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Jacopo Carrucci known as Pontormo Portrait pontormo amp salviati

Jacopo Carrucci known as Pontormo Portrait pontormo amp salviati


Portrait of Maria Salviati - Jacopo Pontormo (Tempera on wood, 87x71)

Portrait of Maria Salviati de' Medici and Giulia de' Medici

Jacopo Pontormo (Italian: 1494 – 1557) - Portrait of a goldsmith (1518)

Jacopo Carrucci, known as Pontormo Portrait

Portrait of a Young Man (Alessandro de Medici)- Jacopo Pontormo c.1526

Jacopo Carucci called Pontormo 'Portrait of Francesca Capponi as St.

Portrait of a Young Man in a Red Cap, 1529 - Jacopo Pontormo


Jacopo Carucci, called Jacopo

Jacopo Carrucci, called Pontormo The Lute Player

info from last pinner- Jacopo Carucci known as Jacopo da Pontormo, Jacopo Pontormo or simply Pontormo, (Italian Mannerist painter, Madonna and Child with St ...

Lady with a Basket of Spindles by Pontormo ca. 1516. Art Experience NYC www

Jacopo Pontormo - Portrait of Two Friends - WGA18109.jpg

Halberdier, 1530 Jacopo Pontormo.http://anonimodelapiedra.blogspot.com.

Portrait of a Lady with a Lapdog, 1537–40, Pontormo, Städel Museum

Portrait of Niccolò Ardinghelli - Jacopo Pontormo 1542

Antonello da Messina: Portrait of a Man known as Il Condottiere, 1475

PONTORMO Annunciazione della Vergine - Annunciation of the Virgin Mary (Detail) Church of Santa Felicita, Cappella Capponi Florence

Pontormo visitation in Carmignano Find the best #Art installations in New York with www.

IMG_8047 Jacopo Pontormo. 1494-1557. Florence. Saint Jérôme en pénitent. vers

Category:Madonna and Child with Saint Anna and Four Saints - Jacopo Pontormo - Louvre INV 232

Portrait of a Man Holding a Book ~ 1540 ~Titian (Tiziano Vecellio), Italian (Venetian), about

Titian (Tiziano) Portrait of Jacopo Strada, 1567 (Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna)

Head of a Woman by Michelangelo Buonarroti

Francesco Salviati, Portrait of a Lady, c. 1555

A Man with Quilted Sleeve by Titian My Daily Art Display today is the oil on canvas painting entitled Portrait of a Man, sometimes known as A Man with a ...

Francesco Salviati Portrait of a Lady, c. 1555. NGA, Washington, DC

Portrait of a Young Man (Self-Portrait), 1615 Gian Lorenzo Bernini

Angelo Bronzino, Angelo di Cosimo di Mariano (1503-1572) — Portrait of

A Boy Blowing on an Ember to Light a Candle (Soplón) 1570-72

Supper at Emmaus - Jacopo Pontormo - 1525 Technique :Oil on canvas, 230 x 173 cm Type :religious Form :painting Location :Galleria degli Uffizi, Florence

andrea del sarto, portrait of a young man, 1517

The Deposition from the Cross (removal of Jesus from the cross) an oil painting of 1528 Jacopo Pontormo - detail

Pontormo, Noli me tangere, 1531, Casa Buonarroti

Grafik Art: Le nouveau réalisme - Martial Raysse

Agnolo di Cosimo (Italian, usually known as Bronzino ~ Portrait of Ludovico Capponi ~ 1551 ~ The Frick Collection, New York ~ Lodovico Capponi (b. was a ...

How to draw hair for realistic portrait. This video tutorial show you how to draw hair with pencil. Also how to shade and render hair technique.

Donato Bramante - Uomo dallo spadone, 1490 ca Pinacoteca di Brera

Own a print of Portrait of a Lady (La Schiavona) from the National Gallery Collection. Order prints online from

Apostles Peter and Paul 1592 - El Greco (Domenikos Theotokopoulos) - www.el

Rowan Atkinson Inserted into Famous Paintings - Neatorama

Madonna and Child Giovanni Bellini (Italian, Venice, active by 1459–died 1516

Angelo Bronzino, Angelo di Cosimo di Mariano (1503-1572) — Portrait of

Jacopo Carucci known as Jacopo da Pontormo, Jacopo Pontormo or simply Pontormo, (Italian Mannerist painter, Madonna and Child with St John

Princess Dorothea Von Lieven, née Benckendorff, wife of Russian ambassador, first foreigner elected patroness of Almack's, c.

