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THE WENDIGO The North Woods of Minnesota Humanoid and

THE WENDIGO The North Woods of Minnesota Humanoid and



The Wendigo is a creature of North American (Algonquian speaking cultures) origin, part man, part beast and part tree, he is said to be born of one who .


This explains why the other miners were never found, as well as the reason there are so many Wendigos on the mountain.

wendigo killer | ... kill one's self rather than resort to cannibalism.The Wendigo legend


There's nothing better than a good ghost story to set the mood for Halloween. You don't have to search far, as Minnesota is no stranger to the weird and ...

The legend of the Hairy Man may make you think twice before venturing out deep into the woods. The eerie twists and turns of the Vergas forest trails and ...

Dean kills the wendigo with a flare gun.

5 Real Wendigo Encounters | The Fortean Slip

Humanoids in the Woods -- Watching My Older Doppelgangers -- 'They are coming

Historical Archetypes and Mythology: The Wendigo

image. Windigo ...


PICTURED: 'Robot and bizarre UFO' mysteriously snapped by static camera

In Algonquian folklore, the wendigo or windigo is a cannibal monster or evil spirit native

This is a windigo, the things from until dawn is not

The Wendigo is a Native American myth, primarily with the Algonquin-speaking…

The Many Faces Of The Wendigo

Sam finds Ben's wendigo mask in the trunk of the Impala.

Apollo Reborn: The Wendigo apolloreborn.blogspot.com

The Wendigo Pencil Digital 16x20 via /r/Art..

"Phantoms And Monsters: Cryptid Encounters" *** Lon Strickler. The Bigfoot Paradox

Awesome interpretation of the bloody Wendigo. Because I think that might be a future story antlers creature native american indians legend

"a demonic creature particularly associated with cannibalism, winter and coldness, as well as with famine and starvation" Wendigo

The wendigo

10 Legendary Monsters of North America: Part Two

I hope I never cross paths with a Wendigo. Originating from Native American legend, Wendigo means an “evil spirit that devours mankind” or as a German ...

The Owlman, sometimes referred to as the Cornish Owlman or the Owlman of Mawnan,

Pixels and Caffeine: Wendigo Round II

Sightings of Pepie stretch back to the 1800s when both Native Americans and white settlers ...

Cryptozoologynews website: Alleged Bigfoot creature makes use of invisibility cloak to hide from the camera

In Algonquian folklore, the wendigo or windigo is a cannibal monster or evil spirit native

The Wendigo is a cannibalistic beast from Native American folklore and legend. The word “Wendigo” (pronounced wehn-dee-go) comes from the Native American ...

The Many Faces Of The Wendigo

I absolutely love these monstrous mythological c. The Wendigo

Wendigos definately need more love, they're so badass and can be portrayed in so many different ways. Howl of the Wendigo

Mysterious Evil Pombero Humanoid Spotted in Paraguay | Mysterious Universe

Exploring the Wendigo as a Cryptid In the depths of the forest, deep down into

Behavior/Characteristics Edit. "

Alternately spelled Windigo, as well as other variants, this monster comes to us from Algonquin folklore of Canada and the northern part of the U.S. The ...

Skinwalker Ranch: The Most Top Secret Paranormal Mystery of the Century

Slender Man

Monsters in America: A cryptozoological map of the United States [962 x 731] ...


Continuing ...

Pepie Monster

The Sasquatch Information Society keeps track of reported sightings, which come in constantly from all over Canada and the ...

Wendigos are humanoid, standing at about fifteen feet tall. They appear emaciated with bones visible under their pallid skin, a symbol of their unquenchable ...

The Wendigo is a monster that loosely kind of looks like a gruesome human/deer hybrid and roams the forest of the north looking for humans ...

Although different tribes had different traditions, most stories describe the primal wendigo as a gaunt humanoid giant with decayed skin and long yellow ...

... novels and the hungry winter spirits have proliferated ever since in cartoons, movies, and scary literature. What could be scarier than the empty woods ...

Google map of the Altamaha River.



WENDIGO [2015]

We slept in a bit the next morning and didn't get geared up and into the woods until shortly before noon. A cool front had come through during the night and ...

The Canadian Encyclopedia defines a Wendigo as a “spirit...that takes possession of vulnerable persons and causes them to engage in various antisocial ...

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cryptid-wendigo: The Watts Valley Wolf Ape is a strange beast…


1. I was not afraid until I saw this thing. Pasty-white, hairless, ugly.

Wendigo : Real Or A Native American Folklore?

The Shawnee said it was a supernatural being called a 'Shawnahooc' which means 'demon of the river'.

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Native American legend and lore is filled with creatures that sound a lot like Bigfoot in description. One such creature was the "Wendigo".

Illustrated by Jefferson Muncy

Wendigo : Real Or A Native American Folklore?

... [ IMG]

Wendigo - Wendigo Manitou carving discovered on Mount Trudee in Tettegouche State Park near Silver Bay

"North American Wood Ape" as posted by "The Naturalist", probably not intended seriously

Photograph of Brungle Creek, Australia, where an unusual "Bunyip" body was reported.

The upper part very likely is not attached to the main "Body" part. But the main "Body" does look very much like the head and body of a young orangutan, ...

On the map you shall see that I included a (?Patagones) indication for Southern South America in the possibility that there are (or ...


Wendigo by artstain

Wendigo | Real Supernatural and Mythical World Wikia | FANDOM powered by Wikia

cryptid-wendigo: These Bigfoot footprints was…

One of the internet descriptions of a Wendigo going from Native tradition ( and ending up with the statement that Wendigoes were possibly based on sightings ...

Arachne are humanoid monsters with spider-like abilities and attributes. They haven't been seen outside of Crete in 2,000 years, but a female arachnid ...

Exploring the Wendigo as a Cryptid In the depths of the forest, deep down into

Yowie and Eastern Bigfoot, the Solo connection


The Wendigo

The creature is said to have an insatiable hunger for human flesh and plans on devouring mankind.

Monster: Thunderbird

The lore suggest the Wendigo is created whenever a human resorts to cannibalism to survive. In years past, such a practice was possible, although still rare ...

The woods may be deceptive. If you find yourself lost, the environment quickly turns from a place of beauty, to one of dread.

(Shown: a barely humanoid creature with a blurred pinkish face and dark brown body/fur standing in a colorful wooded area)

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The St. Johns River Management Area that runs through three counties is remote and marshy, with many cypress and oak hammocks. Abundant wildlife exists here ...

cryptid-wendigo: The Okapi used to be known a…

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EXCLUSIVE: Weapon H Slices & Dices the Wendigo in First Issue Preview

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Folklore & Urban Legends: La Llorona