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Leap of faith Jamie Thomas Only classic skate histories t

Leap of faith Jamie Thomas Only classic skate histories t


Leap of faith - Jamie Thomas

jamie thomas - leap of faith

eric koston

Jamie Thomas - Fivo 0 grind

Daewon Song doing a backside tailslide! I absolutely LOVE skateboarding!

Skateboard Art

Marc Johnson

Zero Skateboards Jamie Thomas Leap of Faith Deck

Classic Jamie Thomas TWS Cover Tribute Classic Jamie Thomas TWS Cover Tribute ...

... ellington-frontside-flip

I've always been fascinated by Experience. They could have really been something with so many good riders coming through their doors… why did it fail?

But I guess it's only human nature to want more from really talented people than they're capable to give.

... Classic Jamie Thomas TWS Cover Tribute

... jamie-slam-background

... Classic Jamie Thomas TWS Cover Tribute ...

Jamie Thomas. Edit · Classic editor · History

After the Experience burnout, you headed head down south and hooked up with Invisible… which really seemed like a good fit at the time.

Jamie Thomas - Dying to live (full part)

How did you get so damn good at skating barefoot?

The fingerboardable history of Columbus Park, coming soon…(Via @bobbybils on IG)


Wally Inouye

Let's get into your classic TimeCode part. How long did you film for that and were you consciously filming for a new Alien video or did the project just ...

ZERO Skateboards x Kingpin Skate Supply Deck 8" Skull Tie Dye Collab

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Zero Single Skull Black White 8.0" Skateboard Deck

Skate 4

The poster was a token of appreciation and confirmation of Kit's salvation from Jesus himself.

I think I'd only been on Element for a few weeks when that video came out. I'd gone on one trip and they'd all been filming for two years.

The Ball or the Sword

We were always skating, we just weren't so interested in trophies, you know? It was more of a lifestyle for us.

100% SKATEBOARDING “ Money is like manure. You have to spread it around or it smells.” — JP Getty

new fisheye. skateboarding 6 woodssss

Skateboard legend Jamie Thomas skates the secret Jamie Collins forest ramp; video

It was a great way to not only throw in new tricks but also connecting obstacles in your run.

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ZERO Skateboards x Kingpin Skate Supply Deck 8.5" Blood Collab Only 25 Made

Zero has still some board graphics from the beginning. Not many brands keep graphics that long nowadays. I think a lot of Zero is about the history and the ...

In presumed memoriam, here is an old #PFW QS compilation of all Flo Marfaing's Le Dome hubba tricks, an old post about the greatest line ever done there, ...

Talkin' With The Team #6 - Colin Lambert

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Zero Demon Text Skateboard Deck - Thomas 8.25"



Felix Pirker, Category finalist 2016: Playground

Too bad you didn't start out of a garage. Instead you chose a basement. Bad move. Starting from a garage is the new thing. Just ask Numbers…

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Properly shod, Jamie Thomas, for instance, perhaps could have landed the Leap of Faith. Or, Bob Burnquist might have landed those couple ...

Former NYRB II player Jamie Thomas and Baltimore Blast win 2017-18 MASL title

So here we have three recent stabs at the elusive single-photo capture of a backside 360. Years back I was flipping through a California Cheap Skates ...


j john the don

... team

Logan Esquash


My sponsors are Sk8 Skates ...

Jonathan Mehring, Category finalist 2016: Playground

Michael Burnett, Category finalist 2013: Close Up


If Marc Johnson hadn't waited until 2016 to move to Adidas, could his 'Fully Flared' part have been 26 minutes long? Backed by corporate shoe money, ...

Leap of Faith (musical)

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ben hatchell the skateboard mag rob brink

After doing a bit of reading about you, one of the things that came to mind is loyalty...quitting Zoo because of what happened with your friends [Todd ...

dylan rieder rob brink already been done. "

Aaron Zwaal, Category finalist 2016: Close Up

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Shout out Hjalte. Also, the Marcy Rails are done for. Thanks to Mike Heikkila for the intel.

I always wonder what you quiet dudes are thinking about the rest of us. Like are you ever around people who are just constantly talking and running their ...


ben hatchell the skateboard mag rob brink

*We only care about J.R* *Not an official Cavs endoresement* *We only care about J.R*

Got to thinking the other day, watching the Tom Asta debut pro video and musing on Jamie Thomas' musings on Josh Kalis' early years of sponsorship, ...

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Ramps and Rails: MacArthur Skate Club

There are some queries that must be considered as the ultimate questions of the time. Is it really what it is? Do gentlemen really prefer brunettes?

the skateboard mag figgy justin figueroa rob brink

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U.S. Olympian Makes History Skating to LDS Artist's Song (+ Other Mormon Musicians Featured at the Olympics)

Dave Lehl

Quietly applauded from the stands by multibillion dollar athletic gear manufacturers and occasionally lavendered monarchs, these power serves, double faults ...

Joe Gall, Category finalist 2016: Close Up

Meet at MACBA at Midnight For Molly

It was near the end of 2005 when Salman Agah, Kristian's friend and ex-Black Label pro-turned team manager made some team cuts and let Kristian go after ...

*Asterisk because two out of three of these blurbs are for photo books, with one of them (the first one) having probably less than a thousand words overall.

Black Box impresario and fervent Iron Maiden fan Jamie Thomas has been alternately worshiped and decried in his couple decades of skateboard industry ...

Simone Mondino, Category finalist 2016: Mobile

Sierra Fellers