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Szara husarii Polish Cavalry t

Szara husarii Polish Cavalry t


"Husaria" - the Polish-Lithuanian Winged Hussars were the main calvary between 16 and century and widely regarded as the most powerful cavalry formation in ...

The hussars winning the Battle of Kircholm, photo: FoKa / Forum

charge of hussars m_szeib 3

A historical reconstruction of a Polish Winged Hussar, 2013

Great Polish Warriors: The Winged Hussars Part IV - Directory of Husaria

Polish hussar and Musketeer at the battle of Vienna


The last thing many foreign armies saw - Polish Winged Hussars. Heavy cavalry charge at the banks of the Vistula, Gniew, Poland.

16143060_1293420584038391_2318234107948513146_n.jpg (554×795)

The winged Polish cavalry were instrumental in defeating the Ottoman Empire at the Battle of Vienna

knight-of-the-nation: Polish Winged Hussar. The last knights.

Polish Winged Hussar by ThaneBobo

Grand Standard Bearer of the Crown of the Kingdom of Poland (Chorąży Wielki Koronny) on the Stockholm Roll (c. 1605)

husaria - Szukaj w Google. KnightsWingsArmyHomesteadsPoland SoldiersWarriorsMedievalMilitary

10380996_983075688406217_9155090153840171860_n.jpg (927×768)

janusz bronclik - Szukaj w Google

Oficer husarii


Which of your ancestors do you imagine might have looked like this?

The Last Knights of Europe (Polish Winged Hussars)


The Grey Infantry

Unconquered and most powerful Polish Cavalry - HUSARIA

Click the image to open in full size.

Polish Greatness (Blog): Great Polish Warriors: The Winged Hussars Part II - Weapons and Battle Tactics


Rzucimy okiem na te spodnie, jako zywo przypominajace szerokie spodnie Scytów/Saków i Medów Achaemenidzkich ( medyjskie anaxyrides), pozniej Partów etc:

Polish Cavalry officer 1939 - pin by Paolo Marzioli

Jak walczyła husaria? :: Rzeczpospolita :: Kresy.pl

Polish Hussars spear Turkish gunners

Polish Winged Hussar, painting by Aleksander Orłowski

Battle of Khotyn, Polish-Ottoman War

Eastern Europe, Polish, Army, Nativity Scenes, Varnishes, Military, Nail Polish, Armies, Gel Polish

I don't know if Polish or Ottoman but a typical sipahi.

Polish Winged Hussar, Ottoman-Habsburg War

1st Regiment of Polish Lancers which served as Napoleon's Imperial Guard

Etymology, origin and armor styles of Balkan, Russian, Polish and Turkish generals [Archive] - The Apricity Forum: A European Cultural Community

Polish hussars , music-Thomas Bergersen - Immortal (2011)

Lekki jeździec/light cavalry- 17 th century

Husaria - The Polish Winged Hussars

Войны и воины | War and History

Polish hussar. 16th-17th century.

"Rittmeister - Cavalry Officer", watercolour, 45 x 35 cm, National Museum, Cracow

Hussar Banner Castle Gniew by Fox Lens, via Behance

Polish Winged Hussars / Husaria

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania obrazy husaria polska

~J Husaria - Polish warriors

"Hussar" | Inspiration: heavy winged hussars - part of polish cavalry

Polish lance drill

Polish Patriotic Song vs Romanian Patriotic Song - Which one is better?

Polish Winged Hussar


Republic of Poland (1918-1939. 1989-) National anthem and Military Marches

Polska Husaria - Polish Winged Hussar

Polish food – or certainly the food I have been eating here in Krakow – is delicious. Think blinis and salmon roe (accompanied by an obligatory shot of ...

... cavalry. This could be explained by the additional parts included. Apart from riders, banners and horses you also get brass lances, wings and silver ...

husarz end | zoom | digart.pl

T-shirt patriotyczny "Husaria - Amor Patriae Nostra Lex" HD - szara

The Polish Winged Hussars - The Polish Pride/ Husaria - Polska Duma

Szarawary - spodnie husarii i nie tylko

Links: Polish Renaissance Military

Husarz - Andrzej Rutkowiak

Battle of Kircholm between Poland and Sweden

Hussars March - Polish Patriotic Music Anthem | Polonez Husarii - polska muzyka patriotyczna

Polish cavalry -

Husaria - the Polish-Lithuanian Winged Hussars were the heavy cavalry of the Republic between the and century and widely regarded as the most powerful ...

Role of Serbian medieval cavalry in formation of Polish hussars

Husaria Polska Duma The Winged Hussars Polish Pride

Polish Winged Hussars

Dragon z połowy XVIIw

Hetman wielki Tadeusz Pagiński, porucznik chorągwi husarskiej hetmana Grzegorz Orenkiewicz / Pielgrzymka husarii na Jasną

Jestem Patriotą

Black Heretic Inspiration - Archangel by Mariusz Kozik.

Bojar z Rusi, połowa 16w

Orzeł biały. Symbol potęgi i chwały

Polish Husar Tattoo by Sweety Bog Honor Ojczyzna (God Honor Fatherland) Patriotic tattoo knight

Polish warrior, c. 9th/10th century. (I can't get over how awesome his mustache is!)

Kingdom of Poland (1830-1831) "November Uprising" "Warszawianka" - YouTube

... fully fledged out army lists and unit descriptions for Ukrainian Cossacks, the Ottoman Empire, Tsar Russia, Crimean Khanate and the Kingdom of Sweden.

With Fire and Sword



Antique Prints, Armour, Warfare, 17th Century, Knights, Warriors, Body Art, Pride, Medieval

1st Hussars Uniforms and Equipment

Mosquito Net, Poland


Polish noble / cavalry officer. 17th century. Gniew, Poland.

The Battle of Berestechko (Polish: Bitwa pod Beresteczkiem) was fought between

Husarz – Józef Brandt

The Battle of Vienna - "Deus Vincit" (1683)

Entrance of winged Polish hussar delegates in La Rochelle, France, in 1573, following

Towarzysz pancerny - Image: Pancerny 1.1

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