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2012 BMW M3 CRT Lightweight Sedan

Is the limited edition lightweight CRT the best M3 yet? Read it and weep if so because you can't have one

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BMW M3 CRT front view

BMW M3 CRT Pre production Car E90 06 2011

2012 BMW M3 CRT | Top Speed. »

BMW's latest limited-edition M3 is mostly about weight savings achieved by substituting metal with carbon-fiber in several areas.

Description ...

Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. The CRT in BMW M3 ...

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BMW M3 CRT /// 33 /// 46 /// 52

2011 BMW M3 CRT

ES#2855457 - 012499ecs05a - M3 CRT Style Front Lip - Inspired by the lightweight

Erick Ayapana

Think you know your M3s? A car like the CRT (Carbon Racing Technology) is always a good test for true aficionados. Rather like the E36 M3 Lightweight and ...

The hood, made of up an cellular carbon honeycomb core wrapped in CFRP, weighs 75% less and is just as strong as the standard 3-series steel unit, ...

BMW M3 CRT 2012

BMW only made 67 CRT models

Only 67 made, none made it to the UK

Took me over a year of work to get this one (sad I know)

BMW M3 CRT F80 Duron Automotive Artwork 1 750x500

Description ...

2013 BMW M3 CRT For Sale-12

2011 BMW M3 CRT

BMW M3 CRT saloon

M3 CRT: Forward to the F30! 0

G-Power BMW M3 CRT and M3 GTS

... 2013 BMW M3 CRT for sale

New 2012 BMW M3 CRT: 450 HP and 187,000 USD

2012 BMW M3 CRT | Top Speed. »

Image is loading Fits-08-13-E90-E92-E93-M3-CRT-

... 2012 BMW M3 CRT Sedan E90 - back view ...

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Factory E90 M3 CRT, 444bhp GTS Engine... 'Probably the Ultimate M3' - The M3cutters - UK BMW M3 Group Forum

2016 BMW M3 (F80) sedan (2017-11-18) 01.

M3 CRT [Archive] - BMW M3 Forum.com (E30 M3 | E36 M3 | E46 M3 | E92 M3 | F80/X)

bmw e90 m3 07 13 S3426087 1 830x500

Image is loading Fits-08-13-E90-E92-E93-M3-CRT-

IND M3 CRT Lip Installation Pictures [Archive] - BMW M3 Forum.com (E30 M3 | E36 M3 | E46 M3 | E92 M3 | F80/X)

Erick Ayapana

BMW E9X M3 CRT Style Carbon Fiber Lip Spoiler

Erick Ayapana

G-Power BMW M3 GTS & CRT 4.4 V8 Compressor 650 cv 64 mkgf 323 kmh 0-100 kmh 4,1 s

BMW M3 and M4 Press Drive Road America.

WOW This BMW M3 CRT Is For Sale Start At $300,000

2013 BMW M3 CRT For Sale-2

batch DSC 2655a

2013 BMW M3 CRT For Sale-11

E90 BMW M3 CRT dashboard

Description ...

For the M3 CRT, there are quite a few different ways. Firstly it's for sale at the same money as the E92 M3 ...

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The end result:

... 2011 BMW M3 E90 CRT, ...

Photo 3 of 9 BMW M3 CRT For Sale 750x498 ( Bmw E90 M3 4 Door #3)

BMW M3 CRT rear tracking

by Germanspotter 1 of 67: The M3 CRT. | by Germanspotter

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2012 BMW M3 CRT

G-Power BMW M3 CRT and M3 GTS


Could be, but if you remember the M3 CRT prototypes were blue as well, but the production model was only available in Frozen Polar Silver.

BMW M3 CRT Sounds Off With Factory Titanium Exhaust Mufflers

Low resolution images of a $300,000 M3 borrowed from duPont Registry

BMW E90 M3 CRT rear side

BMW E90 M3 CRT Lightweight Sedan Prototype Spied at Ring. First Interior Photo


25 photos

Erick Ayapana

front view of said seats. sculpting and support are fantastic. the range of mounting points means it shouldn't be too difficult to get into the perfect ...

Name: f80-m3-zcp-competition-or-crt-1.

A very special M car then, but made the more interesting because of its unique status in the M3 range. A logical link could be made back from the ...

2012 BMW M3 CRT | Top Speed. »

New. CRT Front Lip

The CRT ...

M3 CRT: Forward to the F30! 1

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Photo of BMW M3 CRT

BMW M3 CRT front tracking

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Photo of BMW M3 CRT

... AutoTecknic Vacuumed Carbon CRT Aero Front Lip - E90 M3 | E92 M3 | E93 M3 ...

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BMW M3 CRT on track - GoPro HD