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Shrine figure quotvodunbochioquot from the Fon people of Benin t

Shrine figure quotvodunbochioquot from the Fon people of Benin t



Africa | Vodun "bochio" from the Fon people of Benin | Wood, fabric

After the wedding ceremony, the groom officially visits the girl's parents for the first time; he is allowed to visit them every now and then, ...

Ghana, Togo and Benin vacation, gold and magic

Fon bocio power figure from Benin

Voodoo worshipers dance at the Temple of Pythons during the annual Voodoo Festival in Ouidah,

Benin, West Africa, Bopa, miss hounyoga carrying the carved wooden figures made to

Africa | Shrine figure "vodun-bochio" from the Fon people of Benin |

... Southern Benin centred around the city of Allada which is considered to be a historical Capital of Ajaland before the fall of the armies and King of ...

Fon Bocio Fetish figure with coxcomb, Benin

Sculpture of the African water deity Mami Wata. Nigeria (Igbo). 1950s. Wood, pigment. Original in the Minneapolis Institute of Art

Vodun temple in Ouidah. Credit Jason Florio for The New York Times

the benin people - Yahoo Image Search Results

Fon Bocio Fetish, Benin

Yoruba Esu Shrine Figure, Nigeria

ESAN was a division in the old Benin Province of Bendel State now broken into Edo and Delta States. It is bounded on the North and North-East by the old ...

Four faced figure of Mami Wata cult of Ewe / Fon, Togo / Benin A

MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS, BOSTON Along the way the MFA discovered that one item, a brass altar figure, had been stolen from the royal palace in Benin City as ...

Africa | Vodun "bochio" from the Fon people of Benin | Wood, encrusted black patina, two figures of different size, their bodies entirely concealed, ...

Voodoo practise, Benin ..also spelled Vodun or Vudun. It is an indigenous

Gérard Quenum (Benin), Voudonsi (Priestess), 2006.

"Legba has his origins with the Fon people of Dahomey (Benin) Africa and

Detail, Buffalo (Bocio), 19th century, Republic of Benin, Fon people, silver, iron, and wood, 30.5 cm high (The Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Benin Figure. Edo Peoples - Benin, Nigeria.

Here is, on the wall of a temple in Benin (former Da-homey), the figuration of the sacred snake Da, Dan or Dan-gbe :

African Voodoo Voodoo originated in the African kingdoms of Fon and Kongo as many as years ago. The word "voodoo" com.

Photo courtesy of New Orleans Voodoo Spiritual Temple


Africa | 3 amulet bracelets from the Fon people of Benin | Aluminium | ca.

Gallery. Benin ...

Fon peoples, Benin, mother bathing twin sculptures. Photo by Dana Rush.

Voodoo altar with several fetishes, picture made in march 2008 in Abomey, Benin.

Benin figure Berlin ethnologisches museum

Benin, West Africa, Bopa, dah tofa voodoo master showing the skulls criminals killed

The king[edit]

Haitian Vodou

Figure: Leopard, 1550–1680, Nigeria, Court of Benin, Edo peoples

Isienwenro James Iyoha Inneh, Ekegbian of Bénin, Nigeria.

(A "Minder" using sticks in the Egungun cult in Benin)

Traditional dress of Benin

Igbo dibia at a masquerade dance, Nri-Awka Igbo

The Earl of Plymouth (right) visiting the oba of Benin, Oba Akenzua II

Benin is a country in West Africa. It borders Togo to the west, Nigeria to the east and Burkina Faso and Niger to the north.

The Supreme Being 37 ...

Pre-colonial ...

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A group of women warriors in traditional dress.

... a hard flag to make. So I used the border design, inspired by the flags of Asafo companies, Dahomey and the traditional fabrics of some tribes.


Edo Wood Altar Head of a Chief, Benin Kingdom, Nigeria

Mami Wata shrine figure Annang Ibibio peoples, southeastern Nigeria 1950s–1960s.Wood, pigment, metal, mixed media; 87.6cm (34½") Michael C. Carlos Museum, ...

"The Dahomey Amazons or Mino was an all-female military regiment of the Fon

Africa, Southern Nigeria, Benin ...

This last sculpture was made by the Fon people of Benin and the story behind this figure (called a Bocio) is sad. According to the Professor, ...

Seh-Dong-Hong-Beh of Abomey (Benin)

Why Visit Benin

Fon Bocio Fetish, Benin

head of an obaHead of an oba, Edo brass sculpture from the court of Benin, Nigeria, 16th century; in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City.

Africa | Royal Chair belonging to King Guézo | Fon people from Abomey, Zou,

... people of the ancient kingdom of Dabomey, which covered an area including the modern Benin, Togo and south-western Nigeria.

Unlike their close neighbors, the Akan of the Ashanti Empire, the Fon people of Dahomey were a polytheistic culture with several gods and a heavier emphasis ...

An 'Egungun' spirit stands during a Voodoo ceremony on January 2012 in Ouidah, Benin.

lapetitecole: Edouard Méhomé : A Fon child (Studio photo Vedette, Porto-Novo, Benin). From “Life and afterlife in Benin” edited by Alex Van Gelder, Phaidon, ...

The Real Papa CE: An expose of an Afro-American pretending to be an Igbo Dibia


Two kagle masks and deangle, Dan peoples, Liberia. February 1986. Photo by William Siegmann.

Nigeria; Anang peoples; Thomas Chukwu Mamy Wata figure Wood, fiber, pigment H

edo weddings benin brides coral jewelry makeup nigerian wedding. ~Latest African Fashion, African

Fon Bocio Fetish, Benin

The Aja are a group of people native to south-western Benin and south-eastern Togo. According to oral tradition, the Aja migrated to southern Benin in the ...

Image may contain: 11 people, people sitting and crowd

December 17th is the feast of San Lazaro. Photo in front of the Botanica by Phillip Pessar. Licensed under CC 2.0

Le léopard est un symbole royal du royaume d'Abomey (ou Danhomè en langue Fon). Selon la légende, les dynasties des royaumes du sud de la République du ...

Interesting Facts About The Yoruba People

Pair of Urhobo shrine figures. Mid 19th century. Height: 143,5 cm


Voodoo Shrine in an Area Home

Benin| Fon people, Dahomey kingdom


Mãe Menininha (front center) and her Candomblé priestesses at the Ilé Axé Yá Masse

Professor Roy Sieber took a picture of a group of figures he described as Montol in the early 60s in Nigeria. Several were very similar to the pair ...

Crane Relique - Ethnie Fon - Benin - Cranes reliques

Fon African Voodo Iron Metal Bird Shrine Figure Altar Ancestor Asen Benin Ethnix photo

Africa | Knife from the Tiv people of Nigeria | brass, iron, elaborate handle

A SENUFO PORO ALTAR FIGURE By Penan Diarassouba, San village, Mali The male figure standing with a hoe over one shoulder, the head with tall median ridge to ...

Household shrine figures of Asclepius god of medicine and healing and his daughter Hygieia personification of

Hoodoo Magick Rootwork: African Voodoo Sculpture, Bénin.

On 27 June 2018, in exactly two months, Christie's Paris will be selling 104 objects from a very prestigious Parisian collection of African art.


An artist's depiction of Exu Veludo, one of the Exus of Brazilian Quimbanda

Yoruba female figure

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Birupakshya, the ancestor of the Kirati people in the Pashupatinath Temple of Kathmandu.