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Rus mercenaries in Byzantine service Byz t Swords

Rus mercenaries in Byzantine service Byz t Swords


Byzantine mercenaries - Seljuq and Italo-Norman mercenaries

The Rus warrior (right) is based on 10th Century Arab & Byzantine descriptions, while the horseman is based on finds in Birka, Sweden.

La Pintura y la Guerra. Sursumkorda in memoriam

Varangian Guard

Christian Warriors of the Byzantine Empire, the Roman Empire during the Middle Ages.

Byzantine Cavalryman • Archer • Koursōr • Katafraktos

Varangian Warriors, Viking mercenaries in Byzantium, c.1000 AD

Varangian Guard - Life in Constantinople, 11th-12th Centuries - Osprey Publishing

m Fighter Royal Army shield sword Artistic representation of an Andalusian Soldier century)

Footman soldier; Byzantine infantry;10th AD

The Varangian Guards were Viking mercenaries who operated far beyond their native shores as an elite force within the Byzantine Armies.

Rus war with Byzantium

10th Century Byzantine soldiers in scenes from the Book of Joshua

Byzantine Empire--- Depiction of the Kievan Rus. A group of Slavic people who raided deep into the Byzantine Empire.

Хазарски воин / Heavily armed warrior in the service of the Khazar Khanate.

Victory of the Varangian Rus over the Pechenegs at Eski Zagra, by Giuseppe Rava…

Proclamation of the uprising against the Byzantines in Tarnovo"La Pintura y la Guerra.

Byzantine cataphract

Byzantine Mercenaries, 14th-15th century. ~ Cuman-Kipchak mercenary, on the

Battle of Abydos,13 Apr 989 AD by Giuseppe Rava. - notice the tattoos

скутатор 6 век

English Refugees in the Byzantine Armed Forces: The Varangian Guard and Anglo-Saxon Ethnic Consciousness

Byzantine military and court dress.

warriors of Kyivan Rus war with Byzantium


Ottoman sipahi and Aragonese mercenary, Jose Daniel Cabrera Peña on ArtStation at http:/

Byzantine Armies AD 1118–1461 (Men-at-Arms)

Norman mercenaries gamble outside a brothel in Constantinople, 11th century

Neck protection idea, or century Byzantium

Byzantine weapon set part1 Byzantine weapon set part2

A Byzantine fresco of Saint Mercurius with a sword and helmet, dated 1295, from Ohrid, Macedonia

Catalan mercenaries entering Constantinople

"Byzantine Imperial Guardsmen: Palace ceremony, 31 May Giuseppe Rava

Kaftan replica based on Chernigov 2 fragment -Kaftan of nonle's Druzhina. Ancient Russia, X century. Wool with printed pattern in the Byzantine style - is a ...

SZ02 Byzantine Kavallaroi (Spears) (Hearthguards) (4)

Dateline A.D.900 Kabarian Khazar Rus mercenary in Byzantine service

Rus warriors reenactment

Bilderesultat for Varangian Guard Vikings

Mercenary Genoese Pavise Crossbowmen in French service on the field of Agincourt

Saint Mercurios as a military saint, Hosios Loukas Monastery, Boeotia, Greece

Swords from the Kyivan Rus times -- Ukraine Ancient weapons

... sword and shield Russian light cavalry armour

Normans and Anglo-Saxons

HWS Medieval Female Varangian Guard Concept by Gambargin on DeviantArt

• “Rus, Varangian and Frankish mercenaries in the service of the Byzantine Emperors (9th – 11th c.) – Numbers, Organisation and Battle Tactics in the ...

As ever the survival of the Roman Empire owes a lot to its capital (from

Khataphract: byzantine heavy cavalry. These things were tanks.

Nikephoros II Phokas

Byzantine heavy horseman

Byzantine Lamellar

Christianization of Kievan Rus'

Byzantine Cavalry - The Mailed Fist

Ship burial of a Rus chieftain as described by the Arab traveler Ahmad ibn Fadlan who visited Kievan Rus in the 10th century, painted by Henryk Siemiradzki ...

Listener ...

The backbone of the Byzantine army when it dominated the Mediterranean was the feared cataphract. But what exactly- as Joseph asks- was a cataphract?

Early Russian weapon samples Unique Russian Cossack sabre

The family of games known as merells or morris. The game was called triôdion in

Early Muslim conquests - Sasanian weaponry, 7th century

A reenactor's attempt at a Byzantine cataphract. He said, "Of course, that's actually Mongol style armour, and a Mongol style helmet.

Magdalino_Nelson_eds_The Old Testament in Byzantium_DOAKS_2010.pdf | Bible | Old Testament


Turkish mercenary in Byzantine service c. 1436

Slavs Invade The Roman Balkans

Page 1

John II Komnenos.jpg

The Sixth-Century Army of Justinian

Sample, Byzantine style church Byzantine architecture, interior side (my sketch)

sample Byzantine armour style with basic weapons

Byzantine architecture samples

Basil II flanked by his royal guards.

An illumination of a scene from the Skylitzes Chronicle, depicting a Thracesian woman killing a Varangian who tried to rape her, whereupon his comrades ...


Streltsy unit types Russian Streltsy sketch (repost)

Byzantine Cataphract Attempt From 400 AD on Eastern Roman Cavalry units would mirror their Persian enemies and would grow to become the mailed fist of the ...

39537272. >>


Byzantine dress


Types of Byzantine shields sample Byzantine spatha

Byzantine–Bulgarian wars - Image: BG BYZ

The Byzantine cross, on U 161, a cross which is today the coat of arms of the municipality of Täby

Getting Byzantine stuff has been tough, so I did the best with what I could find." Bravo. A good try. You get the flavor of the time period and that is what ...

Map of Russia 16th cent

Even the name Russia can be traced to the Vikings as the word "Rus" is derived from an Old Norse term for "the men who ...

Controversial Byzantine armour, the 'mirror' klivanion Found in only a handful of frescos

A distinguished Russian Scandinavian (Rus) warrior squads. The middle of the X century

Don't want to be the guy who runs headlong into those sharp pointy pikes!

Empire of Trebizond - A 14th-century miniature Greek manuscript depicting Byzantine Greek soldiers from

Leo III (from 'Rulers of the Byzantine Empire' published by KIBEA)

История военного костюма - страница 2


Osprey – 'Men-at-Arms' series, issue 333 – Armies of Medieval Russia 750-1250 by David Nicolle and Angus McBride (Illustrator) – Plate H: Facing the Mongols ...

Early Russian archer unit Russian (Varangian) heavy infantry unit

Byzantine cavalry charge Byzantine army units sieging

Slavic warrior fighting with Byzantine infantryman. (Pinterest.com)