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The 9 Deadliest Viruses on Earth Microbiologa t

The 9 Deadliest Viruses on Earth Microbiologa t



Marburg virus


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9 of 11. Dengue


Rotaviruses particles are shown here under a very high magnification of 455,882X.

Ebola virus

Earth's Deadly Viruses

Giant Viruses Invent Genes Shared by No Life on Earth

These scanning electron microscopy images show particles of the four families of giant viruses now known: from the largest, spanning 0.6 microns ...

Los virus del Herpes Simples 1 y 2 (VHS 1y 2) tienen envuelta lipidíca que proviene de la membrana nuclear, cápside icosaédrica y genoma DNAds lineal.


Why Does Rabies Damage Your Body With Such Scary Speed? - Biology, Medicine,

Top Ten Most Dangerous Bacteria on Earth

The Largest virus discovered.

Flu pandemics begin when novel animal viruses start spreading between people. (The Voorhes)

HIV / AIDS virus

LOOK: Under The Microscope, Deadly Viruses Look Absolutely Stunning

... outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo, as well as in the 2005 outbreak in Angola, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Ebola virus

Bacterial Diseases

Deadly Viruses

Marburg virus is one of the pathogens the WHO recently identified as most dangerous. (Springer Medizin/Science Photo Library/Corbis)

9 Deadly Outbreaks That Plagued Mankind (And One That's Spreading Now)

Marburg virus

Virus, cells, virus cells, green dye, science, virus cells in green

chaosophia218: “First few stages of embryonic cell division and stages of…

Pathogenic epitopes, heterologous immunity and vaccine design | Nature Reviews Microbiology

What Are Viruses? - Definition, Structure & Function - Video & Lesson Transcript | Study.com

Clostridium Botulinum

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Nipah virus | all about nipah| deadly viruses|Microbiology

A bar along the bottom indicates size of various objects. At the far right is

It was one of the most deadly viruses that caused millions of deaths around the world

Viruses abound in the world's oceans, yet researchers are only beginning to understand how they affect life and chemistry from the water's surface to the ...

Nail infection By Psedomonous areginosa ...

10 most dangerous antibiotic-resistant bacteria

Science in Action: Deadly Dengue Virus | California Academy of Sciences - YouTube


48. You are a reservoir for viruses ...

The 10 Deadliest Viruses


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He started by creating a glass sculpture of the swine flu virus. In 2009,

10 of the Deadliest Diseases

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Stephen Chen

Spanish Flu

Ontario Curriculum - Grade 11 Biology College SBI3C Strand C: Microbiology

Stunner: T4 Bacteriophage, Jerram's self-described most intricate and detailed glasswork to date

EM of influenza virus.jpg

Coronavirus infection of the central nervous system: host–virus stand-off | Nature Reviews Microbiology

Figure 5

Open AccessArticle Virological Surveillance of Influenza ...

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Viruses and bacteria are falling from Earth's atmosphere

Open AccessArticle Distinct Contributions of Autophagy Receptors in Measles Virus Replication

Horseshoe crab; 42.

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A mysterious and dangerous pest

Freer Sackler Reopened

Reprinted with permission from Macmillan Publishers Ltd: Nature. Paulson T. Epidemiology: a mortal foe. Nature 2013;502(7470):S2-3, copyright 2013

1; 9.

1: The size of biology in the oceans spans nine orders of magnitude from the smallest viruses (~17 nm) to the largest charismatic megafauna (blue whale, ...

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Microbiology is the ...

Perhaps one of the least lethal diseases on this list, the fatality rate of typhoid fever is only 10-30 percent. But the symptoms show up in stages over a ...

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Phylogenetic Tree Derived from 1.5-kb Nucleotide Sequences of 16S Ribosomal RNA from the Infecting Organism and Other Related Isolates from the Johns ...

West Nile virus

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Glass Microbiology: Luke Jerram's delicate but deadly viruses recreated out of blown glass | Daily Mail Online

How to prevent infections

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Jean Yves-Sgro Rotavirus Courtesy CDC; 6. Type A flu virus ...

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Pathogenic epitopes, heterologous immunity and vaccine design | Nature Reviews Microbiology

Gupta: People can have MERS, not know it

Rabies virus phosphoprotein (RVP) antagonizes interferon (IFN) responses by blocking the host cell response to pathogen-associated molecular patterns and ...

Figure 3

horseshoe bat

Viruses in our DNA

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