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Russian Folklore Monsters Domovoi a house spirit Russian

Russian Folklore Monsters Domovoi a house spirit Russian


Russian Folklore Monsters | Domovoi - a house spirit: Russian folklore/fairy-tale creatures

The domovoi is a household spirit in Slavic mythology. Most of the time, it is a helpful spirit, aiding in the household chores or the tending of the fields ...

Domovoi is a house spirit in Slavic folklore. Traditionally, every Russian household is said to have one.

The Domovoi (dom means "house") is a household spirit from Russia and eastern European folklore. He is a friendly creature and is vital to the health and ...

Dvorovoi- The East Slavic spirit of the courtyard (dvor). The most vaguely · Russian MythologyMythological CreaturesMythical ...

Kikimora (Russian: кики́мора, IPA: [kʲɪˈkʲimərə]) is a legendary creature, a female house spirit in Slavic mythology, fin: Kikke Mörkö. When she inhabits a ...

Domovoi like to be treated nice

A domovoi (dom=a house) is a house spirit, a masculine one, usually rather short, old and very hairy. They also have a long grey beard and tails or horns ...

“A domestic spirit of Slavic folklore.

Bebok- Slavic myth: a little furry creature with venomous fangs and skinny legs in

A kikimora, or Russian household spirit, shown as part pig or duck.

https://esoterx.com/2012/11/27/slavic-domovoi -the-heartbreaking-history-of-a-household-goblin/

The Leshy is a male woodland spirit in Slavic mythology who protects wild animals and forests. | Slavic Mythology - my works | Pinterest | Mythology, ...

A domovoi or domovoy is a house spirit in Slavic folklore. Traditionally, every house

Kikimora is a legendary creature, a female house spirit in Slavic mythology. When she inhabits a house, she lives behind the stove or in the cellar.

Russian and Slavic culture is filled with fascinating lores, myths, and superstitions waiting to be discovered. While there are the famous and well known ...

House Spirits

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Supernatural beings in Slavic religion

Featured image Domovoi

Domovoi by AsheWednesday ...

... house”) — the main domestic spirit — the protector of the household and one of the most well-known pagan characters in slavic mythology. Domovoy has.

She Brings Bad News: The Scary Slavic Household Spirit Called Kikimora

A diligent domestic spirit from Slavic folklore, the Domovoi is revered as a superb household creature that is undoubtedly handy to have around.


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Baba Yaga (also: Baba Jaga) is a witch-like character in Slavic folklore. She flies around on a giant mortar or broomstick, kidnaps (and presumably eats) ...

Kikimora is a female house spirit in Slavic mythology, sometimes said to be married to the Domovoi. Kikimora is said to look after the chickens and the ...

Domovoi - These household spirits are mainly found in Russia, and often resemble either small humans covered in hair, or a hybird of a cat and a dog.

A domovik (also domovoj, domovoy) is in Russian folklore, a household spirit that resides in every home. The domovik traditionally is the ancestral founder ...

The Domovoi (Russian Legend)

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Domovoi – A House Spirit in Slavic Mythology

Domovoy, Russia. Folklore Creatures. Domovoi or Domovy is household spirit ...

inkyami: “ Leshy (“Forest man”) — a woodland spirit, the master of forests in east-slavic (and most-commonly russian) mythology, protector of local flora ...

10 Baba Yaga

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A cousin of the domovoi, the dvorovoi was a yard spirit that aided in work. (Ivanits 58) Maliciously fickle and prone to prey on and attack women, ...

... the Slavic peoples of Central and Eastern Europe held fascinating beliefs that gave rise to a vibrant array of mythical deities, spirits and monsters.

A map of Magical Kingdom.


