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Last fall a littleknown star called KIC 8462852 became t

Last fall a littleknown star called KIC 8462852 became t


An artistic rendering of KIC 8462852. Image: NASA / JPL-Caltech / R. Hurt (IPAC)

NASA/JPL-Caltech. Tabby's Star, also known as KIC 8462852 ...

KIC 8462852: Alien megastructure Dyson sphere star baffles scientists further

The star KIC 8462852 sits 1,480 light years away in the constellation Cygnus. It's an unassuming object at first glance, but it became a hot topic in ...

New Developments Around KIC 8462852

For the first time scientists have witnessed a star buried deep inside a thick layer of gas and dust explode into a supernova, adding to the list of ways ...

KIC 8462852 has quickly become one of the biggest astronomical mysteries of the decade. It'll be months before we have any firm answers on this fitfully ...

Alien megastructure not the cause of dimming of the 'most mysterious star in the universe'

A alien megastructure may be surrounding a distant star. The KIC 8462852 ...

KIC 8462852

'alien megastructure' star

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The Many, Many Times Astronomers Mistook Mundane Phenomena for Aliens

We Might Finally Solve the 'Alien Megastructure' Mystery

Finder chart for KIC 8462852. It's located in the direction to the constellation Cygnus,

The mystery behind star KIC 8462852 (aka Tabby Star) continues. Many scientists have proposed ideas as to what could be causing the star to emit such ...

Don't take this the wrong way. I would love for there to be the remnants of an ancient civilization, long dead, whose sorrowful fragments orbit a lonely ...

illustration of a ring of debris

NASA/JPL-Caltech/T. Pyle

Dust orbiting a star

Star with a mystery, KIC 8462852, photographed on Oct. 15, 2015.

The Alien MegaStructure* Dyson Sphere Star KIC 8462852 just got Weirder. - YouTube


Help astronomers get the data they need to unravel one of the biggest mysteries of all

6 Things We Know About KIC 8462852 (Tabby's Star)

''ALIEN STAR'' (KIC 8462852) Tabby's Star An Alien Megastructure? 15 Jan 2017

KIC 8462852 — also known as Boyajian's Star, Tabby's Star, or the “alien megastructure star” — has gained much interest and attention from astronomers ...

Only sometimes the map becomes the territory. The excitement around star KIC 8462852 is a perfect illustration of this involution.

The Kepler Space Telescope recently picked up unprecedented flickering behavior from a distant star, leading to speculation that—among other things—it might ...

Signs in the sky ... The strange dips in light that caught the eye

KIC8462852EfraSAC. Image: KIC 8462852 ...

The strange structure was spotted by researchers from Yale around the star KIC 8462852 (pictured

Reconstruction of KIC 8462852 showing what an alien megastructure might look like (pic credit: Andrew Collins).

KIC 8462852. Hardly a household name. But it may be, one day soon, or at least when it garners a more prosaic name.

The mystery of Tabby's Star

Detailed map showing stars to around magnitude 12 with the Kepler star identified. It's located only a short distance northeast of the open cluster NGC 6886 ...

Have We Detected Megastructures Built By Aliens Around A Distant Star?

'Giant alien megastructure found in space': What is a Dyson sphere, and what else could we have found? | The Independent

The reason behind star KIC 8462852's mysterious dimming, which had been attributed to an extraterrestrial civilization at one point, appears to have been ...

Scientists aim largest telescope possible at 'alien megastructure' star - The Washington Post

Evaluating Speculation Over Kepler Space TelescopeData that an Alien Megastructure may be Causing the Weird Spectral Occultation Signal of KIC 8462852.

Scientists at Penn State studying a distant star called KIC 8462852 have released a new study postulating that based on the light ...

KIC 8462852


It's not aliens. It's never aliens.

02 Alien 'Megastructures' Orbiting Star - Dyson sphere

Last fall, a little-known star called KIC 8462852 became our planetary obsession when astronomers said that its erratic flickering could be the result of an ...


Very Large Telescope to get new sunglasses to spy on Alpha Centauri

Alien on KIC 8462852 feels pretty stupid for leaving starships out where Earth could see

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It's a mystery worthy of John Grisham: What's causing the erratic behavior of KIC 8462852, better known as Tabby's Star?

Finder image: KIC 8462852 (blue square) and nearby stars - stable reference stars are in red circles.(FOV=12.5 x 9.6 'arc, NE at upper-left)

The “alien megastructure” star is dimming again.

What Are the Odds of an Alien Megastructure Blocking Light From a Distant Star?

KIC 8462852 IG. KIC 8462852: Scientists believe this star ...

Light curves for KIC 8462852

Tabby's Star: The Most Mysterious Star in the Universe Needs You — The Pursuit

KIC 8462852

"Alien Megastructure" Star Resumes Its Bizarre Behavior After 2-Year Hiatus

Thanks to incredible luck, Hubble caught a photo of the most distant star ever seen

The Milky Way

Allen Telescope Array. Despite how exciting a prospect the star KIC 8462852 ...

They won't like what they find :p

Has the baffling mystery of the ALIEN MEGASTRUCTURE star finally been solved? | Science | News | Express.co.uk


Look for Planets That Have Become Stars

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Standard image ...

What Happens if We Detect Extraterrestrial Intelligence?

NEW * KIC 8462852 - Windows of Opportunity: Cyclic Periodicities, Light Dimming Episodes and the Star's 0.88-day Rotational Period

Nuevos datos sobre la megaestructura extraterrestre Kic 8462852

Artist's impression of the occulting object that passed in front of KIC 8462852 on Kepler Day 792 (Copyright: Russell M. Hossain, July 2017)

"The thing is roomy enough: three million times the area of the Earth. It will be some time before anyone complains about the crowding," Niven wrote in a ...

An artist's rendition of a potential explanation: a comet swarm orbiting the star KIC 8462852

Mysterious Star Leaves Scientists Wondering: What's Passing In Front of It?

Searching for Earth Around a Neighboring Star ☼ Are there Earth-like planets in a neighboring star system? A new campaign called “Pale Red Dot” aims to ...

This artist's impression shows exoplanet GJ 436b, which is surrounded by a massive gas cloud

Astronomers have detected 72 incredibly bright explosions, caused by a mysterious source

La Gran Mancha Roja de Júpiter vista por Juno - Eureka

That statistic for 2011 is about a day. This one is twice that or more. If the absorber is orbiting the star, it's changing shape and can't be a planet.

Nearest Sun-like star has planets

Building Blocks of Life Come From Starlight

... visible light reflected off the exoplanet 51 Pegasi b, which lies about 50 light-years from Earth. Back in 51 Pegasi b became the first alien world ever ...

Super Bright Star Outshines Galaxy In Cosmic Photo

So-Called Alien Dyson Sphere Megastructure Just Got Even More Mysterious (Video) | Alternative

unknownskywalker: “ Some stars capture rogue planets New research suggests that billions of stars in our galaxy have captured rogue planets that once roamed ...

Astronomers Discover a New Kind of Galaxy in the Early Universe

Artist's concept of KIC 8462852, which has experienced unusual changes in luminosity over the past few years. Credit: NASA, JPL-Caltech

Watch: Bright Meteoritic Explosion Captured on New Zealand Dash Cam

The newfound young star clusters lie thousands of light-years below the plane of our Milky Way galaxy, a flat spiral disk seen in this artist's conception.

The slowest-rotating star we know of, Kepler/KIC 1145123, differs in its polar and equatorial diameters by just 0.0002%. But neutron stars can be much, ...