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Hawkeye by David Aja Sequential Art t Marvel Comic

Hawkeye by David Aja Sequential Art t Marvel Comic


Hawkeye (art by David Aja & Matt Hollingsworth, words by Matt Fraction) Spider-Woman

Pizza Dog stars in the latest issue of HAWKGUY. Words by Matt Fraction. Art by David Aja. don't you hate it when mom and dad fight. and your a dog.

Action from Hawkeye by David Aja (artist) and Matt Fraction (writer). Kate Bishop and Clint Barton flee the theatrical bad guys. Cirque disguise Kate is the ...

Hawkeye #2 (2012). Matt Fraction, writer; David Aja, artist · Marvel AvengersMarvel ComicsYoung ...

Hawkeye comics by David Aja. My best friend and I are actually going to GMX as Clint Barton and Kate Bishop.

Hawkeye Art & cover by David Aja.

Hawkeye - “The U in Funeral” written by Matt Fraction art by David Aja & Matt Hollingsworth

Brooklyn, New York by David Aja (davaja), Hawkeye vol 4 // Comic Cartography

Kate Bishop in Hawkeye

From Hawkeye #2, written by Matt Fraction, art by David Aja, colors

0 Comments on Preview: The final issue of the Fraction/Aja Hawkeye run hits next month as of 6/18/2015 9:12:00 PM

Hawkeye Written by Matt Fraction Art by David Aja Color by Matt Hollingsworth · Marvel AvengersMarvel ComicsFunny ...

Hawkeye art by David Aja

Clint Barton by David Aja · Marvel AvengersMarvel ComicsClint ...

"Hawkeye by Matt Fraction, David Aja and Matt Hollingsworth (The First Time No. Find this Pin and more on Comics ...

David Aja David Aja Hawkeye 9 Splash Page Artwork

I legit want that Hawkeye beanie HAWKEYE by David Aja (pencils/inks) & Matt Hollingsworth (colors)Words by Matt Fraction. Find this Pin and more on Comics ...

In #11, we get Aja's take on this scene, as we discover that Lucky heard and saw the argument. This example isn't too befuddling for readers, because if we ...

Hawkeye #2 (2012). Matt Fraction, writer; David Aja, artist

And it works here. I love “Pizza Dog” and look forward to more of his (and Barton's) adventures. This is the rare series that has me convinced to buy all ...

Extras include David Aja's musical playlist (for his issues). I haven't paired the music to the issues yet, but it's on my to-do list.

0 Comments on Preview: The final issue of the Fraction/Aja Hawkeye run hits next month as of 6/18/2015 9:12:00 PM

David Aja concept art for Hawkeye comic.

Hawkeye wallpaper

In the book's final brilliant chapter, we see everything from Pizza Dog's point of view

And because chronological scrambling is the M.O. of these mid-series Hawkeye issues, #13 reveals that Clint and Barney have reunited before Kate leaves—in ...

Hawkeye and Spider-woman

David Aja Hawkeye #19, ...

Visually, the entire Annual is like this, a parade of shadows moving through thinly delineated backgrounds: Pulido doesn't even try to create a realistic ...

The second issue seems as well plotted as television's Arrow, the youth oriented, touchy-feely version of Green Arrow. When Clint Barton (aka Hawkeye) ...

... David Mazzucchelli when he left superhero comics for good. If you don't sense the evocation of late issue Born Again and Batman: Year One in the ...

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PURPLE SWAG: Matt Fraction and David Aja's Hawkeye




Amazon.com: Hawkeye, Vol. 1: My Life as a Weapon (Marvel NOW!) (0880789539393): Matt Fraction, David Aja, Javier Pulido: Books

... Hawkeye: Kate Bishop vol 1: Anchor Points s/c ...

Taking that cue from Fraction, Aja gives Clint Barton a sort of rumpled weariness in response to all the hassles that life's presenting him.

These ...


“The guys that actually did this — they're doing what they think is right. They didn't sign up to get their families and friends killed as retribution.”

I heart hawkeye


70 Dodge Challenger being chased by Mini Coopers and the Tracksuit Mafia

Fraction and illustrator, David Aja reach new heights in collaborative goodness as Aja continues to explore the comic art landscape.


Comics Illustrator of the Week: David Aja

Aja captures Kate's face beautifully as she admires one of Clint's arrow tricks.

The prolific comic book writer talks about reinventing classic stories, Hawkeye psychology, and 'Sex Criminals'

I'm at a loss for how to talk about Hawkeye anymore. Starting as Miller/Mazzucchelli-lite, with Year One's upstart Batman and Born Again's Daredevil under ...

Will new Scarlet Witch series be Marvel's next Hawkeye?

Kate and Clint

Matt Fraction and David Aja's 'Hawkeye' #1: The Avenger Who's Just A Dude

Hawkeye Volume 4: Rio Bravo (Marvel Now) (Hawkeye: Marvel Now!

Here goes a preview. Also, preview up at CBR. Posted by David Aja ...

This two page sequence from issue 2 references Clint's past as a criminal and his time in the circus, also showing his protege/partner Kate Bishop.

While Aja's Clint Barton does look a little like Danny Rand with lighter-hair, his body-language and fighting style are noticeably different.

Just gonna end with a couple of cool action shots:

Clint Barton sheds his Hawkeye identity to be the second Goliath on the cover of Avengers

Brooklyn during Hurricane Sandy as depcted by artists Steve Lieber & Jesse Hamm for Hawkeye #7, 2012 in the 2015 Hawkeye Omnibus from Marvel.

It's a great page of comics that really showcases just how well made Hawkeye has been.

My first comic and for what I read, one of the greatest.

4360109-hawkeye2012021_int2-1 Hawkeye ...

When we do see it, its via West Coast Avenger Kate Bishop. Clint is virtually absent from Issue #14, as Kate, with Lucky in tow, matches wits with a strange ...

This ...

Kudos for the Winter Friends issue: not only a slam at children's banal PC holiday programming but a nice overview of the basic themes of the series.

hawkeye fight Mini Marvels: Hawkeye #8 My Bad Penny

Anyway I don't want to digress too much into my feelings on a genre of comics. I just felt it necessary to lay the context for this brief review of Hawkeye.

Past – Clint and Barney run away from an abusive foster home and join the circus.

Clint Barton shares an amusing exchange with his neighbor.


I don't keep up with superhero comics anymore — I have to admit that. Astro City was probably the last thing in that vein I read regularly, and even that ...

Credit: Greg Smallwood (Marvel Comics); main cover for Generations: The Archers

... The Property and Hawkeye by Rutu Modan; Drawn and Quaterly and by Matt Fraction, David Aja, Matt Hollingsworth, and Chris Eliopoulos, Marvel Comics

Bottom line: If you read super hero comics and have not checked out Fraction's Hawkeye, you should have your nerd card revoked.

Figure 7: Hawkeye (Vol 4) #1 (Art by David Aja)


Kate Bishop

hawkeye_1_thompson_romero_marvel_02. “

Art by David Aja from Hawkeye #11.

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