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Though these rules are a reflection on my 25 years in consulting many of them broadly apply to many situations, particularly when you are working with a ...

Daring to Drive | Book by Manal al-Sharif | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

'The changes are barring thousands of British expats around the world from going home'

This schematic drawing shows a T-junction, with one current I sub one flowing

Shots have been fired over Nagorno-Karabakh, and leaders in Baku and Yerevan demand national unity. But behind the patriotic hysteria is a cry for social ...

Why RBI's strategic debt restructuring scheme has turned out to be a damp squib

Infographic - 5 safety tips for driving on black ice

A Kotex newspaper advertisement from 1920.

It's been a year since California banned single-use plastic bags. The world didn't end

A newspaper open at the crossword sits on a coffee table with a plunger pot and


These are generally cheap to buy and easy to use so get buffing after applying your lotion or spray.

Emergency Procedures

'New Rules' hitmaker Dua Lipa was told she couldn't sing

Swipebuster cheating spying apps


Surely it's time to move on … for everybody.

Universal Pictures

We've put these under the microscope to highlight the 'unspoken rules' of university entry requirements, so you know exactly what an offer and different ...

Nonallergic rhinitis triggers symptoms similar to those of a cold.

One more heaveLabour's route to Downing Street

Westminster Abbey doesn't want you to take any selfies. Jay Zagorsky, Author provided

It wasn't supposed to be like this. Twenty days ago, when Google revealed its 2017 Pixel phones, the talk was all about the “panda” Pixel 2 XL, ...

Unless you're a powerlifter or hardcore bodybuilder or CrossFitter, you probably don't “chalk up” before you lift. But you should start.



Fight Club

"Television Rules The Nation"

Choosing ...


Louis-Léopold Boilly

Top 8 Mastering Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

healthy hair rules

We asked, they confessed.

(Art by David Yi)

Sports organisers should follow these rules for safe events

Beyond 'Trailers' - Buying Modern Manufactured Homes

Download figure ...

Mould lung disease

... enter image description here

Kjetil Jansrud and Aksel Lund Svindal

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damp mould in a white kitchen

A typical road in Auroville, which strongly discourages cars from entering.

... you've probably heard a horror story about mold in someone's home. You're familiar with tales of damp closets covered in spore-producing ...

My Number One Workout Rule: Don't Listen Too Hard To Tracy Anderson

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Video: Thai boys didn't swim out of the cave; they were rescued on stretchers New information suggests the 12 Thai boys trapped in a cave were medicated and ...

Colourful cakes on cake stands - rules to making the perfect cake

main street redo

Waterboard on display at the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum: prisoners' feet were shackled to the bar on the right, wrists restrained by shackles on the left.

Don't Be Afraid of Bright Feet

The first rule of Fight Club is:

You may also come across triggers in other people's houses or in your workplace. But there are steps you can take to reduce the risk of any indoor allergens ...


A Guide to Wearing Perfume Like a Pro, According to a French Fragrance Expert - Vogue

If your horse is wet, a polar fleece cooler will help pull the moisture away

Little cloth, big problem: personal wipes have become the bane of sewage systems everywhere

Chicken: defrost it, but don't wash ...

U2 singer Bono performing in 2004 at Symphony Hall in Boston, the first concert hall

How to Correctly Trowel Mortar When Installing Tile? Ask Scott

For most couples, the more sex they have, the happier the relationship.

Ferrari floored by Silver Arrows

weather proverbs that are true full moon at night

Olivier Morin/AFP/Getty Images files

Brushing our hair once seemed like such an elementary task — with not much to learn after we stopped having someone else do it for us (thanks mom!)

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Flower Essence Therapy and Reiki for Horses: Worth a Try?

Weird Belgian laws

Does she or doesn't she (have a cold)? As masks go

Studies of the critical point beyond which a system creates turbulence were important for chaos theory, analyzed for example by the Soviet physicist ...

Mold: What every homeowner fears but probably shouldn't

Anna Magri holds the shoes of her son Riccardo who died of leukaemia at 22 months

While most people have sunglasses high on their packing list for a tropical vacation, many people don't consider it as much of a priority for colder climate ...

You shouldn't wear retinoids during the day because they increase your risk

It pays to survey: Hidden issues may include rising damp, pyrite, broken sewerage

Become healthier without diets


Illustrated cross section of a house

Photo of a bed bug on human skin

In 2010, fire departments across the US responded to a total of 384,000 home fires. These fires caused $7.5 billion damage each year, killed 2,640 people, ...

If your fridge needs some serious scrubbing power and/or the shelves are not removable, unplug the fridge so you don't waste energy while you clean.

A hundred thousand people were killed by the atomic bomb. Survivors wonder why they lived when so many others died.