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Edward Bouchet becomes the first African American PhD t

Edward Bouchet becomes the first African American PhD t


Edward Alexander Bouchet

Edward Bouchet

Edward Bouchet, PhD in Physics The first African American to earn a PhD. - was the son of a former slave who had moved to New Haven, Connecticut.

Edward Alexander Bouchet, First African American to Earn a Doctoral Degree

This Is The First African American To Earn A Ph.D In The United States | How Africa News

Washington STEM: Edward Bouchet, first African American to earn a Ph.D.

Edward Bouchet: The First African-American Doctorate: Mickens, Ronald E.

Alexander Lucius Twilight. Alexander Lucius Twilight is the first African American to graduate ...

Edward Hopper

In 1876, Edward Alexander Bouchet became the first African-American to received a doctorate

A portrait of Edward Bouchet

Edward Bouchet Yale College39s first black grad it39s not who you think

Washington STEM: Bessie Coleman, first female African American pilot.

Edward Lewis

BLACK SOCIAL HISTORY. Edward Alexander Bouchet Biography

2) Josiah Thomas Walls: Florida's first African American Congressman

Bouchet Medalists stress importance of diversity in science, universities | YaleNews

Ancestors of Science, Edward Alexander Bouchet

Edward Norton

Edward Bouchet: The First African-American Doctorate: Ronald E. Mickens: 0009810249098: Amazon.com: Books


coffy22: “ Brady, Saint Elmo (1884-1966) Born in Louisville,

Sarah Franco

BLACK SOCIAL HISTORY. Edward Alexander Bouchet Biography

Kelly Miller

One could make strong arguments that W.E.B. Du Bois was the leading African American intellectual and leading civil rights spokesperson of the 20th century.

Katherine Johnson onstage at the 2017 Academy Awards. Image Credit: NASA History Office

Edward Alexander Bouchet (September 15, 1852 – October 28, 1918) was an African American physicist and educator. In 1874, he became one of the first African ...


By Gwendolyn S. Bethea, Ph.D.

Sharee Light

Nadia Khan

4) Patrick Francis Healy: first African American to earn a doctorate, first African American president of a major university (Georgetown), first African ...

Jalissa Wynder

Patrick Brown

7) Daniel James Jr.: the U.S. Armed Forces' first African American four-star general

Natalie Guerrero Cofie

Ernest Everett Just

Madam C.J. Walker

Chontrese Doswell Hayes, PhD, the Associate Dean for Student Affairs in the Graduate School at Howard University, welcomed a full room to the Edward A. ...

2016 Edward Bouchet Award. Pablo Laguna

Charee Peters

Marie M. Daly


Catasha Davis

Dean Hayes awarding Timothy D. Sands, President of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech), the Edward A. Bouchet Legacy Award.

Edward Bouchet Edward A Bouchet Graduate Honor Society Graduate School

William Augustus

Edward R. Murrow

Added by Jose Ruiz-Alvarez ...

All About Inventor Lewis Latimer

... sports ...

6) Ebenezer Don Carlos Bassett: first African American diplomat to represent the U.S. government abroad

Garrett Morgan

Utibe Bickham-Wright

Randall Lee Gibson, Class of 1853, shown here as a US senator from Louisiana, had a black great-grandfather.

Rocío García

Oscar Micheaux was the first noted African-American filmmaker.

Antonio L. Cortes Ph.D.

I have a personal theory (not scientific but I'd be willing to bet on it) that when someone has numbers behind their name, they're either going to be ...

When Gary Franks was elected to Congress in 1990, he was the first black representative from Connecticut and the first black Republican in Congress in ...

Brian J. Ramirez

In Edward Bouchet—the First African American Doctorate, World Scientific Publishing Company (2002). Elmer Imes

Image Courtesy of University of

9) Numa P. Adams: first African American dean of Howard's School of Medicine

From Left to Right: Henry T. Frierson, PhD, Associate Vice President and Dean of Graduate School; Tyisha J. Hathorn, PhD, Director for the Office of ...

Image Courtesy of the U.S.

Fritz Pollard was the first African-American coach in the NFL.

Barack Obama receiving an honorary doctorate from historically Black Xavier University in New Orleans

With a major in physics, Dr. Edward A. Bouchet was the first African American to obtain a doctorate in any discipline and the first to be inducted into Phi ...

Casandra D. Salgado

Edward Holland Jr. (born October 30, 1939) is an American singer, songwriter and record producer.

Chidi Obasi

Sidney Poitier was the first African-American man to win a competitive Academy Award for Best Actor (1964).

2016-2017 UCLA Bouchet Society Scholars

He founded the Provident Hospital in Chicago in 1891, and he performed the first ...

Lemuel Haynes

Edward Cole

African American History. Image Courtesy of The History Cooperative

Edward A. Bouchet Graduate Honor Society

wavesoftware: “ Aprille Ericsson: NASA Aerospace Engineer “ Aprille Ericsson was the first female

Edward Holland Jr. (born October 30, 1939) is an American singer, songwriter and record producer.

Richard Theodore Greener

Tiera Chante' Tanksley

Jacci is one the best correction and color tattoo artist in the US. When people around the world say go the Tattoo Shop across from the French Quarter they ...

Nine graduate students will be inducted into the Edward Bouchet Graduate Honor Society | News | Virginia Tech


The Tie Breaker Ruling in Perspective: A Plaintiff Looks Back on the Historic U.S. Supreme Court Decision of 2007

Edward Alexander Bouchet ...

Sonya Rao

Paulette McRae

10) Edith Spurlock Sampson: one of the first African American women to be admitted to practice before the U.S. Supreme Court, first African American U.S. ...

Harry Belafonte Wants To Talk Out His Differences With Jay-Z

Frederick Douglass

Conversations | Owning My Masters: The Rhetorics of Rhymes and Revolutions | A Dissertation for the Graduate School at Clemson University [OTR]

Rebecca Hill

Dean Frierson, accepting the University of Florida's induction into the Edward A. Bouchet Honor Society at the University of Howard.