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I like my whisky twice my age and scottish My Kind of Awkward

I like my whisky twice my age and scottish My Kind of Awkward


The Glenlivet 15 Year Old French Oak Reserve

Aberfeldy 12. Ignoring the ...

Macallan 12 Year

whats the best scotch whiskey malt to buy

Glen Scotia Double Cask

Lagavulin 16 Year Old

best cheap whiskey

Bottle ...

Mmmmm haggis and neeps and tatties AND #Laphroaig single malt #whisky--oh

Balvenie 15 Year

If I ...

Only 6000 bottles made and we used a bunch for our 4th edition calendars.

Ardbeg Uigeadial

best whiskey drinks cheap scotch

Scotland meets Ireland with this whisky. A single malt whiskey (with an "E" as the Irish like to spell it) aged in Oloroso sherry casks, ex bourbon casks ...

Blanton's is a single barrel bourbon, meaning that it isn't blended with the barrels next to it, rather it is hand picked, it is alway different and always ...

... whiskey for the price. Auchentoshan Valinch

No added colouring on the left, caramel colouring on the right and a lot of something in the middle

Glenfiddich 18 Year

10 Rules of Drinking Like a Man #4 Jack Daniel's is for Pussies


Two triumphal events in the history of marketing the unmarketable and some water.

Singlemalting # 168 – Day 2 – Scotch Whisky Advent Calendar – Wemyss Malts Spice King Batch Strength

I like my whisky twice my age and scottish.

Haig Dimple Golden Selection Blended Scotch Whisky, 70 cl

Single Grain Scotch Whisky

Hahahahaha the last comment XD. OMG

Having tried over 300 whiskies now, I can honestly say, this one is one of the most memorable. If Laphroaig was willing to accept anything less than, ...

Whisky Galore by Compton Mackenzie, 1947. It's 1943 and the ...

If you find yourself in that awkward position of wanting to embrace Scottish tradition as much as really not wanting to be the only one of your mates not ...

In the case of Japanese whisky, most distillers still use malted or even peated barley imported from Scotland, and their choice of waters and locations for ...

Haig Club Single Grain Scotch Whisky, 35 cl

William Grant & Sons launched the Glenfiddich Experimental series in September last year

Haig Club Single Grain Scotch Whisky, 70cl

Your Daily Morning Coffee For March 2017

At the end, we put our glass on the corresponding colour to receive a nip of that region's whisky.

best budget scotch

three glasses holding the same amount of whisky, a two dram pour

The Wenger Giant is the world's biggest and most complex Swiss Army knife. The Amazon

I actually read this at midnight and woke my sister up from laughing so hard

That tweet is quite disturbing in itself, because what it unmistakeably implies is that if Scotland had voted for more SNP MPs in June and fewer Tories, the ...

I like my whisky like I like my men.


Keats is the whiniest little mother fricker and as soon as time travel is a thing I am going to punch him in the face and tell him to toughen up.

Tumblr funny

Cask maturation diagram

Carsebridge 1965/2006 (46%, Berry Bros, 425 bottles) ...

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Be a Scot! Scottish SayingsScotland CastlesMy ...

My favorite Grandmother was a Gray, this is our Clan tartan.

So I Married an Axe Murderer. A classic, plain and simple.

As you can see from both the images and the descriptions, these are some special beers we have right here. All but the Past Masters come in beautifully ...

The talking mirror' trope from fairy tales probably originated when a careless time-traveler was seen using a Smart phone or a tablet. Siri Siri on my phone ...

By Robert Burns http://www.annabelchaffer.com/

Drinks To Enjoy! WhistlePig Old World Rye Whiskey

The Scottish Highland Games.

It has basically been a books and whisky tour of – I would say Scotland, but actually I mean the A9 and Orkney (with a little sojourn on the A68).

Murder at the Loch: A traditional murder mystery set in 1950s Scotland

I shouldn't have to say anything else.

Because when you're in Dublin, and the Abbey Theatre has a production, you go, right? And so, I did. This production, Let The Right One In, is based on the ...

awkward american abroad

Jim White and Johnny Dowd

If a Scottish Parliament took only 111 years from Labour election vow to reality, after all, Home Rule must surely be right around the corner.

1940s Top Songs: lyrics for Danny Boy My grandpa always used to sing this to me....miss those days.


Rick Stein at his restaurant in Barnes, London

Litchfield, H. E. ed. 1915. Emma Darwin, A century of family letters, 1792-1896. London: John Murray. Volume 2.

We had to import some whisky because we spilled the wine all over the place!.. Clans of Caledonia!!! I adore the 'Scottish' atmosphere a lot in this game.

Scottish Twitter - Imgur

My Scottish family names are Hamilton and McDonald on my fathers side. Still researching my mothers side.

Islands of Uist Whisky Company Posted: An Old Scottish Proverb - We love rain, in moderation. Source: The Glenlivet.

Heathergems Triangle Brooch Silver Plated * Find out more about the great product at the image link.

Bowmore 1968/2006 (41.5%, The Taste Still, cask #3823, 144 bottles, ...

"Scotch Education - I tellt ye I tellt ye ,,," -Alexander Scott

the royal mile, edinburgh, scotland

SCOTTISH NATURAL HERITAGE We are a government body, responsible to the ...

A miniature grandfather clock. A Scotsman, complete with kilt. A chess set, each individual piece a shot of whisky. Our ...

These days he merely arrives at my desk and announces, "You know what I like .

... your reading convenience. Kelly Henaughen News Journalist. Many rivers to cross... 2017 was a challenging year for Scotland's farming industry

THE ...

Sturgeon addresses the annual CND Scotland Scrap Trident rally in George Square in Glasgow


Scottish tweets

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Litchfield, H. E. ed. 1904. Emma Darwin, wife of Charles Darwin. A century of family letters. Cambridge: University Press printed. Volume 1.

Wearing these goggles simulates what people see/feel under the influence of different kinds of whiskey (all for sale at the museum, of course), ...

A Christian hymn first published in Lyrics written by the English author Eleanor Farjeon. The music is a traditional Scottish Gaelic tune called Bunessan.

The scene begins in Gretna, a village of uncertain identity since it lies on the border between Scotland and England. At the time of the writing of the play ...

We're sure he'll be as good as his word.

How to Make Scottish Shortbread

Rick Stein, with his son Charlie, far right, and “Mr Lyan”