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We aim to be the primary portal of Middle East news and our target audience are all those communities of readers living in and around the region that care ...

The devil you don't know: Trump is not all bad news for the Middle East

Middle East Eye

Jordan's message to the world: Don't cut our aid

70 years of Nakba: Why can't Palestinians walk home?

'You don't see my pain': Campaign grows for injured Palestinian's freedom

Prince William in Israel: Why won't he honour British military dead?

'We don't believe you are gay': LGBT refugees in Netherlands lose hope

Moral of Warsi: Tories can't cope with Muslims

Al-Daihi to Middle East Eye: Isn't it time for UN to Send Special Representative to Bahrain?

Why Saudi and the UAE shouldn't bet on Trump

Why the US and Iran aren't cooperating against IS

How to stabilise Libya if Haftar won't play ball

Despite minor electoral gains, women in Lebanon often don't have the same rights as men

'We simply can't take this': Jordanians vow to continue protests despite PM resignation | Middle East Eye

13 Middle Eastern Beauty Gurus We Can't Stop Watching LookAMillion If bright eye shadow looks and dramatic liner are your vice, this YouTube channel could ...

It's complicated: Why Iran and Saudi Arabia don't get along #Diplomacy

Shot in the head and arrested, Mohammed Tamimi still in high spirits | Middle East Eye

Middle East Eye on Twitter: "The names of the 43 people shot dead in Gaza by Israeli forces today https://t.co/NuysXnghv8… "

Six million Palestinians are a fact Trump and Netanyahu can't ignore forever

Dear Pope Francis: Don't go to Egypt now

The Abkhazia human rights report the EU doesn't want you to read

'Peace doesn't pay the bills': Profiting from a war-torn Middle East

Middle East Eye on Twitter: "Documents show IS & Saudi Arabia prescribe near-identical punishments for crimes http://t.co/ZoVVUqeHMn #ISIS #Saudi ...

Ghaida: "This isn't just the cause of refugees, it's also the cause of all Palestinians" (Chloe Benoist/MEE)

Twitter feud: UAE diplomat says Arabs won't be led by Turkey

Libyan slavery: Don't be fooled by the 'shock', we've known about this for a while now

Why I don't criticise Islam

UK moves to ban municipal boycotts of Israel won't stop BDS

After admitting it can't define 'extremism', Conservative Party pledges to defeat it

Map from an article that was posted recently in 'middle east eye' website, (wasn't able to link article for some reason) quite a surreal but interesting ...

UK government admits it still doesn't know

The Iranian army announcement you shouldn't miss

I fought in Libya: Please don't call us terrorists

Did US know about illegal UAE arms shipments to Libya? | Middle East Eye

Parents of pro-Kurdish fighters killed in Syria demand return of bodies | Middle East Eye

Mohamed Salah (L) and Mohamed Aboutrika (R) often meet up in Europe (Facebook)

'Why can't I be a Sushi?' Making sense of the Sunni-Shia divide

Haunted by the horrors of war, Gaza's children struggle to heal | Middle East Eye

Where the books weren't burned: Baghdad's ancient library

'I wasn't trying to commit suicide, I was trying to escape,' says woman filmed by her employer as she fell several storeys

Israel implements a deliberate policy to terrorise Palestinian children

As he launches his new TV series offering a critical view of US overseas exploits, the film director tells MEE he didn't always see it that way

Meg Bouldoukian's Middle East Eye on Aramco Privatisation & Australian Banks

EXCLUSIVE: Saudi crown prince wants out of Yemen war, leaked emails reveal | Middle East Eye


Iranians aren't so happy about that

Iran's tension with its Arab neighbours won't be ending any time soon

Journalist Bilal Abdul Kareem files lawsuit over alleged US 'kill list' | Middle East Eye

Israeli forces ransack buildings in West Bank university raid | Middle East Eye

Obama won't admit the real targets of Russian airstrikes

Red Sea Islands fiasco: Egyptian honour and Sisi's treason | Middle East Eye

Headline Stories

The MBS tour will raise the cost of securing US interests in the Middle East | Middle East Eye

Why Saudi Arabia can't let Yemen go (Middle East Eye)


Middle East Eye on Twitter: "Dancing on the dead: The US embassy opens a new era of bloodshed | David Hearst https://t.co/mCP3xoNmD2… "

EXCLUSIVE: The secret yacht summit that realigned the Middle East | Middle East Eye

I don't know which is worse: the MBS roadshow or the band of carpet baggers queueing up to feed at the trough.

