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Inanna and Ishtar in Mesopotamia Isis in Egypt Astarte Aphrodite

Inanna and Ishtar in Mesopotamia Isis in Egypt Astarte Aphrodite


Inanna and Ishtar in Mesopotamia, Isis in Egypt, Astarte / Aphrodite in Greece,

Ishtar is the Assyrian and Babylonian goddess of fertility, war,love, and sex

British Museum Queen of the Night.jpg

Mesopotamia, Goddess Ereshkigal 'Queen of the Night' (18th Century B.C.). @sempiternaleva she might be a Root Goddess of Persephone

Babylonian alabaster Goddess, possibly Ishtar or Astarte.

Asherah, Astarte, Anat, Athirat Godness in Ancient Ugarit

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Inanna is the

There's the stuff on their head again. Statuette of Isis-Aphrodite 1st-2nd

Plaque represents Canaanite goddess Astarte/Ishtar shown nude like Sumerian inanna She stands within a shrine protected by snarling lions that columns ...

Ancient Sumerian statuette of two gala priests, dating to c. 2450 BC, found in the temple of Inanna at Mari


The Stylized Goddess Ishtar. Stock Vector - Illustration of deity, historic: 69876491

Hellenized bas-relief sculpture of Ishtar standing with her servant from Palmyra (third century AD)

Statuette of woman clutching her breasts, possibly representing Ishtar, from Susa ( c. 1300 – c. 1100 BC)

Qadesh ...

Statue from the Aihole temple of the Hindu goddess Durga, heavily armed with a lion at her side, slaying the buffalo demon. Durga's warrior aspects and ...





A modern illustration depicting Inanna-Ishtar's descent into the Underworld taken from Lewis Spence's Myths and Legends of Babylonia and Assyria (1916)


Oh My Goddess-es: Identities of Inanna, Astarte, Ishtar, 'Athtartu, 'Anatu, and Athiratu

The Greek myth of Aphrodite and Adonis, shown here on this altar from the Greek city of Taras in Magna Graecia, dating to c. 400-375 BC, is derived from the ...


Hail Inanna! Queen of Heaven!

Egyptian goddess Isis is often depicted as a beautiful woman with long black hair, wearing

She's also known as Semiramis, Ashtoreth, Ishtar, Inanna, Isis, Astarte, Venus & many other names. Just another representation of Babylonian mystery ...

Nimrod was the greatest rebel in history. The root word of Nimrod is drm [M-R-D, to rebel]. This comes down into English in the words murder and marauder.

As Priestess of Inanna, initiated into her worship, she calls from the great beyond, reminding me why she was so loved and adored for thousands of years as ...

Anath (other spellings: Anata, Anath, Anit)

Babylonian, Winged Goddess, called “Lillith” (Possibly Ishtar/Inanna),


Inanna (Ishtar), the Queen of Heaven and Earth, is usually depicted as


Inanna & the Eternal Feminine

Kinaʻani: Oh My Goddess-es: Identities of Inanna, Astarte, Ishtar, 'Athtartu, 'Anatu, and Athiratu

Fragment of a crudely carved limestone stela showing king Thutmose IV adoring a goddess (probably Astarte). From Thebes, Egypt. 18th Dynasty.

The goddess Isis, also called Queen of Heaven, suckling her son Horus.


Inanna (Ishtar) Part 1 (Warning: Long post!) Part 2 is

Depicted as a lioness or a woman with a lion's head, Sekhmet (also Sekmet), daughter of the sun god Ra, was one of the oldest deities in the Egyptian ...

Middle East Ankara_Muzeum_

Hygeia - The Serpent Priestesses

... Babylonian Ishtar, the Mesopotamian Astarte, and the Sumerian Inanna, all names of the same goddess of love. She is also parallel to Aphrodite, and Isis ...

Easter - Ishtar by uki--uki ...


fire, Babylon, fire

I wrote in my post titled, "WARNING: 'The Royals' and Counterfeit Christianity" that the monarchy of the United Kingdom claim to be descendants of King ...

Sekhmet ...


A Neo-Assyrian seal (circa 750-650 BC) of Ishtar (at left) standing with her bow on her mythical lion.

Goddess Inanna by Rose-of-Inanna ...

11 Powerful Goddesses From Around The World To Invoke In Your Life | HuffPost

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Eshet (Isis)


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Picture1 Inanna ...

isis-daughter: “Aphrodite Epitumbidia (“She Upon the Graves” ”

Ancient Mesopotamian terracotta relief showing Gilgamesh slaying the Bull of Heaven, sent by Ishtar in Tablet VI of the Epic of Gilgamesh after he spurns ...

Many faces of the Goddess

Ishtar Goddess ART PRINT Mesopotamian Mythology Queen Inanna Paper Cut Art Silhouette

Venus, in blue jeans. · ⭐☺⭐😉⭐👍⭐ ·

isis-daughter: “Aphrodite Anaduomene (“Rising from the sea” ”


Queen of the Night (by Trustees of the British Museum)

ancient-mesopotamia: “Old Babylonian Period (ca. 1800-1700 BCE)

isis-daughter: “Aphrodite Nymphia (“Bridal” ”

Ancient Egyptian goddess Hathor is commonly depicted as a cow goddess with horns in which a

Buddhist goddess Quan Yin is often depicted as a beautiful woman dressed in white, seating


Demeter ...


Cupid's Disheartening Past

2 Every one knows that the sun and moon, under various names such as Isis ...

Origins of Aphrodite


ISHTAR IN HADES From the Painting by E. Wallcousins.