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Researchers researchers have devised two universal flu vaccines a

Researchers researchers have devised two universal flu vaccines a


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Photo: Getty Images. More. Researchers at Georgia State University have come up with a universal vaccine ...

Scientists design a universal flu vaccine

Image: File photo of a nurse preparing an injection of the influenza vaccine at Massachusetts

Vaccine ...

A new vaccine ...

Researchers identified proteins on the flu virus that could lead to a broadly-effective vaccine, as opposed to current vaccines that work against three or ...

Scientists design a universal flu vaccine

Georgia researchers develop a possible universal flu vaccine | Columbus Ledger-Enquirer

Scientists may be able to create a 'universal' vaccine ...

influenza A research group involving the universities of Lancaster, Aston and Complutense in Madrid has applied ground-breaking computational techniques to ...

Researchers are working on a vaccine they hope will protect against many flu strains, including pandemic-inducing bird viruses like the one shown above.

Flu vaccines ...

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Scientists Move Closer to a Universal Flu Vaccine

World's first universal flu vaccine is already undergoing clinical trials

The World's First Universal Flu Vaccine Is Already Undergoing Clinical Trials

Why it's time for a rethink on flu vaccination

Cells of the upper respiratory tract are where influenza virus infection occurs. Red marks basal cells, green marks ciliated cells, and blue marks cell ...

Will we ever… create a universal flu vaccine?

A person receives the seasonal influenza vaccine (flu shot). Imahe/NIAID

Could a New Universal Influenza Vaccine Design Spell the End of Winter Flu Season?

Antibodies bind to a flu ...

flu season Will these vaccines put an ...

Every year, millions of people who get a flu shot still come down with the disease. (Bigstock Photo)

Miller is part of a team of scientists whose recent findings bring us closer to a universal flu vaccine. - Handout

An injectable flu vaccination. Flu vaccines lessen the likelihood of getting the flu and its severity. Flickr/

Human Vaccines Project and Seqirus collaborate to accelerate universal flu vaccine research


Credit: Georgia State University

The holy grail of flu-vaccine development is a universal vaccine that would offer protection against many different strains of the virus.

vaccine shot

Researchers believe they have found a single vaccine ...

Bill Gates, with support from Larry Page, has launched a $12 million Grand Challenge to fund research on universal flu vaccines. (CC BY 2.0/Ben Fisher/GAVI ...

Trypanophobia, the fear of needles, affects approximately 10 percent of Americans, but it's no excuse to skip the influenza vaccine.

Category: Vaccine Safety Research Reform. A Message to Ethical MDs: The Problem with the 2017-8 Flu Vaccine is the 2016-7 Flu Vaccine

Miller is part of a team of scientists whose recent findings bring us closer to a universal flu vaccine.

Scientists Closing in on Universal Flu Vaccine


The vaccine prompted the body to make killer T-cells designed to attack cancer cells

Biopharma, Regulators and Researchers Turn Their Focus to Universal Flu Vaccines

A bombshell new scientific study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) finds that people who receive flu shots emit 630% ...

Scientists Design A Universal Flu Vaccine

Open Philanthropy Project awards $11M to protein designers for universal flu vaccine

Universal flu vaccine closer to reality after Chinese-Australian scientific breakthrough - Telegraph

Dr. Matthew Miller, an assistant professor of biochemistry at McMaster, is part of the team of researchers developing the universal vaccine.

Transmission electron micrograph (TEM) depicting the ultrastructural details of an influenza virus particle. [CDC]

Widespread flu outbreak causing serious complications this year

Rebecca Gillespie. Biologist Rebecca Gillespie holds a vial of flu-fighting antibodies at the Vaccine Research ...

WA state authorities threaten to kidnap child if entire family doesn't get flu shot

influenza a universal vaccine medi8852

vaccine blowing nose

It's that time of the year again! The license plates are changing color in Arizona and 'tis the season to get your flu shot. Peak influenza activity is ...

Groundbreaking 4-in-1 Flu Vaccine Could Provide a Lifetime of Immunity

Syringe and vial

Colorized transmission electron micrograph of Avian influenza A H5N1 viruses. Credit: Public Domain. New research ...

article image Nanoparticle vaccine for universal protection against influenza

Gates Foundation launches $12M Grand Challenge for universal flu vaccine, as Bill Gates urges

How Preservative-Free Flu Vaccines Are Different

Pipettes containing immune cells for testing against possible flu vaccines are seen in the Vaccine Research Center at the National Institutes of Health, ...

Kelly Brogan, a holistic psychiatrist, missed an opportunity to talk about the gut when

Do flu vaccines give you flu?

A person receives a flu shot

Experts said the technology might prove the difference in encouraging people to get vaccinated, especially

Found: A special long-lived white blood cell in our noses that could open. Research ...


Can This Man Beat the Flu with a Single Universal Vaccine?

There are additional studies that have been shown to cause more harm than good like the ones shown here:

Searching for a universal flu vaccine. Researchers may have ...

Until a universal vaccine is available, apartment businesses can guide residents to find assistance and provide knowledge that encourages those human ...

New DNA-based strategy shows promise against a range of influenza viruses

3-D representation of influenza virion, CDC/Doug Jordan. Photo credit Dan It has been a ...

It's still flu season, but a preliminary report by the US Centres for Disease Control suggests this year's flu shot is nearly 50 per cent effective at ...

A close-up of the microneedle vaccine patch

The flu is something that everyone experiences at some time. Even after receiving an annual flu shot, many people still fall ill due to a different strain ...

You'll Have No Excuse Not to Get Vaccinated with New

Flu vaccine during pregnancy can protect newborns

Deborah Fuller is a longtime flu researcher and developed the vaccine with her team. (University of Washingotn Photo)

Nasal spray doses of the H1N1/swine flu vaccine.

A Zika virus researcher pipets samples at the NIAID Vaccine Research Center lab.

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Another flu vaccine myth – Big Pharma profits

Experts Outline Pathway to a Universal Influenza Vaccine

South Dakota State University assistant professor Weiping Zhang's research explores a strategy for making improved vaccines ...

Flu-Vaccine. (NOTE: Americans are hearing a great deal about EBOLA and are scared. Fewer than a dozen Americans have contracted this disease, and fewer than ...