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PII15jpg 800600 Locations and Architecture t

PII15jpg 800600 Locations and Architecture t


Beauvais Choir. “

Ancient Roman concrete has some benefits over modern equivalents

To me, there are few places more grand {no pun intended} than Grand Central Terminal, the Beaux-Arts beauty completed in 1913. I'm lucky to take the train ...

Four Places to Worship Isis That Aren't In Egypt

Vienna ...

Somehow, an inexperienced architect and a mismanaged project still produced one of the world's most iconic buildings

One of Dublin's most iconic images & Don't pass through when the bells toll

Taxis are not easy to catch when departing the church, but there is a cable car stop nearby. You can walk, but I wouldn't recommend this ...

Full of World Heritage

Harry T. Stewart Sr. School

A deep dive into an obscure archive reveals that the Palm Beach property had once been envisioned as a “Winter White House”

Introduction to Greek architecture

Annecy canal. “

Wind turbines don't have to all look the same. Here are some that are helping cities go green—and look like art in the process

Being female, I couldn't enter the premises, but that didn't prevent me from admiring the beautiful aesthetics and delicate stone-work from the outside.

Sure enough, this architecture isn't unique to Vail and it was indeed inspired by traditional European villages in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, etc.

places to visit in Vietnam

A day trip to Delphi

(Amateur with a Camera/Flickr)

'Pioneering Women of American Architecture' features in-depth profiles of unsung architects who made significant contributions to the field

Chartres. “

Biddulph Grange Garden Egyptian Sculpture. “

People can't stop talking about Denver's new 5280 loop

Engadine from Muottas Muragl

Aloft Lobby

Taino leader Francisco Ramirez Rojas. “

In the 1800s, America was desperate to look like it had been around for a while, so it was adopting old styles. Really old


Alcatraz Wasn't Always 'Uncle Sam's Devil's Island' | Smart News | Smithsonian

Gobekli Tepe. “

Why Los Angeles Is One of the Best Places to Film. “

Politics & Policy Trump Isn't Getting the Brexit He Wanted

Nightime seating at Good Story Rooftop Bar Arlo SoHo

If you're looking for some of America's best bourbon, denim and burgers, go to Japan, where designers are re-engineering our culture in loving detail

About 600 years ago, this city on the Pacific coast was the largest city in the Americas

Seven Factors That Contribute to the Destructiveness of an Earthquake

Basic physics suggests that an ark carrying lots of animal cargo could float, but science doesn't support other facets of the biblical tale

Cultural depictions


Breakfast on the go.

From his former neighborhood to the place where he met his demise, check out these spots associated with Rome's most famous leader

... A Heat Wave is Revealing Centuries-Old Sites in Wales. “

Isabel Marant designer: collections, accessories, clothes and more | Official Online Store

The 'architect of the Vietnam war' never formally apologized, but struggled with its consequences for the rest of his life

Surui man. “

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