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SATURN = KRONOS = TIME = DEVOUR = DRAGON = SATURN AS 7 TH SHPERE = DRAGON GUARDIAN OF SEVENTH SPHERE (Ancient Mythologies) Seven Judges of the Underworld or ...

Saturn Devouring his Son .. by Goya✯



kogaionon: “ The VVitch by Pig Hands / Twitter / Instagram Comes in two versions: Witch of the Wood: 20" x 36" 7 color screen print on Kraft Tone Packing ...

Na Pogoste (Excerpt) by Vania Zouravliov

Saturn, whole-length naked figure, with a wooden leg, holding a struggling

Saturn Devouring His Son Back Patch ...

Saturno - XXXXVII of Mantegna Tarot:Saturn Saturno is shown in his less flattering form, eating his children. As the Roman god of harvest was often taken ...


Dioses y Leyendas I. Goya SaturnBlack ...

Saturn (Greek Kronos) Roman god of time. Devoured all his children except Jupiter

"Classic" Kronos: The Mutilation of Uranus by Saturn

Saturn devouring his offspringBoccaccio, Des cas des nobles hommes et femmes, Paris ca.

The Fall of the Titans, Cornelis Cornelisz van Haarlem, 1596-1598

Rhea, Cronus and the Omphalos stone | Greco-Roman marble bas-relief |

Saturn Devouring his son - Francisco Goya

Petrarch's Triumph of Time

Saturn Devouring His Children by Francisco Goya y Lucientes fresco 1819-1823 (1746-

Saturn-Chronos eating its children

Cronus by GENZOMAN ...

Saturn, Roman god of wealth and time. - Stock Image

The Terrifying Brute Force of the Francisco Goya Black Painting 'Saturn Devouring His Son'

In art Saturn is usually shown bearded, carrying a sickle, Father Time, or an ear of corn [seeding]. Dragon - Snake= coiling or spiraling DNA.

Saturn Complex

Saturn-Cronus as Saturday | Greco-Roman mosaic from Orbe C3rd A.D. | Roman

The History of Saturn

Saturn, Roman god of time, 1569.

Aion mosaic Glyptothek Munich W504.jpg

Saturn, Cronus is portrayed in Saturn and Philyra (c1534)

Kronos in Astrology - Uranian Astrology - Transneptunian Planet - Midpoints - Harmonics

Engraving depicting Jupiter (or Jove) the supreme Roman God (Zeus of the Greeks

The Secrets of Saturn

astrology, planets, Saturn, carryied on cart by two dragons, from 'The

... Saturn Devouring His Son Back Patch

Saturn, Cronus is portrayed in Helios and Phaeton with Saturn and Four Seasons (c1630)

Has Electrodynamics Solved the Mystery of Saturn's Dual Hotspots?

The Temple of Saturn is a temple to the god Saturn in ancient Rome. The

Photo via Tumblr. “

Astrology: planet SATURN - Stock Image


It originated with the conflation of Chronos (Greek: Time) with Kronos (Roman: Saturn), and the identification was noted as far back as Plutarch.

Chaos, Cybele and Saturn, Roman gods of creation, great mother and time.

Why the Planet Saturn was Named After the Mythological Roman God Saturn – debeysklenar

Dish depicting 'Saturn devouring one of his children' by Urbino Dated 16th Century

Chronos oeuvre grand1

Saturn's Ouroboros and Pop-culture Iconography

In Roman mythology and later culture

Rhea and the Omphalos stone | Athenian red-figure pelike C5th B.C. | Metropolitan Museum

Perhaps in the myth of St. George slaying the dragon lies an old alchemical idea of the crucified serpent or the tail-eating dragon, Ouroboros, ...

Ba'al as a divine title in Israel and Judah. It is claimed the name Ba'al was used for God without discrimination but as the struggle between the two ...

One can see how the haiku relates on the theme of Kronos/Saturn as Father of Time.

Satan Elus/Kronos tailsman of Saturn - bibliolution.com Saturni Illuminati Α - Ω Time Lords is Saturn worship or Satan worshiping. "

Saturn, Cronus is in Titans

51dd78a9c37d960b19db1cb9d07343c5.jpg. Saturn ...

Zeus and Typhoeus (Chronos?)

Saturn, Cronus is portrayed in Council of Gods (c1624)

Saturn, Cronus is portrayed in Felicity of Regency of Marie de' Medici (c1624)

Here is a wallpaper version for ya


(Order of big phallic, father sons of first phallic). 'Saturni Illuminati' Founded by ' Cronus 3000-4000 BC in Rome & ruled as Saturn'

With Kronos my biggest problematic thing for me was proper position and perspective. Even at this point I was not fully satisfied and I change it - which ...

Saturn, Cronus is portrayed in Castration of Uranus (c1530)

Saturn, Cronus is portrayed in Death of Henry IV and Proclamation of Regency (c1624)

Saturn, Cronus is portrayed in Pelike with Rhea, Child and Cronus (c-455)

grim reaper, saturn

Saturn Drawing - Kronos, His Chariot Pulled By Dragons by Mary Evans Picture Library

In Inferno, Saturn is 'controlled and restricted' by the 'circles of Hell' that bind this 'Fallen Star' and permits 'its alter ego 'Chronos' to devour as he ...

The horned man is a symbol of Pan, an ancient satyr god—half man, half animal—ruler during the “Golden Age” in classical antiquity. Saturn (Kronos) is the ...

4th-century Temple of Saturn in the Roman Forum.

"In Greek mythology, Cronus, also known as Kronos, was the leader and youngest of the first generation of Titans, the divine descendants of Uranus, the sky, ...

Saturn, Cronus is portrayed in Annotated Top Left of Assembly of Gods (c1576)

Cronos Devours His Children

Vania Zouravliov ... Zombies rendered oh so elegantly!

old Saturn taking advantage of the months of June and July to roast his children under

2000px-Saturn_symbol.svg-copy. The Astrological glyph for Saturn

Mystery Babylon - Saturnus shown holding a scythe and a baby. Notice the winged dragon “

Father Time from http://cliparts.co/father-time-pictures


Once again, it was Kronos/Saturn the miller of the heavens who was responsible. De Santillana tells us that old Norse myth of Frohdi's mill is a retelling ...

Well, why I do tell you that: In the time of development of the Trionfi the "crusade" was always a theme to the Italian princes. Also we have the feature, ...

Saturn devouring one of his children by Peter Paul Rubens.

Aeon, Gaea and the Carpi | Greco-Roman mosaic C3rd A.D. | Glyptothek Museum


Punic stele god Saturn Roman Carthage elements from ancient Punic culture were combined with Roman influences

Hesiod tells us that Kronos/Saturn ruled over the Golden Age

Has Electrodynamics Solved the Mystery of Saturn's Dual Hotspots?

Cronus/Saturn spending quality time with the kid.

"The Black Cube of Saturn"