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North American QSO Party I enjoy contesting so I will be t

North American QSO Party I enjoy contesting so I will be t


The weak signals or lack of them probably had as much to do with the use of a vertical as did the poor solar conditions.

ICOM-7300 | Ham Radio Contest | MO QSO Party | IC-7300 | VIDEO 2 OF 3

With more experience and a few more members our team can be truly competitive. If you would like ...

[In May of 2013 I wrote a Blog entry suggesting the importance of showing up to radiosport events and submitting a log, no matter how small or seemingly ...

DX contest

Ham Radio South Dakota QSO Party

Announcing The 19th Annual Ontario QSO Party 2016

Rules: 2015 North American QSO Party

3 QSO parties test-drive WQ6X Remote

While we were at the bottom of the North American heap (E. Coast stations have a definite advantage over the Left Coast) it would seem that we did take a

Running a Frequency on 20 meters

In between last minute software design changes and working with clients I managed to find pockets of contest operating time allowing me to chase QSO party ...


... South America) and 1st place for North America; not bad for a contest I didn't even know existed before a week ago. Again, thank you PY1AX for tipping ...

It's hard to believe that the WPX-CW contest is over a week behind us. My business trip to sunny downtown Blurbank followed by the operation in Fallbrook ...

NK7J and W7SMF 2014 SS Phone.jpg (Reprinted with permission of the ARRL)

Kaelen, son of Rhonda, KD6LMW, visiting the San Diego Contest Club's NX6T. Kaelin is studying for his license, and was loaded up with a brand new Nye ...

I logged my first QSO of the new year tonight, and it was a CW contact.

Despite nearing the bottom of Solar Cycle 24, this contest event began with horrible Space WX (A-Index=24 & K-Index=5) after being quiet for nearly 10 days ...

Even after five decades of contesting, there is always something new to try. My first attempt at remote operation turned out to be an amazing and unique ...

Stan, VE3TW, has been involving his two grandsons in ham radio contesting recently. In the recent Ontario QSO party, they were a high scorer.

Pretty thrilling to contact N4WIS (USS Wisconsin ham radio club) very first thing in our WI QSO Party!

Table of Contents · 2017_July_August_Cover_image.jpg

Announcing the 21st Annual Ontario QSO Party 2018

While a disappointment overall, the hope is strong that everything will check out as being totally ready for the Solar Eclipse QSO Party (SEQP) on Monday.

This weekend I was able to run two large QSO parties at the same time — the New England QSO party which covers the New England states, and the 7th Area QSO ...

Gets pretty warm in the Chalet with all equipment running, so I had to cool off in the enclosed, yet winter-temperature foyer. I look like I just finished a ...

to send in the combined contest log and having their Log Checking Robot (LCR) software select out the QSOs appropriate to their particular QSO Party .

Fred and Jarrett communicate every week via HF to be prepared for events like hurricane Irma. [Photo credit: K9VV]

One of my purposes for this truck was to use it as a platform for contest roving. The 4WD would be handy for muddy and snowy places.

For the most part, in 2017 WQ6X participated in the "bigger" events such as the major DX contests, WPX, Field Day and Sweepstakes.

... every weekend of the year there are radio sport contests to be had; from CW & SSB to RTTY, 10 & 160 meter contests, VHF contests, State QSO parties and ...

1st Place in QRP Contest

Colorado QRP Club Winter QSO Party

... for another amateur operator in our organization with a siilar interest, all you need do is logon, go to members and search to find those folks of like ...

Table of Contents · 2017_NCJ_May_June_Cover.jpg

The Marconi Memorial HF CW Contest is July 1, 2017 at 1400 UTC to July 2, 1359 UTC. The contest "commemorates the second century of Radio and its father: ...

Out of those dozen or so cards that have gone out (with self-addressed stamped envelopes enclosed), I've gotten five back. And they're all great!

(click pic to enlarge) ...

It's a combination of the solar cycle, RFI from solar panels in my area and being spoiled by operation at contest station K1TTT.

Announcing The 19th Annual Ontario QSO Party 2016. ScottVE3QUatOQP2015 AlbertVA3EREatOQP2015 MardyVE3QEEatOQP2015. SherryVE3DCUatOQP2015 JackVE3WBTatOQP2015

12 Training Opportunities

Video Demonstrates Digital Voice Plus Video “Teleconferencing” Scheme for HF

The SC QSO Party was a success!

