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Hilltop Fort In The Ancient Roman city of Palmyra Syria Frias e

Hilltop Fort In The Ancient Roman city of Palmyra Syria Frias e


The temple of Ba'al-Shamin and the hilltop fortress Qala'at ibn

Decumanus Maximus, Palmyra, Syria

Islamic State release pictures after 'destroying ancient temple' at Palmyra

The ruins that remain are primarily from the Roman era, except for the Arab Castle that dominates the town.

Qalaat Samaan قلعة سمعان

Islamic State has destroyed antiquities and monuments in Iraq and there are fears it might now devastate Palmyra including Fakhreddin's Castle

Palmyra, Syria: Isil has seized one of the world?s most fascinating sites

Palmyra, in Syria. let us hope the current civil war ends soon and that no harm will come to these ruins.

UNESCO World Heritage Site ~ Roman ruins at Palmyra, in the heart of the desert, Syria.(Our family drove here from England in

The Stage of South Theater, Jerash

A general view shows Aleppo's historical citadel, where today Bashar al-Assad's forces have taken position inside to shell their enemies, and Syrian ...

The Arch of Trajan at the Roman Ruins, Timgad, Algeria, North Africa, Africa

Palmyra City

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... by Julius Caesar in 44 BC he later had a statue of Cleopatra VII placed in it, alongside a statue of himself, scandalizing the population of Rome.

Ruins of ancient city of Palmyra in Syria desert.

Fakhr-al-Din al-Ma'ani Castle or Palmyra Castle, Homs, Syria... www.castlesandmanorhouses.com ... The castle is thought to have been built by the Mamluks in ...

The Arch of Trajan in Timgad ALGERIA Ancient Rome

Temple d'Auguste et de Livie.

A tourist takes pictures of the columns in the Temple of Bel at the historical city

when an arch is extended it becomes a vault - Roman arched barrel vault, Arles

Arte e Cultura Pré-Colombiana

Photo about Bosra Theatre (Jordan ruins - Asia) - 3612780

A Russian drone captures images of the ancient city of Palmyra

Mini Tour Giordania: Amman e Petra

petra jordania - Petra is a magnificent city offering splendid grandeur and ruins, popularly called as the rose red city. It is located in the south of ...

Petra: Roman gate

The view of the ruined city of Palmyra.

Ancient Cities: The Archaeology of Urban Life in the Ancient Near East and Egypt, Greece and Rome by david tsintsadze - issuu


Palmyra was an ancient city in central Syria. Located in an oasis, it had long been a vital caravan stop for travellers crossing the Syrian desert and was ...

Atenas, onde Paulo pregou audaciosamente para os filosofos e homens de ensino superior no Areopagus

The Tholos Temple, Delphi, Greece. The Oracle at Delphi was the most important oracle in the Classical Greek world, and a major site for the worship of the ...

Roma Sparita - Teatro di Marcello, 1932. Ancient RomeAncient ...

Sunday, June 26, 2005 | Palmyra, Syria (map)

Images captured by drone shows part of the ancient city of Palmyra, recaptured by Syrian

House of Neptune and Amphitrite, Herculanum, Italy

Résultats de recherche d'images pour « chateau cathare »

Vercovicium - Housesteads Roman Fort: Latrines, Hadrian's Wall, Northumberland, England - which the Romans began building in 122 A.

Trim Castle Is A Large Norman Castle On The South Bank Of The River Boyne In

great-mosque-of-damascus-syria-14.jpg (800×601)

The view of the ruined city of Palmyra.

Hostilities between the Syrian government army and ISIS militants at Fakhr al-Din al-Maani Citadel (dating back to 1230) in Palmyra, a UNESCO world heritage ...

Lost cities, Syria. Kharab Shams.

archimaps: “The ruins of Palmyra ”

agra fort - Full HD Wallpaper, Photo 1920x1200

ancient ruins by digital-fantasy.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Ruins of Palmyra from above, Syria


... next to the ancient city of Pergamon , modern Bergama . The hilltop is known as Yigma Tepe where the first excavations took place two centuries ago and ...

Mysterious Persian Cliff North of the ancient city Persepolis in Iran is a weird cliff named Naqsh-i-Rustam located.

A Phoenician family graveyard in Amrit, Syria. Ancient ...


Bellver Castle in Palma de Mallorca - On the outskirts of the city 112 meters above

Ancient theatre. Palmyra. Syria. Palmyra. Syria. View of the 2nd century theatre which laid buried under sand up until the 1950's and has since been largely ...

Queen Bona Dimyoun's statue in Hatrra city, Ninawa province- Iraq

Krak des Chevaliers, Hilltop castle, Partially restored, 34°45′25″N 36°17′4″ E / 34.75694°N 36.28444°E / 34.75694; 36.28444 (Krak des Chevaliers) ...

The birth of Venus, Roman Mosaic - century AD - at Suwayda Museum, Syria

The magnificent facade in Palymra.

Roman army in the east

Cook, Arthur B.: Zeus: a study in ancient religion (Band 3,2): Zeus god of the dark sky (earthquake, clouds, wind, dew, rain, meteorits): Appendixes and ...

Carolyn Brown, Triumphal Arch at Roman city of Palmyra, Syria, 1989, photograph

Siege and capture of Jerusalem in the 1st Jewish-Roman War.

View of the blue city, Jodhpur, from Mehrangarh Fort, Rajasthan, India (© Kelly Cheng Travel Photography/Getty Images)

Palmyra, Syria

“The Moon,” Lady Burton's Syrian Maid ...

Achilles at Skyros - wall painting from the Tomb of the Three Brothers, Palmyra,



... Photo: Greco-Roman City of Salamis (c 1000BC) near Famagusta in Eastern

Roman funerary relief of a woman and daughter, from Syria (1st century AD)

Find this Pin and more on Henna's temple by dragonflymage.

Lost Roman city that was home to Jesus' apostles found, say archaeologists

Saladin Castle | it is also known as saone or saladin castle

... Photo: Ruins of Kruje 1986 ...

Saladin Castle The Citadel of Salah Ed-Din (Arabic: قلعة صلاح الدين . Ancient ArchitectureFortificationMedieval CastleSyriaMiddle ...

Qalaat al-Marqab (قلعة المرقب) is a massive Crusader castle dominating a hilltop overlooking the main coastal highway between Tartus (طرطوس) and Lattakia ...

In AD 272, the Roman Emperor Aurelian finally restored Roman control and Palmyra was besieged and sacked, never to recover her former glory.

America's Invasion of Syria. Ground Operations have Commenced

The Project Gutenberg eBook of Working North from Patagonia, by Harry A. Franck

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Illustrator draws out Syrian life under Islamic State rule

The Project Gutenberg eBook of Working North from Patagonia, by Harry A. Franck

Horses and traders, Mardin hill top.


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Tawila, Yemen by SteveH.

The Project Gutenberg eBook of Working North from Patagonia, by Harry A. Franck