embroidered Silk Long Jacket Emerald Grew Robe

Child's coat of imperial yellow silk embroidered in shades of blue, red, and pink

Chinese Embroidered Antique Black Silk Robe Jacket Metallic Threads Phoenix

Antique Chinese Black Silk Gold Couching Embroidered Sleeve Cuffs Robe Coat Vtg

Fine Old Chinese Peking Silk Embroidery Art Forbidden Stitch Flowers Square Nr photo

Antique Brocade 33

Antique Chinese Silk Gold Couching Apothecary Herb Snuff Mortar Pestle Bottle photo

Vintage Antique Chinese Silk Embroidered White Rabbit Fur Trim Robe Cocoon Coat

Chinese Art Nouveau Silk Embroidered Table Runner Nightingale Gilt Thread 11. 25

... Tomb (Chinese: 荊門楚墓; Pinyin: Jīngmén chǔ mù) of the State of Chu (704–223 BC), depicting women and men wearing precursors to traditional silk dress) ...

Antique Chinese Figural White Silk Embroidered Piano Shawl Long Coat Jacket Vtg

Antique Chinese Figural Colorful Silk Embroidered Piano Shawl Cape Vintage Cloak

Antique 19th/ 20th C Qi ' Ing Chinese Embroidered Woman ' S Bound Foot Shoes

Antique /Vintage Asian Embroidered Robe

VINTAGE DUNHUANG Chinese 100% Silk KIMONO ROBE SZ L Large Embroidered Turquoise

Miniature Imperial skirt and jacket, Ch'ien Lung period, 1736-1795

Antique Chinese Embroidered Silk Robe And Skirt photo

Chinese Nine Dragons silk embroidered robe, 19th century · 10450 · 10450_view_2003_03 · 10450_view_2004_04. Chinese Nine Dragons silk embroidered robe ...

Emperor's Yellow Pao (Yongle Emperor, Ming Dynasty)

An Imperial embroidered yellow silk twelve-symbol 'dragon' robe for a child, mid-19th century. The robe is embroidered in shades of blue, green, ...

Antique Chinese Silk Rare Forbidden Stitched Embroidery Textile Wall Hanging photo

Daoist priest's robe (jiangyi), China, Qing dynasty, late 18th to early

Female's Ao Qun (襖裙, lit. coat-and-skirt),

A Han dynasty fresco of a man in blue hunting dress

... Handwoven Silk Chinese Embroidery - 8 Immortals (200 cm x 93 cm) #1

A Western Han (202 BC – 9 AD) fresco depicting Confucius and Laozi, from a tomb of Dongping County, Shandong province, China

Fine Antique Chinese Silk Kesi Kossu Panels With Warriors Fine Details photo

Handwoven Silk Chinese Embroidery - 8 Immortals (200 cm x 93 cm) #1

A female servant and male advisor in Chinese silk robes, ceramic figurines from the Western Han Period (202 BCE – 9 CE)