'Qexit': Saudi-Qatar rift could tear GCC apart, think tank warns | Middle East Eye

Ahed Tamimi was sexually harassed by Israeli interrogator, says lawyer | Middle East Eye

Iranian Kurds march to war: 'We don't care how strong the enemy is'

What if 'Islamic State' didn't exist?

We can't tackle environmental and social justice in Morocco if we don't talk about Western Sahara

The peace process industry keeps the Israeli-Palestinian conflict running

Egypt's Bitcoin dilemma: 'Gamblers don't check fatwas before gambling'

Corbyn doesn't have an anti-Semitism problem. His accusers do

Middle East Eye on Twitter: "Princess Dina Mired of Jordan becomes first Arab president of world's largest cancer-fighting body https://t.co/DHJ2R5VLs0 ...

Middle East Eye on Twitter: "Turkish LGBT activists demand justice after transgender women was raped and killed https://t.co/wL1MfTA07C… "

Israeli forces kill three as youth urged to join 'Great March of Return' protests | Middle East Eye

'Striking smackdown': US judge blocks Kansas anti-BDS law | Middle East Eye

US may have known about illegal UAE arms shipments to Libya | Middle East Eye

TIMELINE: How Palestine's protests grew | Middle East Eye

Dehumanising the dead: Israel's false narrative on Hamas 'terrorists' | Middle East Eye

Middle East Eye on Twitter: "Map of #US-led airstrikes over #Syria. #ISIS http://t.co/U5AqjqwqDq http://t.co/Eid78T9Qgq"

More than 350 injured in Gaza on third Friday of protests | Middle East Eye

Iran includes 'death to America' emojis in state-approved messaging app | Middle East Eye. '

Delay doomed journalist shot by Israeli forces, Gazan official says | Middle East Eye

We don't know how many civilians have been killed by Turkish drones. That's a problem.

ANALYSIS: Why would Israel strike a Syrian government airbase? | Middle East Eye

Egypt's media ban: The audacity of ignorance | Middle East Eye

Islamism Map on Twitter: "The Middle East Eye website was registered by a former official of #Hamas charity INTERPAL (https://t.co/YVid9LJuLq):… ...

Middle East Eye - No woman, no... Fly? What is going on.


Israel approves 2,000 new illegal settlement homes in West Bank | Middle East Eye

Middle East Eye - 37 young Jewish-Americans were arrested.

Israeli forces detain Ahed Tamimi's brother in dawn raid | Middle East Eye

Islamism Map @IslamismMap. Replying to @IslamismMap @MiddleEastEye ...

Palestinians are killed not because Israeli soldiers disobey orders but because they follow them | Middle East Eye

'Main difference between both pictures? My Happiness & Peace of Mind 💗 I suffered

Middle East Eye - "We're watching those votes." Donald.

EXCLUSIVE: UK sells $445m of arms to Israel, including sniper rifles | Middle East Eye

Pompeo says Israel has right to defence, as Gazans mourn dozens killed in protests | Middle East Eye

Syrian army offensive in southwest displaces 45,000: UN | Middle East Eye

The Ramadan Advert Causing a Stir in the Middle East. Middle East Eye

Middle East Eye on Twitter: "This erotic dance is causing a bit of stir in Turkey https://t.co/nMAIIhXx8U https://t.co/dG2XoZ9ACd"

Middle East Eye sur Twitter: "'A small group loyal to IS is still active between Tizi Ouzou and Bouira' #Algeria http://t.co/uEF7AAMQ95 ...

US may have known about illegal UAE arms shipments to Libya | Middle East Eye