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OwonStorytelling Jang Seungeop t Storytelling and

OwonStorytelling Jang Seungeop t Storytelling and


Owon-Storytelling.jpg ...

Playing cats, Jang Seung-eop

(Korea) Cock & Hen 1896 by Jang Seung-eop (1843-1897

(Korea) by Owon Jang Seung-eop color on hanji.

(Korea) by Owon Jang Seung-eop

Sǔng ǒp Chang 장승업 My favorite Korean artist

Jang Seung-eop, the Genius Painter of Joseon -- “Chunnamgeuknoin” (

(Korea) by Jang Seung-eop aka Owon. ca century CE.

(Korea) Fish & Crabs by Owon Jang Seung-eop color on hanji.

(Korea) Landscape by Jang Seung eop ca century CE. National Museum of Korea.

(Korea) 웅시팔황도 by Jang Seung-eop ca century CE.

Owon-Rooster-detail - Jang Seung-eop

(Korea) Chrythethum & Rock by Owon Jang Seung-eop ink on hanji.

(Korea) by Owon Jang Seung-eop color on hanji.

(Korea) 귀거래도 by Jang Seung-eop (1843- 1897).

Owon-Hochwido - Jang Seung-eop - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

(Korea) 그림을 그리는 仙人과 童子 by Owon Jang Seung-eop (

Jang Seung Eop(Ohwon)

기명절지도 ...

Owon-Storytelling | Jang Seung Eop(Ohwon) | Pinterest | Storytelling and Inspiring art

The Illustrations of Frederick Richardson

Morikuni 1679-1748, Tachibana, Japan, Osaka Niwatori Rooster

유학자이자 정치가 율곡 이이의 어머니 신사임당(申師任堂)



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kawanabe kyosai

Cormorant in the Reeds. Ito Jakuchu. 18th century. Japanese hanging scroll

Portrait Of A Beauty Hyewon A portrait of a beauty

Ito Jakuchu

BhMmtrkBdBpii4N6zQpSu-lmfIbbQCrp8DU6eCXGcBRIn4xH0aYTtGxzeejcajuuk4M=h900 (633×900)

신윤복의 <미인도>에서도 여인이 손에 들고 있는 삼천주 노리개의 모습을 확인할 수 있습니다.

Shadow play

Find this Pin and more on ZoDiaC ChiNEsE ㊙ ㊗ by gbarlop.

James Gillray

vector rainbow colors 2017 New Year

Eugene Delacroix


William Hogarth

A study of retro/vintage logos.

Honoré Daumier, Masques de 1831 on ArtStack #honore-daumier #art

Housekeeping; A Bit of Blogrolling

Shin Yoon Bok, "Dance with two knives" La danza delle spade.

(Korea) Portrait of a Beauty (detail) by Hyewon Shin Yun-bok

(Korea) 기방쟁웅, 행려풍속도 by Kim Hong-do National Museum of Korea.

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남계우(南啓宇)의 나비 그림 호접(蝴蝶) 감상

Emperor ...


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The answer: a couple of things.

Check it out — and please note that while the good stuff within is the product of hard work by the program's students, the existence of a Web-based Scope is ...

Tsukioka Yoshitoshi

I finished that post in a very quiet house, around 11:30. My wife and son were asleep; almost all the lights were out; it was just me and the keyboard.

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For example — he was among the great and the good whose advice was sought on what to do about the disappearance of England's silver coinage in 1695 — along ...

John McCain, for his part, famously experienced torture as a prisoner of war. In his five and half years of captivity, he displayed reserves of courage and ...

[Middle Ages-Joseon] Painting of Korean wrestling, by Danwon Kim Hong-do

Tukioka yositosi-naosukegonbei - 月岡芳年 - Wikipedia

Sir ...

김홍도 자화상(종이에 채색 27.5×43.0cm)평양 조선중앙박물관 단원