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Saverne US 7th Army in WWII t Army

Saverne US 7th Army in WWII t Army


Men of the 398th Regiment, 100th Infantry Division pass through a demolished roadblock in Alsace

Soldiers of the “Lost Battalion,” US Seventh Army, France, late (US Army Center of Military History)

100th Infantry Division soldiers manning a defensive position.

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SOE's French Indo-China Section (1943–1945)

... marking the passing of 3 and 4 SAS (2 and 3 Regiment de Chasseurs Parachutistes) from the British to the French Army at Tarbes in southern France.

World War Wednesdays: Overshadowed Generals of WWII

M4A3E8 Sherman tank · Sherman TankWw2 TanksMilitary ...


A U.S. Armored Infantry Company face the fury of the Wehrmacht's operation NOrdwind on New Year's

Soldiers of Task Force Linden (Company I, 242nd Regiment, 42nd Infantry Division)

Seventh Army troops advance through a French village behind two Sherman tanks. Sparks used tanks to his advantage while rescuing his troops north of ...

The group's attack ran into a pre-empted attack by the US 6th Armored Division from Bastogne towards Wardin and Margeret. A detachment of 340.

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American mechanized cavalrymen fought a textbook delaying action against the German Nordwind offensive during the winter

Red Army soldiers in Berlin

Young German prisoners captured by the Seventh Army.

Combat Command A, Armoured Division, putting in a bridge across Seltzbach River to all tanks and half-tracks to continue on a push.

US Army in Alsace

Hill 262

German Tank in Alsace

US Army M24 Chaffee light tank fighting in Salzburg Austria early May 1945. In British

General Dwight D. Eisenhower, commander in chief of the Allied Armies in North Africa, and General Henri Honoré Giraud, commanding the French Forces, ...

Hammelburg POW camp being liberated by the Armor Div

7th Army Experiments on captured german Panther tank, France 1945

Japanese coup d'état in French Indochina - Image: French retreat to China


American soldiers cross the West Wall or Siegfried Line.

Seventh Army Advance to the German Border, 5–20 December 1944 ...

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Hardy & Wallace[edit]

Bill's unit, Company A, First Battalion, 399th. Infantry Regiment, 100th. Infantry Division, U.S. Seventh Army is in reserve resting in Schneckenbusch, ...

Army Group Oberrhein. P04(map).jpg


German troops advancing past abandoned American equipment

With their escape route cut by American armoured troops, they finally surrendered just west of the Rhine River in March 1945.

(See Map I.)

Wacht Am Rhein (map)


The First French Army's Front

Seventh Army artillerymen, November 1944.

Colorized WWII Photos make Allied Troops come to life

French State Army (1940-1944)

... 101st and 104th Infantry, the assault regiments, had received nearly a full complement of replacements and had been given a brief recess during which ...

This way, a battle for Paris which would have meant thousands of dead and the obliteration of the city could be avoided.

Soldiers from the 314th IR of the 79th ID launching an assault on La Haye du

Kansas Army National Guard - Kansas Guardsmen

Partial map illustrating the advance and forward set up of Seventh United States Army Hospitals and

Map 17. The XV Corps Zone 25 September 1944

French Army in World War I - French ''poilus'' (soldiers)

BUILDING DEFENSIVE WORKS IN THE SNOW. 111th Engineer Battalion, 36th Division, in Weibruch area.

Seventh Army Attack, 27 November–4 December 1944 ...

Breakout and Advance to the Seine (map)

(Map II) ...

Portrait of United States Army Lieutenant General Jacob L Devers pictured seated at headquarters in England

Audie Murphy, highly decorated 3rd Infantry Division officer who was awarded the Medal of Honor for his heroism during the fighting in the Bois de Riedwihr.

The American riflemen had deployed along 'Skyline Drive', a ridge running behind the Our River between St Vith and Diekirch. The division quickly pushed ...


U.S. Army Lt. Col. Jessie Brewster, center, escorts World War II veteran

W-761st LEAD HT May08

Erasing the Bulge (map)

Quartermaster Corps Operations in the War Against Germany | Staff (Military) | Quartermaster

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3 members of Cannon Co., 314th Infantry Regiment, try to keep warm in

314th Infantry Regiment in the Foret de Parroy, road lined with tanks


Two soldiers view an M4 tank damaged by German gunfire, September 12, 1944.

At the time, the division's sector closely corresponded to the area defended by the German LXVI Corps, and, in fact, the effective combat strength of the ...

US troops liberating a small village in the Hürtgen Forest

GBX72 Volksgrenadierkompanie

Battle of Attrition (map)

Battle of the Rhineland (map)


In the following days they advanced slowly, but eventually took the heights north of Lichtenberg. During the offensive the division took heavy casualties ...

Liberation of Alsace

Free French Forces (1940–45)[edit]

Berchtesgaden - US soldiers toast the capture of Berchtesgaden (1945)

Jewish Aviators – Excursions in Jewish Military History and Jewish Genealogy

French Civilians Restoring Railway in Seventh Army Area ...

Third Army tank destroyer in Metz.

Two soldiers from the U.S. 45th Infantry Division's 1st Battalion, 157th Infantry Regiment, lug

The Colmar Pocket split[edit]

Battle of Arawe - U.S. Army soldiers land at Arawe

Free French welcomed on board Free Poles Navy destroyer ORP Piorun (G65), circa 1944.

Chapter VIII The November Battle for Metz

Battle of Dumpu - 2/27th Infantry Battalion in the Ramu Valley on 5 October

Seventh Army Advance Toward Belfort, 4–14 September 1944 ...

The West Wall (map)

Allied campaign to capture Alsace from German forces. Formidable barriers to the east and west protected the plains of Alsace from invasion; to the east was ...

Fort Hood - President George W. Bush meets U.S. Army Soldiers during a visit to

Into The Fire: the 275th Infantry Regiment in WWII: Tim Desiderio, Roy T. Veary: 9781412015219: Amazon.com: Books

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