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Russell Papalardo is allegedly the current boss of the Cleveland

Russell Papalardo is allegedly the current boss of the Cleveland


Russell Papalardo

Salvatore "Sam Papp" Papalardo (1908-1990) was a member of the Cleveland crime family. Papalardo was known to frequent night clubs on Short Vincent St. ...

Rare one of Lucchese capo Carmine LoCascio aka Willie The Wop (NYC 1911-1983

Joseph Zingale (1922-1983) was a member in the Cleveland crime family. Zingale was born on April 07 1922 in Cleveland, Ohio. Joseph Zingale had a little ...

Papalardo is the younger brother of Salvatore "Sam Papp" Papalardo and the uncle of current boss of the Cleveland crime ...

John Pasquale "Peanuts" Tronolone was a Cleveland mobster who succeeded crime boss James T

Eugene 'the Animal' Ciasullo's death prompts memories of city's ...

A generation of Cleveland mobsters had ambition.

John Calandra was a mobster in the Cleveland crime family and was a close confidant of

Rare pic of alleged Cleveland boss Russell papalardo with his wife (daughter of made member

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... boss” as elder Peter Gotti remains official boss in name only in prison at least as far as feds are concerned but its clear who is running things.

Francesco Guarraci. “

Agnello was indicted back in 2000 in New York on racketeering charges which included running a racketeering enterprise that controlled the Queens scrap ...

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Santo Trafficante Photo 8X10 - Mobster Boss Mafia Florida Cuba

Carmine Persico. “

Peter Simone. “

Liborio Bellomo. “

Angelo Lonardo

Salvatore Todaro

“Francis Guerra”

Peter Simone. “

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anthony spagnolo. “

Bumpy Johnson ...

James T. Licavoli

Anthony Salerno

John Nardi

Alfred Polizzi

John T. Scalish

Meet the New Trustee

Chicago Outfit ...

“Jack Giacalone”

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The Shifting Sands of Res Judicata in the Fourth Circuit Part 2 of 2

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Russ Cohen '82 has started a new venture since retiring from the Massachusetts Department of Fish and Game in 2015, using his skills and knowledge of the ...

Charlie Carabbia

mafia family leaders

As the case of Ashley Todd reminded us again last week, racial bias crimes are almost always hoaxes. Todd is the Republican volunteer who claimed that a ...


Cleveland Crime Family Resource | Learn About, Share and Discuss Cleveland Crime Family At Popflock.com

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From Our Friends at Credit Slips

Prolific Playwright/Producer Susan Parks Accounts for President Donald's First 100 Days and More!

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3 Truths to Get You through the Worst Days of Your Life

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Gotti has some serious "double chin" action going on in his last arrest pic from '90. I guess being a boss is a pretty leisurely job role!

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Cleveland crime family


Vidéo – Taïb Socé : ” Comment je vis le regard des gens après la prison…”

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DiNapoli Family (Naples)

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A Little Hump Day Rule 5: India Allen

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Alex photo 2017 “

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Trump candidacy: Jeffress, Falwell, Moore weigh in