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Bobby Sam and Benny in Purgatory GIFset SaltNBurn t

Bobby Sam and Benny in Purgatory GIFset SaltNBurn t


Bobby, Sam and Benny in Purgatory GIFset <-- Have you ever noticed the

I forgot about your plan - you gonna get Sam and

[SET OF GIFS] Taxi Driver "Dean and I would beg to differ you sacrificial little shit." <-- hahaha, yes, I agree.

So sad this show wasn't picked up :( David Lassiter | Supernatural

Southern Comfort [gifset] - "You guys have no idea how much I missed you." - Garth is so sweet!

[gifset] 9x17 Mother's Little Helper #SPNS9 #Sam #Dean #Crowley #

Sam memorized the filing system from the Library of Congress, knowing right away it was.

[gifset] #Dean and #Sam Winchester #brothers

9x20 Bloodlines [gifset] - "Alright look, my name is Sam Winchester. That's my brother, Dean. We, uh, we kill vampires. And werewolves and demons.

Sacrifice The most epic of all brother moments in the entire series.

[SET OF GIFS] "Bobby was gone. You two were MIA. It

When Dean decided to teach Sam how to fix Baby. --Sam and Dean from Supernatural

Deleted scene from Taxi Driver This probably hurt Dean as much as finding out Sam drank demon blood. The shame on Benny's face for letting Dean down is ...

Cas and Dean


Metamorphosis: Sam & Dean confront a man with rougarou in his genes & try to stop him from taking the final step before metamorphosis

Supernatural 12.19. I'm sure they can relate.

I've missed bobby

Supernatural Season 10 // Benny and Dean in Purgatory

I love Bobby.

Winchester expressions [GIFSET] 4x05 Monster Movie (could this be gag reel?)


[GIFSET] 2x19 Folsom Prison Blues #BlueSteel <3

[GIFSET] Benny Lafitte

Also could be a suggestion that Dean is protecting Sam. As in John Winchester used to beat his boys. And Dean was always there to put a stop to it before ...

[GIFSET] 9x11 First Born But you have to know, the mark comes with

[gif] Sam saving Benny from Bobby in Purgatory Shows the growth in their relationship.

There ain't no me if there ain't no you. GIFset

Benny, Crowley,Bobby, Dean, Cas, Sam, Kevin, Gabriel and Lucifer

[gifset] 2x14 Born Under A Bad Sign #SPN #Bobby #Sam #

Man's Best Friend with Benefits [gifset] - See, here's the thing, witches. not real fans. Supernatural - by saltnburned

[SET OF GIFS] Taxi Driver -- so I always thought I hated Benny but this scene made my heart ache.

Funny Supernatural Posters | Posts related to Supernatural's Bobby Singer Demotivational Poster

Day 15: A scene that made you angry: Dean's speech to Sam when he

[gifset] 10x03 Soul Survivor - Poor Dean. He just doesn't want to feel the pain anymore.

Sam Winchester: We are fighting. We're fighting for you, Cass. Dean Winchester: And like you said, you're family. And we don't ...

(gif set) "Today, you're going to throw a ball around. Supernatural BobbySam DeanFandomsDean ...

Supernatural season 10 promo poster featuring Dean, Sam, Castiel, Crowley

The Rhonda Hurley story from The End

"Family don't end with blood, boy." Quote from 3x16 No Rest for the Wicked. Pictures from 6x20 The Man Who Would Be King, episode?, episode?, 8x20 Pac-Man ...

[gifset] 10x19 The Werther Project #SPN #Dean BENNY!

Benny and Dean. Dean FINALLY had a friend! Why must you hurt me this

[gifset] Team Purgatory #SPN #Dean #Castiel #Benny

[gifset] "Isn't it ironic that Sam, who was always sort

I was never sure about Benny. I understand Dean's love for him AND Sam's hatred

[GIFSET] All Hell Breaks Loose Part II." And Bobby's face. D': That other sad thing that Dean can't feel Bobby's love in this scene either

Dean and Sam - 8.01 #WeNeedtoTalkAboutKevin #SPNS8

The entire show in a nutshell (gif set)

[gifset] #Benny #SPN

#spn #Supernatural #spnfamily #jaredpadelecki #jensenackles #mishacollins # sam #sammy

Supernatural Scene Season 4 < < < what episode is It from?

