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Isis Al Qaeda Political Cartoon Obama Calls ISIS Islam The So

Isis Al Qaeda Political Cartoon Obama Calls ISIS Islam The So


Isis Al Qaeda Political Cartoon | Obama Calls ISIS

As we noted yesterday, President Obama desperately wants you to know that ISIS doesn't represent the Islamic religion. ISIS is now wondering whether Obama ...




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Barack Hussein Obama giving pro-Muslim speech at UNGA. (He is a born-Muslim since his grand-father was a. Muslim and his father was a Muslim and thus

Fox News ISIS Obama | Political Cartoon | A.F.Branco | Comically Incorrect

... obama-terrorist-dinner-cartoon tv is

Dancing with ISIS and Ebola & o has such a loooooonnnng list of 'scandals'

While he's “busy” vacationing on Martha's Vineyard, reports now indicate ISIS is far more threatening than Al Qaeda at its peak.

140826-JV-team. Back when President Obama was bragging that core Al Qaeda had been destroyed, he dismissed ISIS ...

Cartoon: Glenn Foden

Lest ...

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The Fifth Phase (2013-2016): This will be the point at which an “Islamic State,” or caliphate, can be declared. The plan is that by this time, between 2013 ...

Israelis have taken great interest in Obama calling Islamic State a "cancer" after the gruesome beheading of American photojournalist James Foley.

Trump's Maniacal First 100 Days


As ISIS set up its Islamic state and the beheadings began, our president seemed more concerned about his next golf outing than dealing with the increasing ...


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Tuesday, December 08, 2015

COW ISIS Bombing

Arguably The Best Obama Political Cartoon Ever. This political cartoon comes just after President Barack

Confronting ISIS

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Cool Fool

Our president has gone to Congress for authorization to wage war against ISIS. Don't look too closely at the details of this call for authorization; ...

Obama, Liberals, ISIS, Big Government, Fast & Furious, Benghazi, Liars · Political CartoonsSacksClinton ...

A cartoon from the Editorial of the Philippine Star on ISIS threat in Philippines. http

What Obama doesn't get about the Islamic State

BHO-Hillary conoined foreign policy toon

... came near the beginning when he claimed that the Islamists and their Islamic State weren't really Muslim at all. That was news to the rest of the world:

ISIS has been trying for years to convince Muslims around the world that the West — and especially the United States — is at war with Islam.

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Twenty-six Things About the Islamic State (ISIS-ISIL-Daesh) that Obama Does Not Want You to Know About



Patrick LaMontague Canada Cartoonist- incredible ------------------

What ISIS Thinks About President Obama's “Limited” Airstrikes Perfectly Illustrated

If one were to ask if Obama even believes there are real terrorists out to destroy America, I'm afraid this is the answer we might get:

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Aren't Islamic

Obama UN speech echos Hillary's child rearing tip: Editorial cartoon | cleveland.com

Kunduz 911


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Back Then

2015_03 16 BHO blames ISIS on Bush

McCain's CIA ISIS Responsible For 600 Acts Of Terrorism In Syria

Ton of Bricks

Isis and al-Qaeda have groups competing across the world, including al-Qaeda

Political Cartoo - 2014 09 - JV Team on Air Force One

This “solution” appeared while President Obama was holding his “Violent Extremism” summit that never once acknowledged something called Islamic violent ...

Archival War


The jihadi flag of the Islamic State (Isis)

They are too extreme even for Al-Qaeda… ISIS ...

Andrew J. Bacevich

And what of this “broad coalition” of allies to take on ISIS? Supposedly, there are nine nations that have said they will help. George Bush had more than ...

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) used to have a different name: Al Qaeda in Iraq. After 2010 the group rebranded and refocused its efforts on ...


It IS About Islam: Exposing the Truth About ISIS, Al Qaeda, Iran, and the Caliphate (The Control Series): Glenn Beck: 9781501126123: Amazon.com: Books

Promise to Behave

Obama Foley Family

The Unspoken Truth is Obama's “Responsibility to Protect” the Islamic State (ISIS). The Objective is to “Degrade and Destroy” Iraq and Syria

Love, American-Style

(left, You won't see cartoons like this in America, but this is how the Middle East and Islamic Africa sees ISIS, America, UK and Israel.)

... to this deliberate policy failure and the passing of the blame is that we are now engaged in a war with Syria…a nation NOT at war with us…and Obama did ...

A flag of the Islamic State (Isis) is seen on the the frontline of

Political Cartoon - 2014 06 13 - Obama's ...

The Freedom Fighter's Journal. "


Veiled women walk past a billboard that carries a verse from Koran urging women to wear

At last, America's president uses the term 'Islamic terrorism'

We learned this week from the Wall Street Journal that Mr. Obama made a deal with the Saudis. They will lend legitimacy for our attacks against ISIS and Al ...

Jurassic ISIS

The Obama Nation Or Abomination (Liar, Liar) [Archive] - Page 16 - Israel Military Forum

1 world trade center isis

ISIS Strategy. Vladimir Putin's bold move into leadership in that civil war came directly after meeting with Obama. Apparently, there was no warning he was ...


Terrorist Name Game

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) self-proclaims its status as ...

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Isis has made prominent use of Western recruits in its propaganda videos

The epitome of 'denial'

Transnational Islamo-fascism: Joe Biden reveals the Saudi and Trukish sponsors of ISIL – by Mahmoona Shah

Isis flag: What do the words mean and what are its origins? | The Independent