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PBP Symbols of Hellenismos Baring the Aegis Hellenismos

PBP Symbols of Hellenismos Baring the Aegis Hellenismos


'Hellenismos: Practicing Greek Polytheism Today' comes out December 2014

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During the prothesis, the body was put out in the courtyard for a day, placed on a bier (as seen on the funerary plaque to the right).

Hekate's (Ἑκατη) worship was most likely imported from Thrace or Anatolia, where—especially at the latter—records were found of children being named after ...

Like the Pentagram of Wicca and Witchcraft, and the Mjölnir of Asatru, Hellenismos has its own symbols. Symbols are used for a couple of rea.

I put a lot of stock in the Hellenic ancient sources, scattered as they may be, because while these were the accounts of one man or one woman, ...

Dionysos was a métoikos in a city of Athens, a resident alien, and on the first two days of the festival, the métoikoi of the city got to wear brightly ...

Mythologically speaking, we have Prometheus to thank for the mēria, as I have mentioned before:

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The pillars of Hellenismos | Baring the Aegis

PBP: Cupid's earlier incarnation: Eros

'Hellenismos: Practicing Greek Polytheism Today' comes out December 2014 | Baring the Aegis

"The Theoi have blessed the glorious city of Athens with a comfortable blanket of warmth and a clear blue sky. Helios' bright rays light and warm the way ...

Ancient Hellenic homes were simple structures, made from clay, wood, and stone. The roofs were covered with tiles, or reeds, and the houses had one or two ...

PBP: Judges of the Underworld

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... sure I was ready for that, there was another huge reason I didn't feel comfortable committing to Hellenismos; Brighid, one of my patron Goddesses.

I have spoken of the importance of gifts in xenia before. A gift given as part of ritual hospitality was called a xenion (ξεινήιον).

In 'Expectations III: Hellenism Tetraktines-Three

“May it please the court, members of the jury, make no mistake about it: Socrates is guilty. Socrates is guilty of disrespecting the Gods, by doing so he ...

I've been trying to decide what I think about this. In general, I don't get offended by the misconceptions of others; it is the right of this group of ...

Constellation Corvus: the raven

Crumbling stone and economic hardship

A statue of Theseus in Thision, Athens

The Kithara: The Kithara is an ancient Greek instrument in the Lyre family. In mythology, it was gifted to Apollon by Hermes. Apollon used it to bring music ...

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Although they are kept down to a minimum, readers who have not seen the movie and want to remain unspoilered, might do well to come back for a new post ...

Answering Timothy Jay Alexander's questions

I encourage you to head over there for your daily dose of Hellenismos.

The labours of Hēraklēs

The Diasia was as much a rural festival as it was a city festival: it was one of the few instances where those who lived outside of the city gates brought ...


"Hellenismos or Dodekatheism, refers to various religious movements that emerged since the 1990's aiming to revive and reconstruct the ancient Greek ...

I encourage you to head over there for your daily dose of Hellenismos.

I encourage you to head over there for your daily dose of Hellenismos.

"Avoid fifth days: they are unkindly and terrible. On a fifth day, they say, the Erinyes assisted at the birth of Horkos whom Eris bare to trouble the ...

Canadian Institute in Greece launches 'Portal to the Past'

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Plato's digital academy and a solution for Thessaloniki's road problem

The oldest account of the myth is by Hómēros in the eighth century BC, recorded in the Iliad. Here, there are twelve children, a number later changed to ...

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Baring the Aegis

"This 2.25" hefty copper disc is hand-stamped in a spiraling whirlpool fashion with the Homeric Hymn to Poseidon, god of the sea, earthquakes, horses, ...

Baring the Aegis

Hello Fox, here's your foot back, we found it in your mouth. Sincerely, the Wiccans

The constellation Scorpio--which we will get to at a later date--was placed into the sky because of mythology that connexts him to Orion, the great hunter.

PBP: Navel of the world

The first of the myths associated with the constellation is the legend of the Drakon Hesperios (Δρακων Ἑσπεριος), who was slain by Hēraklēs during one of ...

The Iris Project is an educational charity introducing the languages and culture of the ancient world to UK state schools in order to enrich the curriculum.

"Don't mess with Athena. She's smarter than you. That's what I learned while getting a degree in Classical Studies. This 1.5" hand-stamped copper cuff has ...

the meaning and symbolism of the word laurels

Artemis Elaphêbolos is the stag-killer, the shooter of deer, the huntress, who relishes the chase. She's the slayer of prey, both animal and human, ...

Can you store khernips?

Me in preparation for the Elaion PAT ritual for the Kourotrophos on 23 August:

I've been studying the Maxims for a while now and they hold such a simple and compelling truth that it's been hard to deny most of them.

Plutarch, in his 'Life of Alkibiades' describes the festival beautifully:

... of, they are not expensive, but the price is not excessive. The range runs between about 30 and 80 euros. Don't spend it all at once (or do, ...

Constellation Crater: the cup

The palace of Knossos The palace of king Minos at Knossos (Κνωσός) is legendary because it was home to the minotaur who roamed the maze beneath it.

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Apollo Shrine Altar.jpg 480×640 pixels

When I first read the Odysseia, I was struck by a two of the later passages, where Odysseus is home, but in disguise, waiting to take his revenge on the ...

Baring the Aegis

Sunday ...

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The temple of Zeus at Nemea without scaffolding

prominent facts about laurel leaves symbolism and significance

Modern art of the Theoi by Fedini

The Goddess Bendis originated in Thrake, to the north of Hellas. Her cult was imported into Athens around 432 BC, at the outbreak of the Peloponnesian War ...

prominent facts about laurel leaves symbolism and significance

As said in the post on coming of age ceremonies, young girls rarely had a role to play in household worship. The family only had them with them for thirteen ...

Coconut sacrifice

Constellation Aries: the ram

Modern art of the Theoi by Fedini

I encourage you to head over there for your daily dose of Hellenismos.


laurel wreath foliate symbols set black circular silhouettes of


For those of you not as excited by this event and/or rather clueless about what I'm on about; a short history of the aptly named Curiosity rover.

Constellation Lepus: the hare

Constellation Leo: the lion


Centaurs Centaurs (kéntauros, kένταυρος) are depicted as half man, half horse; having the torso of a man extending where the neck of a horse should be.

Hermes, Hēraklēs, and Nike

"The dodecagram, or twelve pointed star, is one of the more widespread symbols of Hellenismos. The twelve points represent the twelve Olympic Gods …

The original coins were minted between 229 - 221 BC, and named after the king of Macedonia they were created for: Antigonos III Donos (Ἀντίγονος Γ΄ Δώσων).

Constellation Ophiuchus: the snake-holder

Constellation Hydra: the sea-serpent

Jason, obviously, is going to be the one without a counterpart in Hellenic mythology. That said, he is reflective of all the great heroes: he is strong, ...


Constellation Delphinus: the dolphin

The high reliefs on the outsides of the altar depict the Gigantomachy. At Pergamon, nothing remains of the altar but its foundations; the rest was removed ...

Ancient theatre of Messeni to re-open after 1,700 years

(click image for a very interesting story about the female Persian general and Queen Artemisia I)

"I was wondering if I could entice you to do another post on money, seeing that your research skills are heroic. Specifically, I would like to learn what ...

In the last round-up, I spoke about the planned restauration works on the theatre of Sparta, a unique feat of theatrical engineering.

LAUREL WREATH and CROWN - 12 x 12 - Stencil - used for French Signs -