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Interview of MkM of AntaeusAosoth Antaeus Aosoth MkM

Interview of MkM of AntaeusAosoth Antaeus Aosoth MkM


Interview with MkM of Aosoth!!

Interview (en): Aosoth

Hi MkM thanks for this interview. Give me please some information about Aosoth. Describe Aosoth's music.

Ce ne fut pas une sinécure de se rendre à Strasbourg pour assister à ce X-mas festival car les conditions météorologiques étaient déplorables.

I also have to manage the band, its line-up and all the usual bullshit – it's a waste of precious time that I don't have, and the cost is beyond my current ...

You are quite busy these days with both AOSOTH and ANTAEUS! AOSOTH is on the verge of releasing a new album entitled IV: An Arrow In Heart.

Venustas Diabolicus

Temple of words: an interview with MkM (Aosoth, Antaeus)

Scene Point Blank: ...

... an exclusive and extensive interview with the maniacal MKM from the legendary French underground black metal horde ''AntaeuS'' and also ''Aosoth ''.

antaeus band

Black Metal does mix both ideology & musick, on this level, I would have to point out that most of nowadays bands have no linkz with the real meaning of ...


MkM and his confidants used to be pretty marginalised in the Parisian metal scene, with a lot of conflicts being contested on the internet and at local ...

Hanging around... by Tanit-Isis ...

Care to comment on the time when you were signed to Baphomet Records and then Osmose Productions later on. There is obviously a big difference between these ...

Dismal Scorn from Abyss: An Interview with Necroabyssious of Varathron | Venustas Diabolicus

Mortui Mundi: Interview ...

Primal Instinct: An interview with Xepher (Draconis Infernum)

Venustas Diabolicus


I ...

The lyrics for "Ashes Of Angels" were written by vocalist MkM (Antaeus) – can you briefly explain what they are about and how they relate to your Satanic ...

... Altars of Spiritual Redemption: Interview with Preludium (Pol)

Poisoned Words of The Dead Cult: Interview with Amduscias (Temple of Baal)

Review + Streaming: Scour – Self Titled EP

Hells Pleasure 2014

As a part of our collaboration with Manila Execration Ritual, 2014, we have conducted an interview with “Lord Impierno” of “Satanas”.

Interview with Possession


What happened in the AOSOTH kamp since the debut album?

The following interview is done with MkM... (conducted by D.V.)

Galeries photo. @ Hellfest 2012




Interview: Saevus H. of Devathorn

Terra Tenebrosa - Roadburn 2014 Ⓒ Alex Mysteerie

Interview ...

purgation 1

by Conor Fynes

Interview with Incarion


Daemon Worship

a2401076532_2. “

... Exclusive Premiere: Diabolus Amator – “Sanity Returns with Her Daggers”

23 0 Download 2 ...

Martrod-Transmutation of Wounds


Split Review: Hordes of the Black Cross / Funeral Moon

"Les années 80, c'était cool!" Bah oui, on sait ! C'est tout le temps comme ça... Alors que Blade Runner 2049, je le trouve plus élégant dans sa démarche, ...




Video shoot for "Carving a Giant" by Gorgoroth, which features mock crucifixions

“Hets Mot Allt” originally appeared in 2014 as an independently released, limited run cassette demo but now through the pairing of Shadow Records & Regain ...

Review: Shrine of Insanabilis – Disciples of the Void


Artwork, Dawn of the Black Harvest (Courtesy of Luciana Nedelea)


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Review: Satans Carrion — Demo I

VD Spoke to the Virtuous Evil: Interview with Lörd Matzigkeitus (Vocals of Idolatry,

Review: Crurifragium — Beasts of the Temple of Satan

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Venustas Diabolicus


Terra Tenebrosa-The Reverses

Helvete and Deathlike Silence[edit]




(Black Metal) Marduk

28.11.2017: SINSAENUM - neues Interview online

ALTARS (Oz) - 'Paramnesia' CD (€9) At long last, one of death metal's best-kept secrets unleashes their debut album: Australian enigmas ALTARS and their ...

Fattigmannen von Theodor Kittelsen wurde auf Burzums Album Hvis lyset tar oss als Cover verwendet.

Al doilea val în afara Norvegiei[modificare | modificare sursă]

Le samedi 17 mai 2008 ce déroulait Le Black Metal Is Rising IV un festival Black Metal organisé par les acteur de l'ombre. Dans un premier temps, ...

WARCRYER-Newshot. ‹‹‹

Aosoth – IV: Arrow In Heart: Satan & Statts approved!