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Cartograms Making a Point with Distorted Maps t

Cartograms Making a Point with Distorted Maps t


Area cartogram of the world with each country rescaled in proportion to the hectares of certified organic farming

Dorling and Dorling-like cartograms

India Grows, Canada Disappears: Mapping Countries By Population : Goats and Soda : NPR

World map, Mapping Worlds

Cartogram: World population by country VS GDP by country with University Rank overlay

Cartogram ...

War and death: In 2002, there were an estimated 172,000 war deaths worldwide,

A Different View of American Employment: Cartogram Maps

It's a redistortion, because as Mark Monmonier explains in his classic book, all useful maps are distorted.

enter image description here

Cartogram – UX Patterns for Maps

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... didn't come about at all,–even if the strong passions provoked by the fight over health care did leave the country boiling over with anger and ...

Cartograms: Making a Point with Distorted Maps

A few years ago, I had a slew of meetings all in a row where different people kept asking me to help them make a map. “I have some state-level data,” they'd ...

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World population cartogram

WorldMapper's Grid-Based World Population Cartogram (2000), focusing on sub-national level data, from the ESRI website at ...

Daily Kos: Electoral College Map Porn: Cartogram Peep Show

2004 presidential election cartogram

SINGER cartogram

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non-contiguous cartogram

Visualizing AmphibiaWeb Data with Continuous Cartograms

Map of the Week 10-17-2011: Gridded Population Cartogram of China

Cartogram of Sea Ice Thickness in the Arctic

Cartogram ...

Lying with cartograms

Cartogram of the Democratic Primary

Earth's most remote locations enlarged on a world map

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Equal-area cartogram showing a world map with countries/regions resized according to passenger vehicle market size.


Map projection

The Gall–Peters projection of the world map

Cartogram of Roman Catholics in the United States [3300x2550] ...

Cartograms: Making a Point with Distorted Maps

Can you find Australia and Canada? The cartogram scales each country's geographic area by its population. (Click through to see a high-resolution map.)

Mediterranean Refugees

24 CS 128/ES 228 - Lecture 2b24 Cartograms Similar to line maps, but geographic data is deliberately distorted to make some other point


Cartograms and time. (a): Travelling from Enschede by stop

A two-point equidistant projection of Eurasia


Japan's Good Design Awards have been announced for 2016, and the Grand Award has gone to an unusual map. The AuthaGraph World Map “is made by equally ...

... points in each cell, and use those counts to create a choropleth map, based on the grid. I used that approach on the same data to make this map of ...

Map of the Week: the Most Distorted Ones – The International Migration Map

Replaced_Artboard 1.jpg


Winkel-Tripel Projection

Figure 7. Limitation of the method. (a): The geographic situation before

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Figure 6. Travelling from Zwolle. (a): The different routes from Zwolle

This crowd-sourced mobile network coverage map from OpenSignal.com is arguably less biased than those offered by companies because firms have a vested ...

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Five maps that will change the way you look at the world | Daily Mail Online

CTCs constructed for six different stations of the Overijssel railway network. (a) Steenwijk


Traditional map with simple repositioning – This dotplot map shows artifacts,

Map of the Week: the Most Distorted Ones – The International Migration Map

Mercator Projection

Equal Interval Classification in GIS

Cartogram of Asylum Applications in Europe in 2015

Contested Kashmir

Cartogram types: A – square cartogram, B – continuous regular

A poster using cartograms to map land cover in the Lower 48. I will always choose to live where the glaciers (i.e. perennial ice) are.

Axis Maps' election map

Cartogram ...

Solar potential by state

via ...

Kavraiskiy VII projection SW.jpg

Cervical cancer VBA map

Map of earthquake risk zones on an equal-population projection


Xinye Fiddles

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Comparing Cartograms

(a)A geographic map of the Dutch railway network. (b) A

Mapping the Anthropocene

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2. Understanding maps

computer graphics

CTCs constructed for four different starting stations of the Dutch railway network. (a)

Population density election value-by-alpha map

This is the thinking behind dot density maps, like this visualization of the 2010 U.S. Census, which includes a colored point for every single person:

... to points, one common approach is to use circles centered on each point, sized according to the data values. Here is an example of this approach, ...

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But even this greatly overstates the size of Alaska in terms of human welfare. By population, Texas is over 37 times larger than Alaska, so a map showing ...

Mercator projection. Daniel R. Strebe, CC BY-SA

Gridded cartogram visualisation of Ocean Chlorophyll concentrations