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Nudibranch Chromodoris coi Nudis Species t Sea slug

Nudibranch Chromodoris coi Nudis Species t Sea slug



Nudibranch / Portsea Pier-sea slugs are my favorite animal :)

Colorful nudibranch against black background

Hypselodoris bullocki nudibranch - photo by Linda Cline, via Flickr; Lembeh, Indonesia

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Nudibranch: Halgerda batangas by Eugene Lim on

Nudibranch - Chromodoris splendida ;)

The naked gills of a nudibranch look like feathers

Goniobranchus roboi, common name the tooth-edged chromodoris, is a species of colorful

Chromodoris joshi from Anilao Philippines

Flapping along -- Chromodoris coi. This Sea-slug lifts and drops its mantle

Hypselodoris iacula is a species of very colourful sea slug or dorid nudibranch, a marine gastropod mollusk in the family Chromodorididae.



Growing to 3 cm or more, this sea slug known by its latin name Chromodoris albopunctata comes in a variety of mantle (body) colors - ranging from red to ...

Thecacera picta Nudibranch about 1cm en Anilao, Batangas, Philippines. by Ilan Lubitz‎

Chromodoris roboi is a species of colorful sea slug, a dorid nudibranch, a marine

˚Nudibranch Glenie Sea Slug, Chromodoris Gleniei - Maldives

Goniobranchus gleniei (Nudibranchia - Chromodorididae), a colorful sea slug distributed in the Indo-Pacific, formerly named Chromodoris gleniei [1].

... an animal phylum which also includes tapeworms, liver-flukes and other internal parasites. They are not related to sea slugs or other molluscs.

Nudibranch (Phyllidiopsis pipeki), Indonesia · Sea SlugSnailAnimals MauritiusPicturesPostsNatureAnimalesMessages

Hexabranchus Sanguineus, Spanish Dancer Nudibranch

By Sylke Rohrlach Another Beautiful Sea Slug - Ceratosoma amoenum

African Sea Slug" by Robbie Labanowski

2 fat nudibranch (Chromodoris splendida) getting ready to mate

The Sea Slug Forum - Hypselodoris bollandi

Hypselodoris iacula is a species of very colourful sea slug or dorid nudibranch, a marine

Such a cute sea slug. Chromodoris elisabethina Nudibranch - Cement Co, Moreton Island | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

nudibranch species

A pair of chromodoris nudibranchs, unsure ID. Maybe Coi

Goniodoridella savignyi from Fujairah UAE. This Nudibranch rarely gets bigger than 5mm and can be

Sea Slug

Sea slug

Chromodoris geometrica nudibranch · Draw AnimalsWater AnimalsOcean ...

Nudibranch Kune's chromodoris ? | by Cruising, traveling & dive ...

A colorful nudibranch (Chromodoris coi) crawls along the black sand seafloor in Komodo National

Nudibranch - a flashback to my Invertebrate Zoology class!

Nudibranch, possibly Pteraeolidia ianthina: 38_adj_DSC3616 unusual nudibranch: photo by edpdiver on flickr /

nudibranch. It attracts predators to its but with all the fluffy decorations, that way if they bite it, it won't die.

Ceratosoma Amoena - Jervis Bay

Hypselodoris bullocki. Animal PicsMarine AquariumWater AnimalsOcean CreaturesSea SlugOcean ...

Nudibranchs Family: Chromodorididae Genus: Chromodoris Species: Chromodoris cf. willani max. Size:

Chromodoris coi from Solomon Ids

The Sea Slug Forum - Hypselodoris purpureomaculosa


Lochs Chromodoris Nudibranch Amongst

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“A Spanish shawl nudibranch.

One of my favorite animals - Nudibranch (aka sea slug)

Underwater Photographer Vic Lau's Gallery: Nudibranch: Nudibranch - DivePhotoGuide.com

nudibranch - it looks like a funny little crowned king, shrugging - one of the sea slugs

I know you are: but what am I? Sea Slugs aka nudibranchs #marine

Ceratosoma sinuata, ;)

A picture of nudibranch, Chromodoris luteorosea, from Riviera del Coner, Italy taken by photographer Angelo de Faveri

A picture of nudibranch, Risbecia apolegma, from Komodo, Indonesia taken by photographer Cesillia Kowijaya

The Sea Slug Forum - Chromodoris coi

The Spanish dancer (Hexabranchus sanguineus - meaning "blood-colored six-gills") is a dorid nudibranch. Not a human dancer, but amazing colors.

Hypselodoris maritima is a species of colourful sea slug or dorid nudibranch, a marine gastropod mollusk in the family Chromodorididae.

Pretty slug

The ocean is vast and mysterious, populated with alien like colorful creatures. These sea slugs are mesmerizingly beautiful.

Pair of hypselodoris bullocki mating. Lembeh Strait, Sul... by Tom Radio

Re: Chromodoris annulata colour form from the Persian Gulf

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Nudibranch or sea slug

The Sea Slug Forum - Chromodoris willani. See more. ˚Nudibranch

Photo of a Dermatobranchus ornatus(Scientific Name) Dermatobranchus ornatus nudibranch(Common Name) shotted in Northeast Coast, New Taipei, Taiwan with a ...

A vibrant nudibranch, Chromodoris kuniei, crawls across the seafloor in Lembeh Strait, Indonesia

Green Nudibranch

Philippines Nudibranchs



Nudibranch ; kabuğu olmayan bir salyangoz türüdür.

Nudibranch's are a type of clade that shed their shell after their larval stage. They are a favourite of scuba divers and underwater photographers due to ...

Chromodoris - The Most Vivid Colors of the Sea: Sea Slugs

Saltwater aquarium sea slug page: Aquatic Connection

Sea slug


Ceratosoma nudibranch (Ceratosoma brevicaudatum), Australia family Chromodorididae. Sea SlugWater AnimalsFired ...

Some Armina guy (post a comment if you know which one it is, please)

The unpalatable phyllidiid sea slug Phyllidia varicosa resembles juveniles of the toxic sea cucumber Pearsonothuria graeffei. This is possibly a case of ...

Chromodoris willani

Marine sea slug

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Nudibranch are such beautiful creatures. I got to see lots when snorkeling off of PNG.

Nudibranch ;)

Stock Photo of Nudibranch Thecacera picta. High Quality Nudibranch Images and Gloss Prints are available from Oceanwide Images Stock Photo Library.

Nudibranch Lined Nembrotha | Escape Reef GBR | rob jeff | Flickr

Underwater Photo: Nudibranch (Chromodoris coi) found in Lembeh by David Henshaw

SCUBA divers love nudibranchs. They are some of the most colorful and intricate marine invertebrates in the Monterey Bay, let alone the world.

Nudibranch · Sea SlugOcean ...

Nudibranch - Ardeadoris egretta = sea slugs

sea slug-enjoying the Indian Ocean -- God is so creative

Red Nudibranch, most diverse, delightful little sea snails with their little lungs, looking like a tree....huh dress of amazing colors!

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Dermatobranchus ornatus ;) | under the H2O | Pinterest | Sea slug, Creatures and Ocean

Nembrotha cristata is a species of colorful sea slug, a dorid nudibranch, a… More

1st place in Nudibranch portrait at SNUPS (Splash-NUDI Underwater Photo Shootout) Chromodoris

Here is another nudibranch from Pulau Dayang off the East Coast of Malaysia on 14 April 2002. Depth varied approximately 15-23m deep. Kheong.

Really weird! Cymbal Bubble snail - Okinawa