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Ryuk and rem deathnote t Death note Otaku and Anime

Ryuk and rem deathnote t Death note Otaku and Anime


Death note · #lawliet #l #ryuuzaki #ryuuku #ryuk #ryuzaki #apple #apple

002 Death Note - Japanese Animation Cartoon Anime 18"x14" Poster

Light, Ryuk, Misa, L, and Rem :) #DeathNote

Death note- Rem is he a male or female cuz I've been told both? I thought he was a guy < < <

Day 1 - July - First Anime Death Note, I'm sure most people started with an anime like this i watched it a year ago on a weekend and i have been ...

03:32, February 9, 2010 ...

Ryuk Light and Rem. Find this Pin and more on Death Note ...

#ryuk #deathnote #death #shinigami #ölümmeleği #ölümdefteri #yagamilight #L

#Q : Ryuk or Rem ? 😊 #A : Ryuk - Anime : #Deathnote - Tags : 💕#shounen ❤# otaku 💕#cosplay ❤#itachi 💕#Uchiha ❤#Sasuke 💕#sakura ❤#hinata 💕#Naruto ...

Sometimes I just want to punch Light.and Misa.but never Ryuk. <

Anime 4331x3021 Death Note anime Ryuk Rem Gukku Armonia Justin Beyondormason Gelus

Pin by Walter Lynn Smith on Shinigami | Pinterest | Death note, Shinigami and Anime

Ryuk, Rem, Light, and Misa _Death Note

Misa Amane

L - Rem / Death Note

I am laughing so hard right now 😂😂 // Death Note


Tags: Death Note/ Light Yagami/ Ryuk/ Rem/ Death Note Manga

#chibi #l #lawliet #kawaii #deathnote #anime #manga #otaku

Anime · Rem#ryuk#. Death NoteOtakuHeroes

The shinigami Rem. Find this Pin and more on Deathnote ...

Light discussing the details of him relinquishing ownership of the Death Note.

Tags: DEATH NOTE, L Lawliet, Ryuk, Near, Mello, Rem (

Death Note - Rem--- i hate Rem sooo much for killing L and Watari but then rem was only trying to make misa happy

Awesome wall sticker of Light Yagami and Ryuk from Death Note

Except like everyone (Death Note) Wait! Matsuda and Eisowa and the other dude lived happily ever after!

Browse DEATH NOTE collected by flizer and make your own Anime album.

#ryuk #deathnote #death #shinigami #ölümmeleği #ölümdefteri #yagamilight #L · Otaku ProblemsAnime ...

Comment: *snickers* My OTP for Death Note? Bishified Ryuk and Remu shinigami ^^ Arttype: Fanart / Pencil Sketch Copyright: Ryuk and Remu .

Deathnote Light and Ryuk apple art

Deathnote: The food guide pyramid of L

L Lawliet X Reader - Range of by ItsNotAPickupLine on DeviantArt

Ryuk and Light Yagami _Death Note


Death Note Yagami Light shinigami Ryuk Shirt T-shirt tee Tshirt

A collage I have made of Deathnote Enjoy! I don't own the characters I just made this for fan art purposes Deathnote Collage

Rem >> this episode was so sad ;

Light Yagami et Ryuk - Death Note

Images from the Death Note anime series. Images from the Death Note manga series.

Death Note. L DeathnoteDeath Note LManga AnimeOtaku ...

Poster Death Note Ryuk et Vignettes. See more. L and Near

My friend turns to me and says "Ryuk gets high off of apple scented candles" XD. Find this Pin and more on Death note ...

Japan Anime Death Note L Lawliet Hugging Body Otaku Pillow Cover Case Bedding Pillowcases

Deathnote, I was strict up laughing my ass off for ten minutes choking

Ryuk from Death Note hair. Just the basic costume for our lovable Shinigami.

love funny couple anime parody romance Otaku ship Death Note tag notebook Ships Silly light yagami

L Death Note Funny | Manga/Death Note

Death note- Light Yagami and Ryuk

#ryuk #deathnote #death #shinigami #ölümmeleği #ölümdefteri #yagamilight #L

I'm a smidge of an anime nut.and this is definitely my favourite. L is such an awesome character, and the plotlines were absolutely epic!

Death Note Light Yagami Ryuk Apple shinigami wings anime hd wallpaper desktop pc background 0011.

You say that but you cant spell Light without L XD. Find this Pin and more on Death note ...

Death Note l

Light Yagami, Ryuk, and L Lawliet chibi _Death Note

L from Death Note

Death Note - Light -Ryuk is so fricken creepy.

Light Yagami, L Lawliet, Misa Amane, and Ryuk chibi _Death Note

the death note by cuson.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Ryuk. Death Note

L awwww kawaii. Find this Pin and more on Death Note ...

Death Note transparent light yagami shinigami Ryuk rem ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring anime, death

Death note top : Light Yagami aka Kira. World's greatest detective : L 2nd successor

Ryuk is my favourite character aha. Find this Pin and more on Death Note ...

Amane Misa, Rem and Ryuk. Find this Pin and more on Death Note ...

Imagen de death note, anime, and kira

death note ryuk halloween wallpaper | Ryuk Death Note | Pinterest | Death note and Death

Death Note ( Misa, Light, and L)

Light the therapist:my advice for a good therapy is too go home and Wright people who cause your problems names in the death note I'll give you and your ...

Ryuk and rem. Death NoteAnime GuysOtakuAnime Boys

:D death note

Ryuk & Rem, 2 Shinigami from the manga/anime/movie Death Note!I bought this item from Chong Hock Toynation for BND18.90 ONLY yooo!!

takeshi obata, death note, yagami light, amane misa, ryuk, rem,

I seriously think Death Note is the best manga ever. Rem's character is so interesting

Death Note Ryuk Misa Amane L Lawliet Kira Light Yagami

Finished :3 #deathnote #death #note #l #lawliet #

Light, aka Kira, from Death Note, with shinigami Ryuk behind him

Death Note (Rem, Ryuk, Misa Amane, Light Yagami (Kira), L Lawliet)

Then so did light cuz she died after she found out light died. Otaku AnimeAnime MemeDeath Note ...

i am dissapointed because there was only 1 pun in the whole anime. the one like 'i cant imagine a world without Light' 'yes that would be dark' THE ONLY PUN ...

Ryuk and Light (Death Note)+ Miku Hatsune

Death Note is about... by *Tenshi-no-Hikari on deviantART

Death Note Commission by iMarx67.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

#deathnote #L #played #shocked #omg

L dressed like Ryuk... Yeah like it's so much moe in one picture. Death Note ...

Thoughts on Death Note, the anime

Black and White anime feather l Death Note kira light yagami Lawliet

DEATH NOTE download DEATH NOTE image

Now u and I will stay together bounded by these handcuffs. Find this Pin and more on Death Note ...

Now all together - Death Note ~ DarksideAnime

#ryuk #deathnote #death #shinigami #ölümmeleği #ölümdefteri #yagamilight #L

Light and dA- Death Note by Clive4everLegal.deviantart.com on @deviantART

L/Ryuzaki/Lawliet | Death Note

#ryuk #deathnote #death #shinigami #ölümmeleği #ölümdefteri #yagamilight #L

L death note

Death note~Ryuk

Well you have to enjoy your weekend = sleep as long as you can 👌 - Anime : Full Metal Panic - - [. Find this Pin and more on death note ...

c But i think matsuda felt better when he finally shot light. He's my second favorite character in the franchise. Right after Lawliet

Lawliet, Misa, and Light