Portrait of a Lady, after 1570 Jacopo Bassano (Jacopo da Ponte) Italian, Oil on canvas 31 x in. x cm) The Norton Simon Foundation Interesting partlet as ...

Domenico Capriolo, Portrait of a Gentleman, 1512

Portrait of a Young Man with an Earring -Pietro Novelli location-Hermitage Museum Historians say that Earrings have appeared as male, and not as female ...

Antonio Allegri da Correggio 1522 "Ritratto di uomo con libro" Portrait of a…

Portrait of Daniele Barbaro, Paolo Veronese, 1556 - 1567 - Rijksmuseum

Francesco de' Rossi (Francesco Salviati), Portrait of a Young Man, Honolulu Academy of Arts

Creation of art

Bernini: self portrait - 1625

Mary Magdalen in Penitence 1576-78 - El Greco (Domenikos Theotokopoulos) - www

Domenico Capriolo 1512 - Portrait of a Young Man

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "lily ...

Sandro Botticelli: Portrait of Giuliano de' Medici | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Raffaellino del Garbo, Portrait of a Young Man 1495

Jacopo da Pontormo, Villa Medici, Poggio a Caiano, Vertumno e Pomona,

Agnolo Bronzino Lodovico Capponi | Agnolo Bronzino | Pinterest | Oil painting reproductions and Paintings

Hans Mielich Portrait of Ladislaus von Fraunberg, Count of Haag 1557 Liechtenstein Museum, Vienna

Portrait of a Youth Pouring from a Jug (recto) - Jacopo Pontormo. 314 x 192 mm.

Stefano della Bella 1631 by Carlo Dolci Galleria Palatina Firenze

Italian, Florentine painter - Portrait of a Boy ca.1545 ~ London, National Gallery ~ The youthful sitter has not been identified.The dress suggests a date ...

Self Portrait - Jacopo Pontormo - Mannerism (Late Renaissance) - 1527

File:Scipione Pulzone - Portrait of a Lady - Walters

Your Paintings - Jacopo Carucci Pontormo paintings

PONTORMO http://anonimodelapiedra.blogspot.com.es

Pontormo - Entombment, Capponi Chapel, church of Santa Felicità, Florence

Portrait of Cosimo I Medici , 1537 Bronzino, Angelo (?

Anne, Lady Carleton by Michiel Jansz. van Miereveldt (National Portrait Gallery - London

Jacopo Pontormo, Garden of Gethsemane

Carlo Maratta. Self Portrait


Interesting earrings, with two pearls each, a drop pearl and then a spherical one

18th Century French Creole Women | Marie Thereze Carmelite Anty Metoyer by French free man of color .

Portrait of a Young Man, circa 1505 - Giovanni Bellini - The Athenaeum

Edvard Munch, Portrait of the Author Hans Jæger, 1889

Lady In Red

Agnolo Bronzino Portrait of a Lady, , Galleria Sabauda, Turin. Read more about the symbolism and interpretation of Portrait of a Lady by Agnolo Bronzino.

Female Portrait, perhaps of Vittoria Colonna", Sebastiano del Piombo,

The Deposition - Jacopo Pontormo -Artist:Jacopo Pontormo Place of Creation: Italy Style

Sebastiano del Piombo "Portrait of Ferry Carondelet with his Secretaries". Oil on panel.


Il (Agnolo) Bronzino - Portrait d' Luca Martini

Naked Youth Seated. Drawing Preserved in the Room of Drawings and Prints, Museum of the Uffizi

Giuliano de' Medici (1479–1516), Duke of Nemours Copy after Raphael

Lodovico Capponi (detail) / Agnolo Bronzino / Oil on poplar panel, 1550-

early-16th century Lombard School - Portrait of a young man, half-length

Michel Jansz van Miereveld -Portrait de femme - 1625

Head of a Man Agnolo Bronzino Italian, about 1550 - 1555 Black chalk

Bronzino - Portrait of Lorenzo Lenzi

Tintoretto ~ Jacopo Robusti (Atribuido a) ~ Pedro de Medici

Theodore Robinson - In the Grove

Parmigianino-Ritrato di Lorenzo Cybo,1524,olio su tavola,126x104 cm,

Portrait of the young Ferdinando I de' Medici. By Agnolo Bronzino.

LICINIO, Bernardino Portrait of a Woman 1524 Oil on canvas Galleria Franchetti, Ca' d'Oro, Venice She has attitude, for a lady.

PONTORMO http://anonimodelapiedra.blogspot.com.es

Jacopo Bassano - Ritratto di Torquato Tasso - 1566

Agnolo Bronzino (1503 - 1572): Giovanni de' Medici