Re: Russian folklore/fairy-tale creatures. Leshy/Леший from http://img1.liveinternet.ru/images/f...f_14642455.jpg

Leshy or Lesovik is the spirit of the woods in Slavic mythology. Description from privet-russia.com. I searched for this on bing.com/images

Ivan Yakovlevich Bilibin [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

The strangest Slavic monsters and spirits

Gallery of household deities[edit]

Ravijojla (IPA: [raʋǐjɔːjla]), a vila of the Serbian mythology, on a painting inspired by the Serbian epic poem "Marko Kraljević and the Vila"

Monster Monday: Zmey. Russian MythologyPolish ...

The domovoi are household spirits that were common in pre-Christian Slavic myths. Although Christian missionaries were mostly successful in removing the old ...

Šetek or Skřítek, the Bohemian version of Domovoy in his Christianised representation as a hellish hobgoblin.

Titanic hero-warrior in Russian mythology and folklore. A

Kikimora (Russian: кики́мора; IPA: [kʲɪˈkʲimərə]) is a legendary creature, a female house spirit in Slavic (especially Eastern) mythology. Her role…

Domovoi Peeping at the Sleeping Merchant Wife, by Boris Kustodiev


Postcard Illustration by Rachev for Russian Folk Tale "The Fox and The Wolf"

12. “

Bannik by Ivan Bilibin

Domovoi. The Domovoi (Russian: ...

Silesian statuettes of Domovoy, photographed in the early 20th century.[1]

Apartment & Domovoi

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Lady Midday, also known as Poludnitsa in Russian, is a spirit in Slavic folklore

The marsh monster by PavelE

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In his free time Russian illustrator Roman Papsuev ( @amokrus ) creates amazing sketches influenced by Russian and Slavic folk tales. Characters of Slavic ...

Slavic spirit and protector of forests, Leshy was an elder, well build man with a pale, greenish skin and beard made from grass, moss and twigs and also.

Domovoi (Домовой) are small, bearded masculine spirits that live within the home. Occasionally they take on the appearance of the current or former home ...

Baby monster sign ~ for my Gemma

The Gamayun is a half-bird half-human creature in Russian folklore symbolizing wisdom, prosperity, and harmony. She lives on an island in the east, ...

Slavic Folklore & World Dreaming

Domovoi In Russian folklore a domovoy is a household spirit, also called "the grandfather" and "the master". He looks like a tiny old man whose face is ...

In Russian folklore, a Sirin is a creature with the head and chest of a

Slavic Creation Myth - For example the oldest Slavic traditions say that in the beginning there was nothing, there is old-dark, dark sea and sky, ...

Domovoi , Domovoy, Domovik, Majahaldas, Majasga.

The list of Slavic Mythology gods and creatures.

Polewik or polewoj - Slavic demon of the field, living in the corn and taking care of it. Male equivalent of the meridian.

Domovoi, A Spirit Of The House Greeting Card

"Ogre, Ogre" cover art by Darrell K. Sweet

We need more slavic folklore. oldrus Lesovik

Oritet fantasy mini figures: Russian fairy tale creatures

Spooky Research: Slavic folklore's Domovoi, the Protective House Spirit

Myths and Legends of Russia: the Illustrations

Morezmore One of a Kind Dolls – Work-in-Progress Notes.

9 Bannik

Dvorovoi- The East Slavic spirit of the courtyard (dvor). The most vaguely defined of Russian and Ukrainian household spirits, the dvorovoi held sw…



The House Hag is quite different – she lives quietly in her house and rarely shows herself to people. Legend says that hags are most often the souls of ...

Entwined In Folklore: The Domovoi | Rock, Paper, Shotgun | Domovoi | Pinterest | Folklore


Entwined In Folklore: The Domovoi | Rock, Paper, Shotgun

Домовой (house-elf) on Behance

Slavic folklore is also filled with spirits and creatures that usually reside inside the household and whose personalities varies from helpful to ...

We continue with part two of our interview with French born illustrator, character designer and concept artist Jean Baptiste Monge .

Due to its familiarity (everyone knows about this hut since childhood) its images are often used in cartoons, jokes, etc.:

"Tommy the Brownie" children's book by Christina V. Kueppers, illustrated by Helen