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Batroun North Lebanon One of the nicest beaches in the t

Batroun North Lebanon One of the nicest beaches in the t


Kfaraabida is one of the beautiful beaches in #Batroun By @buddcorp #Lebanon #WeAreLebanon

White Beach Batroun

Not the poshiest place in Lebanon, but most definitely one of the cleanest. Bonita Bay has been around for years and neighbours my favourite beach bar, ...

White Beach - Batroun, Lebanon | whereLeb. My favorite beach club in the North.

White Beach Lebanon, Beach & Pool, Batroun, Beirut: Situated only 45 kilometers from Beirut, and 5 kilometers away from the sizzling nightlife of Batroun, ...

Batroun Beach

Batroun, North Lebanon. One of the nicest beaches in the Mediterranean Sea.

Save Kfarabida: Lebanese Government Wants To Turn Batroun's Best Beaches Into a Private Yacht Club | A Separate State of Mind | A Blog by Elie Fares

Bonita Bay, Batroun (north) Lebanon Beautiful white stone beaches. Also greta fun saturday nights with DJ

Batroun Salt Craters الملاحات في البترون Photo by Ghassan Fayyad

Batroun, north Lebanon... Take me there!!! I miss Lebanon

What the government is not telling you about the beaches

Photo Credits: Lebanon Untraveled

A trip to Batroun makes for the perfect warm-weather getaway. Known for having some of the best beach clubs in the country, Batroun greets visitors with ...

LEBANON, White beach, Batroun

Batroun - White Beach

2-Kayaking or sipping your rosé at Pierre & Friends

10 Things to Do in Batroun

Phoenician Wall, Batroun


Al Bahsa Beach, Batroun / Lebanon in a Picture

Save Kfarabida: Lebanese Government Wants To Turn Batroun's Best Beaches Into a Private Yacht Club | A Separate State of Mind | A Blog by Elie Fares

whitebeach.jpg; whitebeach3.jpg ...

batroun sawary resort sand beach mediterranean sea ... (Sawary Resort & Hotel-Batroun)

7. Cyan

La playa - ichalhoub in Batroun north Lebanon / beach playa .

Batroun - Lebanon

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k f a r a b i da b e a c h 🏖 lebanon lebanon_hd lebanon_hdr batroun ... (Kfarabida Batroun)

beach weekend elevenbay batroun lebanon mycitybeirut ... (Eleven_Bay)

Today's storm 😮 lebanon batroun Beach wind windyday winter nature ... (Batroûn)

Chekka شكا By NaNo Haber #WeAreLebanon #Lebanon

Orchid 1

beach deck sea batroun lebanon livelovelebanon .

batroun kfarabida beach sunset mediterranean sea mediterraneansea ... (Kfarabida Batroun)

Whats common between yoga and kytesurf? lebanon batroun ... (Batroûn)

Pierre & Friends, Batroun. 6 km. Ranked as one of the best beach ...

Batroun is a coastal city in northern Lebanon and one ...

snorkelling. ...

51% Off Beach & Pool Entrance (Weekdays & Saturdays) from Bonita Bay, Batroun (Only $6.5 instead of $13.33)

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... beaches in Lebanon and a great place to relax and have a drink. There's also White Beach which has a small entrance fee and a lot of other beaches along ...

Kfaraabida (the area between Batroun & Chekka) is trulY one of the best locations I got to discover this summer, especiallY after the #SaveKfaraabida ...

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San Stephano Resort is a small beach resort located at the heart of Batroun. With a pool and a beach on site as well as a restaurant, you can enjoy the ...

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50% off Full Day Access for 1 Person on Weekends to Aqualand Resort ($6 instead of $12)

Al Naqoura Beach, South Lebanon

White Beach, Batroun

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2.jpg; 1.jpg ...

About 15 minutes south of Saida is a small coastal Lebanese town in the South called Adloun. Most of us hadn't heard of it before, but it's actually one of ...

Orchid Beach Resort Batroun Lebanon Summer 2016

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Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 11.16.12 pm

This summer, I have been finding myself saying yes to a number of new activities and adventures. This has pushed me to get out of my comfort zone and visit ...

Batroun and Amchit beaches: There's of course Pierre and Friends which is one of the most popular free beaches in Lebanon and a great place to relax and ...

State of Lebanon's beaches

We're waiting for you this Sunday the 25th of June at Kfaraabida - Batroun... (Kfarabida Batroun)

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The ...

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Lebanon's 6 best beaches


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Orchid Beach Lounge, Batroun - Restaurant Reviews, Phone Number & Photos - TripAdvisor

Blue bird's nest in the best spot of Batroun - Apartments for Rent in Batroun, North Lebanon Governorate, Lebanon

"Makaad El Mir" ruins by the rocky beach in Batroun, Lebanon

Top 10: Beach Resorts & Bars Lebanon

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Batroun Town, Batroun

Pierre & Friends, Batroun Photos

1 ...


Tyr (Sour) and Naqoura Beaches: Most of the beaches in Tyr and Naqoura are for free. Al Fanar beach in Tyr is free for sure but that's the only one I know ...

... Florida Beach Hotel & Resort Chekka Lebanon - Florida beach overview

When new year hits right start - ichalhoub in Batroun north Lebanon.

Eight of the Best Beaches Outside of Beirut

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Best Day Trips from Beirut

Lebanon's Top 5 Summer Destination

Apparently the plan is to build a new private resort by Orchid, which already runs a private beach in South Lebanon.

List of free entrance beaches #Lebanon

When you have lovely weather and sunny weekends it means you should go out and make the best out of it!! 1 of my favorite destinations (after Jbeil) is ...

1. Iris Beach Club, Damour

Biking Tour of Batroun

Lebanon Beach at Four Seasons Beirut

Day 1: Family Fun things to do in Batroun!

The Hottest Summer Beaches in Lebanon

1. Take in the history

Not too far down that coast, is another gem of a spot: White Beach. Like P&F, it's also got a pebblY shore but the water is cool and it's got a mini ...

While I've listed some of mY favourite Beaches in North Lebanon, I'm sure there are still a lot of more secret spots to discover! If You'd like to share, ...

Batroun hollywood sign

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Batroun San Stephano-hotel and chalets,looks very nice and clean.22 000LL if you want to visit for the day in the summer at the weekend.