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Cabanis39s Groundsparrow aka aka Prevost39s ground sparrow

Cabanis39s Groundsparrow aka aka Prevost39s ground sparrow


A ...

Shrike-like Tanager (Neothraupis fasciata) ©Flickr Claudio Dias Timm

stripe headed sparrow

This situation is remarkable because it happened in the presence of other crossbills. Two “types” of Red Crossbill (2 and 4), from which Cassia Crossbill ...

Baird's Junco. Photo by Michael Retter.

Black-chinned Mountain Tanager (Anisognathus notabilis) ©Flickr Ben Tavener

White Throated Sparrow

Blue-winged Mountain Tanager (Anisognathus somptuosus) ©Flickr Lip Kee Yap

Shrike-like Tanager (Neothraupis fasciata) ©WikiC

Yellow-breasted Chat in South Dakota. Photo by Michael Retter.

Masked Tanager (Tangara nigrocincta) ©Drawing WikiC

... Passer Domesticus, Punda Maria camp

Blackpoll warbler, spring plumage (With thanks to Bryan Pfeiffer, Wings Photography)

Golden-breasted Bunting, Kruger National Park

Masked Tanager (Tangara nigrocincta) ©Flickr Don Faulkner

Rusty margined Flycatcher, notice the margins, blacker face than Social FC.

Long tailed tyrant were quite common at the gardens

Moving Woodpeckers 3

The ...

Marañón thrush

· Mary Anne Stevens photos on Flickr | Flickr

Thayer's Gull in Illinois. Photo by Michael Retter.

Blue-winged Mountain Tanager (Anisognathus somptuosus) ©Flickr Benny Mazur

Great green macaws are the rarest species of the 2 that occur in CR.

Least grebe

Elliot's laughingthrush ...

William Swainson - Rice bird, or Java Sparrow, aka Paddy Bird, upper figure…

American Osprey

The scientific name of this bird commemorates the French naturalist Florent Prévost.

If you noticed an earlier omission (who am I kidding, nobody reads this rubbish), I can only apologise and put it down to a catastrophic brain-power outage.

Lesson's motmot, formerly called blue crowned motmot

Celebrating it! I can read the boys thoughts…

La Selva has so much diversity not just birds but everything! here a barred leaf


illustration 6. A Macaroni Penguin, named by eighteenth-century English sailors for its resemblance to the popular hairstyle. Photo by Cliff Wasserman.

went to Belgium

wattle-like structure called a ...

Marie's Bird Challenge

Little sparrow by dilka bear, via Behance

A newly discovered mammal in the Pacific has earned worldwide attention after scientists named it Rattus detentus to call attention to an Australian ...

El Pueblo Licence Revoked Ties To The Small Smiles Scandal

012 Notes from the Gean

(Tomás Del Coro Photos)

The next couple of months are traditionally a bit slow for lists. The spring migration has passed, most of the summer visitors have been ticked off already ...

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The 7 Coolest Squirrels You've Never Seen

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Great Townhouse in VIenna, VA

A map of the 200-odd Jesuit churches and missions established across China c. 1687.

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Dangerous Visions 2018: Review: First World Problems Episode 1: Making Other Plans – Sci-Fi Bulletin: Exploring the Universes of SF, Fantasy & Horror!

I'm not sure what to think. I've given it a few days and I've not tried to force myself to think about it, but I can't help but go back to Holy ...

The Assad regime fails to abide by a ceasefire and carries out air and ground strikes

Pausing to pray?

Silurus ...

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1980 Fiat panda 1 v sst

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Review: The Art of Ray Harryhausen – Sci-Fi Bulletin: Exploring the Universes of SF, Fantasy & Horror!

Upland 3

The captain of "Miss Alaska", Gustavo (aka Punto com), and his mate, Levi, were a quite-experienced crew. They knew about my intentions (birding, ...

TBA map · CD map


Lower ...

Sydney Dentagon paintless dent removal/repair in Sydney - Auto Repair , Hail Damage Repair , Local Service - , & 1 Photo - Address, Location - 1 jack ...

Edward Amatucci

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Pretty Pool Clothing Optional Beach in Port Hedland - General Tours, Sightseeing Tours, Tourist Information & Attractions - , & 1 Photo - Address, ...

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