2017 Missouri QSO Party: Mike - NØSO, the President of the BEARS presented a Plaque and Certificates to winners of the 2017 Missouri QSO Party:

Of course, it was designed to be ground mounted. But I have a heavy trailer, and began considering the possibility of mounting the tower, temporarily and ...

August 21 is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for many in the U.S. to see a total eclipse. It's also an opportunity for a team of Virginia Tech researchers ...

Your personal satellite

After what seems weeks (okay 2 weeks) of swearing at the computer, I have the station fully set up and ready to run for the contest season.

Posted in Contesting

I was so surprised when receiving this award late October! I didn't even expect it!

There are hams that work 48 hour contests alone. Most don't have that kind of endurance, and is that kind of self-abuse good for you anyway?

... story and in his own words on his WWII experiences as a radio operator - the images will load somewhat slowly. (Thanks, Tree N6TR)

Kevin, K7ZS, wearing his NA SSB Sprint T-shirt prize that he won last year. The upcoming North American SSB Sprint is Apr 3, 2016 00:00 UTC.

Shack Board – Upcoming Operations and Contests

Most QSOs were with North America and then with Europe, a very good result. They also put a greater deal of effort into SSB, compared to the other ...

December is time to fire my old 'boatanchor' radios up, to be prepared for straight key nites and old rigs QSO parties.

2016 California QSO Party Considered to be one of the largest (and best!)

It's time to get the blog going again. I've had several other things going on in my life that I won't go into on this blog, and it cut into my ham ...

Not that I can compete with a manual system such as this one, but I did make contacts and handed out a few ve4's.

Announcing the Canada Day Contest, on July 1st, 2016, the 149th Birthday of

I kept going until things slowed down at 1:00 AM. But I was back at it (after a surprisingly refreshing bout of sleep) at 6:30 AM. I slept too long, ...


And the windows offered a view of the weather, wildlife and a couple of spectacular hours of the view of Mt. Rainier to my right and the Kittitas Valley ...

N1HOG should join the Flying Pigs!

2013 Oceania SSB plaque 150

... NB6E, and a four element 20 meter yagi at Lake San Antonio, #1 Monterey County, CM95)

Click here to see the Table of Contents Jan_Feb_2014_NCJ.jpg

The paper log scoring party was held on 23 April 2016 at the QTH of Gordon, NQ4K. From left to right are: Shiva, KM4NPL; Henry, K2BFY; Monte, KV4KS; Gordon, ...


3D2EU, 30,000 QSOs, another operation where digital modes exceeded phone and where CW took the lion's share, with FT8 accounting for less than half the RTTY ...

HF Contesting, Tips and Techniques

W4AAW Top Ten Finish ARRL DX Phone 2016

“My longest confirmed QSO ( and the longest in general) was W7UIV in WA state at 2296.96 miles by the link you provided.”



I'm using a 30' "push-up" mast which is not fully extended and guyed with ropes. The antennas are all Cushcraft antennas. They are a 5 element for 6M, ...

Anita's (AB1QB)'s First Place NH Finish - 2013 (RTTY) North

Announcing The 19th Annual Ontario QSO Party 2016. ScottVE3QUatOQP2015 AlbertVA3EREatOQP2015 MardyVE3QEEatOQP2015. SherryVE3DCUatOQP2015 JackVE3WBTatOQP2015

After working on the OCF antenna, we reviewed how to use our radio and software

7K1PTT's Amateur Code from his QSL card. [Image courtesy of Dennis, N6KI]

We thought thing would start to open a bit, but that didn't happen, back to local contacts.

AB1QB 2013 ARRL RTTY Roundup Certificate

My goal for this first real contest is 18 hours total contesting time and working at least 40 sections with a total of 400 QSO's. We'll see if I hit it!

For QSO Parties and Contests I use the excellent N1MM+ contest logger program - what an amazing piece of software! The integration of telnet and spots into ...

The contest itself went the way contests go. Lots and lots of working stations. I primarily worked 20 meters, and mostly CW.

I'm using a 30' "push-up" mast which is not fully extended and guyed with ropes. The antennas are all Cushcraft antennas. They are a 5 element for 6M, ...

So Close to a WAS! - New Hampshire QSO Party

Team NZ North Island narrowly beat the Quake Contesters, our pals on shaky South Island - a close-run thing.

I found this location for the 2014 IDQP and began there on the second morning of the contest. It was incredibly productive (and surreal) then.