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Kam Bakhsh fifth and youngest son of Aurangzeb Mughal Princes

Kam Bakhsh fifth and youngest son of Aurangzeb Mughal Princes


Explore Mughal Architecture, Mughal Empire, and more! Kam Bakhsh, fifth and youngest son of Aurangzeb

A portrait of Prince Kam Baksh, son of Aurangzeb.JPG

7th Mughal Emperor

Dawar Bakhsh, eldest son of Prince Khusrau

Sultan Kam Baksh, son of Emperor Aurangzeb, Mughal Empire

Sultan Mahmud, son of Emperor Aurangzeb, Mughal Empire

Prince Mirza Hindal in a Garden

Azim us Shan, son of Shah Alam Bahadur Shah

Azam Shah, Son of Aurangzeb

Murad Bakhsh, Youngest Son of Shah Jahan

Sultan Azam Shah, son of Emperor Aurangzeb, Mughal Empire

Emperor Shah Alam I (Bahadur Shah I), son of Aurangzeb, Mughal Empire

Miran Shah, Timurid ruler

Sultan Akbar, son of Emperor Aurangzeb, Mughal Empire

Azam Shah, Third Son of Aurangzeb

Murad Bakhsh, fourth son of Emperor Shah Jahan

Bahadur Khan, foster brother of Aurangzeb, Mughal Empire

Prince Murad Baksh, youngest son of Shah Jahan

Mirza Shadkam (Prince of Success), Azam Shah Koka

Mirza Jawan Bakht, Son of Bahadur Shah Zafar

Prince Azam Shah, son of Aurangzeb

A Mughal Prince, Perhaps Danyal, Holding a Sprig of Flowers

Murad Bakhsh

Qazi Abd-ul-Wahhab, Mughal Empire

During the reign of Aurangzeb[edit]

Prince Kam Bakhsh fought the Battle of Hyderabad 1709 against Prince Mu'azzam and lost

Bidar Bakht, the son of Muhammad Azam and grandson of Aurangzeb

Azam Shah, Son of Aurangzeb

He was become Mughal empire for a short period of time and he was the son of kam Baksh and who was the youngest son of Aurangzeb and he ...

Aurangzeb. Aurangzeb. Aurangzeb had 5 sons ...

Mughal Army commander Abdus Samad Khan Bahadur being received by Jahandar Shah

Aurangzeb spent his reign crushing major and minor rebellions throughout the Mughal Empire.

Muhammad Azam Shah

Emperor_Shah_Jahan with dara sukoh shah shuja and aurangzeb

Azam Shah, Son of Aurangzeb

The Unfortunate Sadashiva : Sadashiva Raya ascended the throne of Vijayanagar empire in 1542. We have already seen how the young prince .

Shah Alam Bahadur Shah, son of Aurangzeb and the seventh mughal emperor

Shahryar Mirza

Full-figure painting of a young Bahadur Shah

Aurangzeb in a pavilion with three courtiers below.

Tomb of Aurangzeb

Murad Bakhsh

Battle of Bhuchar Mori - Jam Sataji

Muhammad Azam Shah - Muhammad Azam with his son, Prince Bidar Bakht

Shah Shuja (Mughal prince) - Portrait of Shah Shuja

The Mughal Army under the command of Aurangzeb recaptures Orchha in October 1635.

Policy on temples and mosques[edit]

Aurangzeb seated on a golden throne holding a Hawk in the Durbar. Standing before him is his son, Azam Shah.

Padshah Begum

Azim ush-Shan on the imperial throne receives the investiture of Khizr


Aurangzeb leads the Mughal Army during the Battle of Satara.

Muhammad Ibrahim (Mughal emperor) - Image: Muḥammad ʿIbráhím

He was the 16th Mughal Empire and he was born on 25 June 1728 and he became king in 1760 he fight many battles and he also fight with ...

Sulaiman Shikoh - An incomplete draft showing Dara Shikoh (left) with his son Sulaiman

Humayun's Tomb

Elephant in Battle.jpg

Ahmad Shah Bahadur


Siege of Ranthambore (1568) - The Mughal Emperor Akbar placed highly accurate narrow barreled

Burhanpur - The Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan hunting wild lions in Burhanpur (July 1630)

Daniyal Mirza

Battle of Bhuchar Mori - Jam Ajaji who died in battle

Roshanara Begum - Aurangzeb's sister, Roshanara Begum, the one who energetically sided with him


Rafi ud-Darajat - Image: Emperor Rafi Uddar Jat

Bahadur Shah

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Siege of Ranthambore (1568) - The Mughal Emperor Akbar, commands his troops to

Daniyal Mirza - Persian poet, Naw'i Khabushani prostrates himself before Prince Daniyal.

His full name was Aziz ud din Alamgir II HE WAS BORN ON 6TH JUNE 1699 and he was the 15th Mughal Empire and he was the second son of ...

Shah Muhammad

Akbar's conquest of Gujarat - Akbar's triumphal entry into Surat, 1572, Akbarnama

Mir Jumla II

Shah Alam II

Nur Jahan

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Sepoys loyal to the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb maintain their positions around the palace, at Aurangabad, in 1658.

Tomb of Aurangzeb - Aurangzeb's Tomb, with marble jaali (latticed screen) around it

Shah Jahan the great: The full name of shah Jahan was Shahabuddin Muhammad shah Jahan and his real birth name was khurram he was born in January 5 1592 and ...

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Shah Jahan

Battle of Samugarh - Image: Aurangzeb from Modern History or, the Present State of

Second Battle of Panipat

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Bahadur shah I: Bahadur shah full name is Bahadur shah Awal and he was not related from royal blood he only rule 5 years, he was the 8th Mughal emperor or ...

Jahangir the Fourth Empire of Mughals: The full name of Jahangir was nuruddin Muhammad Jahangir was born in 31st august 1569 and he was the fourth Mughal ...

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Mumtaz Mahal - Mumtaz Mahal with an attendant.

Prince Salim as baby

Mirza Muhiuddin Aurangzeb the four sons of the Mughal Emperor, Shah Jahan, all laid claim to the throne when their father fell seriously ill in 1658.

Mirza Jawan Bakht - Portrait of The Nawob Vizier Asaf-Ud-Daula, seated. "


Bahadur Shah, distinguished by a halo, with two other men on an elephant

Noorjahan & Jahangir.jpg

Jahanzeb Banu Begum

1705) – the Mughal princess, was the daughter of Crown Prince Dara Shikoh and his consort Nadira Banu Begum and the granddaughter of Emperor Shah ...

Sulaiman Shikoh - Portrait of Sulaiman Shikoh