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Pink Eyed White PEW or Albino Fancy Mouse TRC look

Pink Eyed White PEW or Albino Fancy Mouse TRC look


Chuu - an adoptable neutered male rat

Shs pink eyed ivory Necropolis Silverwing b. ow. & pic: Kaisu Airaksinen

pink eyed white rat laboratory animal

I habe read 3rd hard to get pink eye dilution and c dilution as there on the same chromosome so they are inherited together so there needs to be cross over ...

Pink-Eyed White. OMG Lasers PEW PEW

Pink eyed white dumbo. I was curious and yes, Albino rats do have pupils but they are hard for our naked eyes to discern when we view their red orbs.

Pink Eyed White - PEW (or Albino) Fancy Mouse

As one can see, the colour of a bone mouse is light - but not white as an albino.

b/b-chocolate sometimes shows ruby eyes, like this mouse.



My Rat's Eyes Are Bleeding! Why Do My Rat's Eyes Look ...

Looks like my sweetness Fern when she was a baby!

PEW - pink eyed white - what we used to call the albino. eyes are pink http://i61.photobucket.com/albums/h75/rattiluv/Theo/Luna2dec5.jpg

Beige Fox Looks more like a mouse to me.& it's going to other mousy things.

Do Rats Sleep with Their Eyes Open?

White rat in a tree

pet rat - Google Search

such cuteness, rat

Pink Eyed White (PEW) and Albino. Lab name: Albino (c/c) Genotype: c/c (Note: Albino is always c/c, but there are several ways to make PEW.) Chromosome: 7

I also had another girl, Casper, pass away recently. She was an albino, or REW. I'm not sure since she was just a pet store mouse and I had no way to ...

Why Is My Rat's Eye Turning White? Glaucoma, Infection, Cataracts? - Understanding Pet Fancy Rats

989 best Ratten / Mäuse & Co images on Pinterest | Rat mouse, Rat rat and Rats

Pew mouse

Nice example of a himalayan mouse. The body colour is correct, the nose and ear points are very nice, as is the point at the tail root.

Sleepy baby rats. There isn't a thing much cuter than this.

These are the that colours that can be found in New Zealand.

Ill try to get some good pictures of the Siamese male.

As you can see I have some hooded babies starting to color up, everyone with dark eyes are currently pigmenting up, but the pink eyes are still bright and ...



Looking this cute can be so exhausting !

A bee costume for your pet rat?

porphyrin staining? - The Ratties Community ?

all of my ratties are spoon trained , too !

Colour: Albino/ Pink eyed white.

This rat looks to be cinnamon--an agouti rat with the recessive mink gene


Rats vs Mice: How to Differentiate One From Another?

Blue (bl)

Luka the Hairless Rat. This rat has whiskers, which means it is not a

Athena was the name of our class Pet in grade. She was an awesome Rat. All the students would take turns being responsible for her. She taught us a lot.

Pangur's eyes often look black, but you can see colour here

Hospital Morgue Infested With Rats, Entering Corpses. If you have a weak stomach, this probably is not good for you to read! An employee at Providence ...

They're snuggly little critters. Just look at this lil guy napping in his pouch!

I have done a lot of research on rat genetics and come up with some of my own assumptions. Anyway, here are my findings. My resources include clubs, ...



albino fancy rats - Google Search

Hi. My name is Xue. I'm an adult guinea pig who is a happy little guy. I come with a cage and various guinea pig supplies. Let's chat about making me even ...

... mice and I have some lovely babies looking for new homes, they are all well handled and friendly, fancy mice are fantastic pets for all ages.

Now that is a happy looking little rattie :)

i rats Rex with dark eyes! Rex is a PEW


AFRMA Mouse Varieties & Colors Poster p3

Choosing for Health and Temperament:

Berk- Berkshire RE- Ruby eyes PE- Pink eyes BEW/REW/PEW

Blue-eyed American Albino Horse- despite their name, American Albinos are not albino, but chestnut animals affected by a champagne dilution gene.

This little guy looks like a Woody to me.

white (albino) laboratory rat standing on two feet on board during experiment

Plastic White Rat 1 3/4 inches long 1 1/2 inches tall - F1674 B63

For everyone who looks at me funny when I say I have pet rats.

(from left to right) Spoted Polar Fox, Polar Fox, Silver Nutmeg

On top of that markings can be really cute.

Aw!!! Pet MicePet ...

The eyes have opened and their fur has

Because rats are looked at so negatively by a lot of people I wanted to make

Jupiterimages/Photos.com/Getty Images

Here's Moki as a baby.

There are thirteen breeds and ten basic colors of guinea pigs recognized by the American Cavy Breeders Association. Have you ever wondered what breed or ...

dumbo fawn pet rat licking hand

Baby Skunks - the white and brown babies mark these out as 'pet' skunks bred for these unusual colours, not wild skunks

Meet The Long-Eared Jerboa―The Weirdest Yet Cutest Mix Of Rabbit, Mouse And Kangaroo

albino skunk baby!

Cute Skunk | skunk 3 300x255 Looking for a pet? Sniff out a skunk if

... their face, white feet, and a white band in the middle of their body.


Cute Rat

Jupiterimages/Photos.com/Getty Images

A momma rat keeping watch over her pups !

The Pink and White Album: Amazing Albino Animals

http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=Very Funny Animals Drinking Beer

I want Mickey Mouse stem pins!

How Long Do White Rats Live For?

16 Animals That You Didn't Know Could Be Albino

13 Albino Animals

ohmygoodnessgracious the precious little prickle butt!

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