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Suboccipital Triangle Muscles of the suboccipital Good to know

Suboccipital Triangle Muscles of the suboccipital Good to know


Suboccipital triangle

compression of the great occipital nerve can cause greater occipital neuralgia

Fig 2 – The suboccipital triangle. It can be used to locate the vertebral artery, as shown on this illustration.

passes over muscles forming the boundaries of the suboccipital triangle

Fig 1 – The left occipital muscles, which lie underneath the deep muscles of the back.

... atlanto-occipital membrane Posterior arch of atlas Boundaries; 14.

FIGURE 27.1 Superficial and deep muscles of the suboccipital region. These muscles are shown cut away to reveal the posterior ramus of nerve C3.

... external occipital crest.



Neck Muscles

Suboccipital Triangle : suboccipital triangle contents

sub occ triangle

... occipital venous plexus Contents; 15.

Suboccipital triangle vintage vector image

... atlanto-occipital joint; 35.

Contents of the triangle:

Contents of supraclavicular triangleContents of supraclavicular triangle ...


Muscles ...

Suboccipital ...

Suboccipital muscles, artwork

Origin and insertion

Suboccipital nerve

Making the Suboccipital Triangle

... capitis inferior Boundaries; 13.

Contents of sub occipital triangle ...


Contents of Suboccipital Triangle. Suboccipital nerve and Occipital Artery

Suboccipital Triangle 3D Anatomy and Applied part

Fig 3 – The posterior triangle is divided by the inferior belly of the omohyoid into the occipital and subclavian triangles.

How to Mobilize the Sub-Occipital muscles

Long Neck 2


Suboccipital Triangle

Greater occipital nerve


3TOOL Suboccipital muscles relaxation

Suboccipital Muscle Anatomy

File:Suboccipital triangle dissection.jpg

Occipital triangle (omotrapezoid triangle). muscular boundaries:

2.4 Muscles of the suboccipital triangle (from Atlas of Anatomy, (c) Thieme 2008, Illustration by Karl Wesker).

1.1 Step 5: Suboccipital triangle




trigger point suboccipital muscle1

Muscles of Back & Suboccipital Triangle Dr. Prabhakar Yadav Assistant Professor Department of Human Anatomy ...

image suboccipital_triangle_better_view1315180040165-thumb for term side of card

Contents. In the occipital triangle ...

... Suboccipital nerve #


Figure 2 Myo-dural bridges connecting the suboccipital muscles with the dura mater.

Left suboccipital muscles, nerves, and arteries, posterolateral view - Figure 596

To erase a tension headache rub essential oils on the suboccipital triangle so they can go

Occipital Nerve Anatomy Inpractice Pain In The Neck - Plastic .

Click for Full Screen Click image to view full screen. Orientation Icon. Identify the suboccipital triangle ...

Figure 7 (A) The suboccipital triangle is composed by the rectus capitis posterior major muscle, above and medially, by the superior oblique muscle above ...

Fig 1 – The borders and floor of the posterior triangle of the neck.

Posterior Atlanto-occipital membrane: the membrane that is continous with ligamentum flava

The spinal part of the accessory nerve that supplies trapezius is also shown as it crosses the posterior triangle. Note that the interval ...

step 6 figure

Superficial Neck and Suboccipital region

Figure 4 Detaching the trapezius and sternocleidomastoid muscles, as the most superficial muscle layer, we can find the second muscle layer composed by the ...

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Suboccipital Group Trigger Point Diagram

So many muscles that cause migraines, arm, neck, shoulders, and back pain. Human Anatomy - Muscles back of the head and the neck.

Atlas Images:

Uppermost prevertebral muscles of the occipital re

image splenius_capitus1332911679146-thumb for term side of card

Figure 3. Anatomy of the occipital region, modified from an image from Bodies, The Exhibition, with permission. Note the connection of the greater and ...

Obliquus Capitis Inferior Muscle

The suboccipital triangle

The Cervico-Trigeminal Pathway

Superior Oblique Muscle. Right Suboccipital Nerve

The greater occipital nerve (5) passes inferior to the obliquus capitis inferioris muscle. Palpate the arch of CI in the triangle and clean the vertebral ...

neck stretching neck stretching

Trigger points and referred pain patterns for the suboccipital muscles.

Anatomy around occipital nerve; Asan medical illustration team modified this figure with permission from Shane Tubbs (91).

Figure 13. Structures of the anterior neck. Many anterior neck structures are sensitive; therefore, caution is required when working this region.