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I39m unloved tbh True story t Thoughts Poem and Qoutes

I39m unloved tbh True story t Thoughts Poem and Qoutes


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I miss you & you don't care one bit

I have seen at least 100 people I know. every one of them noticed ur name sharpied on my wrist and asked about you. I showed them all your picture. they all ...

this is Julia towards her father tbh | pinterest: @waitingforfireflies instagram: @_danae

Hoping God will bring him to me❤️

life is nowhere near perfect. But I am grateful for who I have and what I have, this life is mine and I will cherish it.

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I have a crush on your mind. I feel for your personality. Your looks are just a bonus. | The Notebook #love #quotes

Why I'm so quiet.

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Word, quotes, and poems with meaning.

She remembered who she was, and the game changed. - Lalah Deliah ....quotes on #self #love

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I am lovely and lonely and I belong deeply to…

sometimes i shout at him.at the empty room.i beg him to get off my mind for just a few minutes.bcz i m not ableto do the chores properly.

Thoughts · felt good just by reading it tbh

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Love Quotes Ideas : beautiful. #Love https://quotesayings.net/love/love- quotes-ideas-beautiful/

My scars are deep and no one can see them, I say I'm fine but tbh....I'm far from it.

The Poetry Collection comes in White. Dimensions: 17" x 25" All prints come in a…

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I don't remember how it feel tbh. Is it that great?


jisko hum ab yad b nhi.

reading this quote I can't help to think of an old relation ship with a guy that I thought I loved, thanks God we quit.

push me away

Do not take the people who love you for granted. The time will come when they will leave you because they are tired of being ignored. Picture Quotes.

Have you ever sat with your friends and just known that you're the least important friend in the group and you felt like it wouldn't make a difference if ...

I push people away

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Nothing else wounds so deeply and irreparably. Nothing else robs us of hope so much as being unloved by one we love Picture Quote

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i would rather be alone than to be too much for someone. i'm a mess and i'm far from being a perfect person. i move on so easily. no one has stopped ...

I'm sick of feeling like such a burden. I don't want to tell anyone how i feel, but I'm dying inside and feel like I'm about to explode.

AINT THT THE TRUTH #dont judge what you dont understand

Hurt, I'm fucking hurt. Don't act like you care, because if you did you wouldn't have done what you did.

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It does and it's painful, I'm not as important as I thought I

It's hard for me to give myself in parts, so if I'm willing

sometimes quotes sometimes it feels better not to talk. At all. About anything to anyone.

As you ignored me, you taught me how to live without you! And now. Sin QuotesPoem ...

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I'm done feeling like I'm not good enough based on someone else's opinion of me. I am enough. Period.

And then they act like it's ok and I forget about it but tbh it's not ok and I'm not ok either

Other Pinners loved these ideas. Tired Quotes ExhaustedIm ...

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Anxiety quotes #quotes #meloesjuh

Too often ae

I'm homesick for places I haven't yet been, my eyes crave the beauty of sights I've not seen.

Love Thy Neighbour As Thyself. Truth QuotesSad ...

I'm unloved tbh.

Sad Quotes - Sad Love Quotes

tbh I just want no one to

Good Life Quote Ru (goodlifequoteru.com) for more… – Curiano Quotes Life

I'm not sorry for wanting what I deserve.

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Please don't doubt my love for you, it's the only thing I'm sure of. I will try not to doubt. I don't doubt it .

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i m the one who can't even send a greeting on his birthday.is cruel.

I'm sorry For the times I hurt you, for the times I lied to you, and for every other reason you're so angry at me. I know my apologies don't mean shit ...

This was me pretty much up until my late 20s. I learned, through therapy

i miss you when im not with you i want you to be mine forever

I'm way too good at goodbyes💔. I don't want to have to go through another goodbye again.

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Life of a Fashionista | via Tumblr

Really don't trust no one tbh | Pinterest: @miamiyaxo

I found out you had met someone else and it broke me

I guess I'm just not good enough for anyone. I can't make anyone stay. I'm not even good enough for an explanation. "

But I can smile and hide for the sake of others. So I guess that's all that matters right?

Inspiring image ana, angry, anorexic, anxiety, bulimia by Derek_Ye - Resolution - Find the image to your taste

I Feel so Unloved | empty, lonely, sad, depressed, forgotten, useless, worthless .

You feel lonely not when no one cares about you, but when someone you expect to care doesn't care about you at all. Feeling lonely quotes on ...

I never wanted to play with demons but then life happened and I ended up dancing among them and they feared me.

I don't want to live anymore.. I'm sorry everybody, but this world is just not my place.

I understand why everyone hates me because I hate me too.

Confession : like seriously, my entire fucking life

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I'm just scared that eventually everyone will see me the way I see myself

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No one hears my bloody screams in the night, or they just don't care. It's fine, I understand that I'm not that important

This is for anyone out there that just needs a friend. There are others like you who people pounce on to make them feel better about themselves. Im here to ...

I wish.

But you can't have an unfinished story. Though she forgot room to love herself the boy loved her plenty to share. And he helped the girl love herself again, ...

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So true, i think i am friendless .

If only

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