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Svyatoslav39s meeting with Emperor John as described by Leo the

Svyatoslav39s meeting with Emperor John as described by Leo the


Meeting of Svyatoslav I with Emperor John Tzimiskes

Prester John

Pope Leo the Great (440-461): His place and date of birth are unknown but we are gratified by what we do know of ...

Heinrich III..jpg

Pope Clement VII and Emperor Charles V on horseback under a canopy, by Jacopo Ligozzi, c. 1580. It describes the entry of the Pope and the Emperor into ...

Icon depicting the Emperor Constantine (centre) and the bishops of the First Council of Nicaea (325) holding the Niceno–Constantinopolitan Creed of 381

Emperor of the Byzantine Empire

John II Komnenos left the imperial treasury full and did not call for the execution or maiming of a single subject during his reign. Nicknamed 'John the ...

Priest celebrating Mass at the Altar of Leo the Great in St. Peter's Basilica

Gregory VII saying Mass.JPG

Leo Tolstoy and Father John: The rivalry of an age

Emperor John II Komnenos became renowned for his superb generalship and conducted many successful sieges. Under his leadership, the Byzantine army ...

a painting depicting Bulgarian Emperor Simeon I

This page of the Iconodule Chludov Psalter, illustrates the line "They gave me gall to eat; and when I was thirsty they gave me vinegar to drink" with a ...

The image represents the Iconoclast theologian, John the Grammarian, and an iconoclast bishop destroying an image of Christ. (State Historical Museum ...

Raphael's Portrait of Leo X with cardinals Giulio de' Medici (later Pope Clement VII) and Luigi de' Rossi, his first cousins, (Uffizi gallery, Florence).

Henry with Charles V (right) and Pope Leo X (centre), c. 1520

St. John the Apostle by Jacques Bellange, c. 1600

Emperor Henry IV with his wife and child waiting for 3 days at Canossa John Foxe 1563

Bishops debating with the pope at the Council of Constance

Seal of John's second daughter, Marie, Latin Empress; John was senior co- emperor of her husband, Baldwin II.

The Nicene Creed[edit]

John II in full imperial regalia, Byzantine low relief sculpture in marble, early 12th century.

Louis the Pious as a Christian Roman Emperor, portrait from De laudibus sanctae crucis by

Byzantine Emperor Romanos I Lekapenos negotiating with Simeon I of Bulgaria c. 922–924. miniature of the Radziwill Chronicle (15th century).

Gleeson Hedge, the satyr that rescued Jason

Illustration from The Fall of Princes by John Lydgate (which is a translation of De Casibus Virorum Illustribus by Giovanni Boccaccio) depicting "the skyn ...

The first Christian martyr Saint Stephen, painting by Giacomo Cavedone

The surviving head, measuring more than 2 meters, of Constantine's colossal statue at the Capitoline Museums. The original statue of marble was acrolithic ...

Portrait of Joseph II by Georg Decker

"Charter given by Emperor Otto for the monastery Hilwartshausen showing the Emperor's seal, 12.2.960".

Empress of the Byzantine Empire

Adoration of the Shepherds by the Dutch painter Gerard van Honthorst, 1622

The theology of Gregory Thaumaturgus, a student of Origen, influenced Basil through his grandmother Macrina the Elder.

John of England signs Magna Carta. Illustration from Cassell's History of England (1902).

Coptic icon of saint Athanasius of Alexandria

Leo VI (886–912)

The Dark Prophecy

Emperor of the Roman Empire

Depiction of Richard being pardoned by Emperor Henry VI, c. 1196

August 31-September 10, 1925: Commander John Rodgers and his four crew members made the first flight from the continental United States to Hawaii, ...

Emperor Charlemagne, by Albrecht Dürer, 1511–1513, Germanisches Nationalmuseum

Statue of St. Paul in the Archbasilica of St. John Lateran by Pierre-Étienne Monnot

Emperor Akihito cropped 2 Barack Obama and Emperor Akihito 20140424.jpg

Polycarp miraculously extinguishing the fire burning the city of Smyrna

drawing of a kings throne room

Ramberg figaro 1.jpg

A Byzantine ship uses Greek fire against a ship of the rebel, Thomas the Slav, 821. 12th century illustration from the Madrid Skylitzes

In this version, almost all of modern Greece is under the jurisdiction of the Holy See of Rome. Emperor Leo III moved the border of ...

Pope Benedict XVI

Christianity in 500 AD.

Title page of the first Italian translation of Alexiad, 1846.

Pope Leo X

... Grandsons Cardinal Alessandro Farnese (left), and Ottavio Farnese, Duke of Parma (right), II Duke of Parma since 1547. A triple portrait by Titian, 1546

John XII was Pope from 955 to 964. On 963, Holy Roman Emperor Otto I summoned a council, levelling charges that John had ordained a deacon in a stable, ...

Caesar Salad

This Chinese Emperor Was Betrayed by His Mother's Lover

Irenaeus compiled a list of papal succession, including the immediate successors of Peter and Paul

A Catholic church in Jingzhou


A portrait of Pope Urban VIII by Pietro da Cortona (1627)

Passion of Saint Perpetua, Saint Felicitas, and their Companions - Wikipedia

Statue of Saint Ambrose with a scourge in Museo del Duomo, Milan. Unknown Lombard author, early 17 century.


A Glass of Wine with Caesar Borgia (1893) by John Collier. From left: Cesare Borgia, Lucrezia Borgia, Pope Alexander VI, and a young man holding an empty ...

Coats of arms of prince electors surround the Holy Roman Emperor's; from flags book of Jacob Köbel (1545). Electors voted in an Imperial Diet for a new Holy ...