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The Palermo Stone is one of the most important historical sources

The Palermo Stone is one of the most important historical sources


Palermo Stone. The king list of Egyptian pharaohs, represents one of the basic sources of information about the chronology and cultural history of ancient ...

The stone was probably copied under Shabaka, of the 25th dynasty, from an original on more perishable material.

Cairo Fragment CF1 lists, among others, the start of the reign of Horus Djer

Black and white picture of the Palermo Stone-an irregularly shaped piece of black shiny

The Palermo Stone, first side

Translations and Monographs A ...

Palermo stone

EGYPT 545 - The PALERMO STONE - (by Egyptahotep)

The Palermo Stone, the fragment of the Egyptian Royal Annals housed in Palermo, Italy.

The stone takes its name from the Palermo Archaeological Museum in Sicily where one of the largest fragments is housed. Other fragments can be seen in the ...


... a fairly advanced; 28.

These labels contain some information omitted from the; 9.


The Palermo Stone is a large fragment of a stele known as the Royal Annals of the Old Kingdom of Ancient Egypt. It contains records of the kings of Egypt ...

... the ancient Egyptian language as; 8.

... but a few labels and; 24.

King Sahure and a nome god

The fragmentary dynastic records recorded on the Palermo Stone, combined with other data, are used in an effort to zoom in on the actual dates of Egypt's ...

The-Palermo-Stone of aegyptos

Palermo Stone,

Palermo stone - fragment in the Petrie Museum, London

... letters exchanged between; 7. 7 King Akhenaten, one of the most important ...

Palermo stone detail

Palermo stone · PalermoA ...

Possible sources of Αἰγυπτιακά (History of Egypt) of Manetho

The missing Sphinx near the Red Pyramid. Note the rectangular shape at the rear (left side) where ancient records may have been buried under the sphinx.

Palermo Stone

The difficulties of dating Ancient Egypt

The Palermo Stone: Key to Old Kingdom Egypt Royal Families

Volume 1: The First through the Seventeenth Dynasties

The Palermo stone (25th century BC).

... Saqqara vases and sealings) and his name is the third one on the Statuette Cairo CG1 (Redjif or Redjit, once named Hotepdief) dated some reigns later.

Part of Palermo king list Palermo Stone Kings List is the earliest kings list. The. More information

Greek form: Uenéphes (after his Gold name In-nebw); His name and titulary appear on the Palermo Stone. His tomb was later thought to be the legendary tomb ...

From the large size of his mortuary complex at Abusir, he was an important king, but since the Palermo stone fragments after his rule, little is actually ...

Gilt Shrine Showing the King Pouring Perfumed Liquid into the Queen's Hand, Thebes, Egypt


... Relief on the North Wall of a Chapel of Ramesses I ...

The Narmer Palette is one of the earliest historical records from ancient Egypt. It records King Narmer's victory over Lower Egypt,

The enthroned Thoth writes with brush and scribal palette, assisted by Ramesses II who holds

Turin Papyrus Museo Egizio Ancient Egypt

The Palermo Stone - Egypt's first history book

More inscriptions

... a nome god · Stela of King Intef II Wahankh ...

... 26.

The Five Great Kings of Egypt's Early Dynastic Period (Article) - Ancient History Encyclopedia


Egyptian Book of the Dead

Rosetau is also reflected in Sakkara where Saqqarra comes from Saka, the king on the Palermo Stone. This is why the Twin Pyramids of the Great and the Red ...

The Royal Tombs at Abydos are associated with Egypt's First Dynasty. Many bits of organic material carbon-dated in the latest study of Egypt's First Dynasty ...

Ancient Egyptian writing on the Turin Papyrus above, dated c1160 BCE(4) and the Palermo Stone below state that civilization goes back to between 34,000 and ...

The ancestors of the Christians of Sudan and Ethiopia were the ones who established an ancient culture that eventually exported civilization to the north ...

The proposed reconstructions of the original slab ...

Khasekhemwy: part of a granite jamb from Hierakonpolis (Cairo Mus. JdE 33896)

This ...

A cattle count of large and small animals, and other activities. Scene from the Narmer Macehead, ca 3050 BC.

The King-list from the temple of Ramesses II (also known as Ramesses the The Palermo Stone is a ...

Photo by Gary Bates 9626-great-pyramid-giza-sm

The Palermo Stone is a large fragment of a stele known as the Royal Annals of the Old Kingdom of Ancient Egypt. It contains records of the kings of Egypt ...

His reign is attested to by various sources, including finding from the enormous middle Saqqara tomb A (cylinder seal impressions) south of Djoser's temenos ...

Volume 1: The First through the Seventeenth Dynasties

The Turin Royal Canon or the Turin King List

The key to translating hieroglyphics. The Rosetta Stone is one of the most important ...

The Palermo Stone is a large fragment of a stele known as the Royal Annals of the Old Kingdom of Ancient Egypt. It contains records of the kings of Egypt ...

... important Texts of the Palermo Stone.

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Right half of the Turin papyrus map. Palermo Stone


A Vase Shard with the name of King Aha

This compliments the next king on the stone as DJERU. The artist rendition drew a fish for KA and kayu where we know the fish as Nar like Narmer.

Who Was King Menes? Mystery Of This Legendary Ruler May Go Back 20,000 Years

On This Day In History: Battle Of Durnstein Was Fought On The River Danube – On Nov 11, 1805

La Zisa's muqarnas vaulted niche in the main hall. Francesco Salerno (The F)

(a) Geological zoning map of the Palermo historic center and the

Incised inscriptions on stone vessels of Khasekhem/Khasekhemwy (Second Dynasty)

Volume 1: The First through the Seventeenth Dynasties

Jainism, the largest and oldest religion in the world, although also effected by people's interjections like all other religions are, is at least 12,000 ...

The Palermo Cathedral is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Italy

Nabonidus was, frankly, deranged (an object lesson for many an archaeologist of the present), and Babylon was eventually conquered by Cyrus the Great, ...

You'll notice a figure in a rectangular vertical niche with a giant Orb above his head.

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The king-list in the temple of Sethos I at Abydos, showing Old Kingdom

Biblical Archaeology Curriculum Pack

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The Pyramids of Giza (by dungodung)

Ancient Egyptian Chronology - Edited by Erik Hornung, Rolf Krauss, And David a. Warburton | Ancient Egypt | Religion And Belief

Jerusalem: Western Wall, Second Temple

Egyptian hieratic numerals.

Low Angle View Of Statue Against Blue Sky

This carving contains the earliest known depiction of a pharaoh. This is the pharaoh's royal boat, complete with oarsmen, royal insignia, a servant with a ...

This volume documents the ...

Folded thrust in the Palermo Mts. area (Monte Leardo)