11x13 Love Hurts [gifset] - Sam being wonderful and non-judgmental - My

[GIFSET] 4x03 In The Beginning

Castiel will always be adorable in his lack of awareness for culture @simplykatherine

Team Purgatory - vampire Benny, Castiel, and Dean


This hits me so hard every time I see it--just how much Bobby loves these boys [gifset] and how willingly Dean will give up anything and everything to ...

Dean Winchester the whistle makes me Thier God Facebook page


Sam talking to Crowley.

I like Karissa's caption: 10x03 Soul Survivor vs 8x23 Sacrifice [gifset] - can

391 best Supernatural Season 8 images on Pinterest | Supernatural seasons, Season 8 and Winchester boys

[12.01] Dean is so protective of Sam it makes me WEAK.

Always trying and always disappointing his big brother. It's okay Sam. Dean still loves

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aha! i knew he looked too familiar..him and benny; benny was

11x08 Just My Imagination [gifset] - "Even when he's dead, Sparkle can't stop shining." - Sam and Sully; Supernatural

I really hope this isn't the last time I see Bobby.

Want to know what I see? Love. Just plain old love.

Born under a bad sign - meg as Sam and Bobby

[SET OF GIFS] "Thank you." Taxi Driver // i was too sad when i saw this scene. this bromance should last longer thou :')

GIFSET - 11x14 The Vessel

Leviathan Sam and Dean

"well she was wearing clothes"

SPNatural Confessions

[GIFSET] I really love some of the lines from the newest episodes of Supernatural. Cas just hit it on the head, I literally had chills after this line.

Soul Survivor - And this was totally just a behind the scenes photo. This is Jensen and Jared

Benny and the Winchester brothers ~ Supernatural Fan Art

[gifset] Supernatural The End vs The Werther Project ~ Dean to Sam

[gifset] SPN Spoilers 10x11 There's No Place Like Home #SPN #Dean #CharlieBradbury

Sam | Dream a Little Dream of me ~ Supernatural

Yep I imagine this but it is always a different boy either Sam cas are dean some times it's Bobby as a protective father figure

Bobby loves you Dean! Sam is a better hunter.

Supernatural 8.12 "As Time Goes By" - Sam, Dean, and Grandpa Henry

Cas and his "peach fuzz" 8.05 "Blood Brother"

Supernatural Just My Imagination [gifset] - Smol Sam: "I don't want another way! I want to be with my dad. And Dean. The part were he breaks it off with ...

[gifset] 10x07 Girls Girls Girls #SPN #Dean #Sam

Sam made my heart melt

A wise man once told me, 'Family don't end in blood.

poor Sammy (Sam vs Clowns), and Dean aka Jensen he was really laughing

Mary, John, Castiel, Bobby, Sam, Dean. Zachariah, Azazel, Lucifer, Chuck, Ellen, Jo. Meg #1, Ruby #2, Uriel, Anna, Gabriel, Lilith.

Different Dean Winchester GIFset

9x15 Thinman Made by Krysta Taylor

[gifset] bobby singer, who I miss every episode. < < < < < This had to be my favorite Bobby scene/episode

[gifset] If he only knew she was a Demon.

It has never been like that. I need you too see that Sammy, I'm begging you. Dean Sam in the Season 8 Finale. 8x23 Sacrifice

Bobby - Inside Man [gifset] Bobby calls Cas an idjit! He's officially a Winchester now!

9x22 Stairway To Heaven [gifset] - Your brother's a psycho, Sam! -

Demons run, but count the cost. The battle's won, but the child is lost. #spn

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