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The Tri Delta Paddle I made for my sorority big Star Wars in the front

The Tri Delta Paddle I made for my sorority big Star Wars in the front


The Tri Delta Paddle I made for my sorority big. Star Wars in the front

Star Wars inspired paddle I made for my big!

Star Wars paddle I made for my boyfriend's big

Love the colorful Vader! Paddle execution could be done better though. PaddleSororityStarwarsStar Wars

Sorority Star Wars Greek Paddle AXO Cats

big/little sorority star wars themed paddle

Star Wars inspired paddle

This is not going to go the way you think. | Star Wars Sorority | Pinterest | Princess

Star Wars ASA Sorority Paddle

Star Wars paddle for my little's initiation.

Big/Little Sorority Paddle Kappa Delta Donuts Pizza

dear jesus of this was an Eevee I'd die. I Made a for my big this past semester. Really nice idea for anyone interested in making a unique paddle.

Sorority Paddle hand painted with acrylics for my Big. Her monogram on top, mine below. Each starfish represents a member of our tree, since we are the ...

Star Wars Paddle

The paddles I made for my littles <3 Butterfly Family KDX Alpha Phi. Sorority PaddlesKappa Delta ...

#Big #Little #Paddle #Sorority #PiBetaPhi #

Alpha Epsilon Phi - Texas A&M Star Wars Big/Little Sorority Paddle

Sorority paddles I made for my littles!

Doctor Who Paddle

Teachers paddle; Stars Wars Edition.

Trippy sorority / fraternity big little paddle. I love the good vibe elephant and the mushroom as well as the psychedelic space patterns. My favorite one ...

Sorority map big and little paddle #map #paddle #bigandlittle #homeiswhereverimwithyou

21st Star Wars sorority paddle

Big/Little Paddle; Kappa Delta

#axo #sororitypaddle #sorority #paddles #alohachiomega #travel

My sorority paddle that I made for my big. It feature a lavender ombre down

Star Wars themed crescent from Big to Little! submitted by: freedomofnature · Phi Sigma SigmaGamma Phi BetaKappa DeltaPaddle SororityGraduation ...

Star Wars theme sorority paddle. PERFECTION

Custom Made Greek Sorority Wooden Paddle - for Kristie

Sigma Kappa Big/Little Paddles I made for my twins

How to create the perfect sorority paddle for your big!

Big Little Initiation Sorority Paddle #sorority #Paddle #Big #Little #Flower

Jeep Sorority Paddle #Jeep #Purple #Big #Little #LifeIsGood #Sorority #

Smirnoff Ice Sorority Paddle #sorority #paddle #smirnoff #redwhiteandblue

Beer pong paddle! lol make this for one of the guys.

harry potter paddle I found online! Sorority PaddlesSorority LifeFraternity CraftsAlpha Phi OmegaTri DeltaHarry Potter

Hand painted Dunkin Donuts inspired Kappa Delta paddle I made for my big! ( Front and back)

my Tri Delta Paddle with pearls

#bigandlittle #paddle #sorority #greek #phimu #pigs #pink #chevron

Canvas I made for my Little Kelly. She loves Star Wars so I made it

My Big/little shirt design for reveal Winter Term 2014 at Portland State. Alpha

Hand Painted Sorority Paddle - KD - Bear Design. $80.00, via Etsy.

Pin by Star Wars Actors Guild 77 on Star Wars Sorority | Pinterest | Sorority

Because sorority life and Pokemon can go together #srat #sorority #paddles # big

Front of paddle for my big bro!

Kappa Delta- new member clipboard @hannah898 you need this

Star Wars Sigma Kappa Painting I made :] #SigmaKappa #Crafting #Sorority #

Star Wars paddle #starwars #gift #paddle

Pocahontas Paddle!

You're "Stuck" With Me Big-Little Canvas. Kappa Delta CanvasPhi Mu Canvas Sorority CanvasSorority PaddlesSorority ...

Riverdale Sorority Paddle. Tri DeltaAlpha ...

Sorority Paddle #AGD #Paddle #Sorority #Floral

sorority/fraternity paddles AΞΔ ΑΕΠ

Made my first paddle (tangle themed) for my big ☺️

The Bob's Burgers canvas I made for my Big on Big Appreciation Day. Phi Sigma PiKappa DeltaThetaSorority ...

alpha phi beach themed big sorority paddle

Legally Blonde quote paddle for my little

Sorority · Dunkin Donuts Paddle

My friends paddle!

Lambda Phi Epsilon paddle for mah big bro, alpha Kappa Delta phi paddle mah big sis. Both hand painted, flowers took 4 hours each... Ombré took 2 days.

beach themed paddle i made for my big #pizeta

Starwars sorority paddle

Peter Pan sorority paddle.

Twin paddles we did for our Big! Phi Sigma Sigma, Iota Xi! Sorority

#ΚΣ #Starwars #darthvader #greekpaddle #KappaSigma #sororitypaddles #

84 Sorority Paddles For Inspiration + Starbucks Giveaway. Big Little PaddlesDelta ZetaSigma KappaAlpha ...

Delta Zeta sorority paddle I made for my big! She loved it!

Kappa delta Star Wars canvas sorority

Victoria's Secret themed Alpha Gamma Delta paddle that we made for our big :)

Hand painted tye die paddle by gabbyvc · Sorority PaddlesDelta ...

Pineapple Sorority Paddle for my GBig Deena ΔΩΡ #pineapplelife #sororitycrafts. Tri DeltaAlpha ...

Big Dipper Little Dipper night sky sorority paddle

Baseball Fraternity Paddle I made for my TKE big bro. #universityofminnesota

Sigma kappa paddle I made for my big :)

Front of my tri delta clipboard #tridelta #crafting

Mang-o-Rita 21st paddle

Sorority paddle and crafts

Tri Delta Sorority Paddle | "Shoot for the moon even if you miss you'

Sorority paddle gossip girl Aztec

More art shared from a sister!

Lilly Pulitzer-esque Custom Made Greek Sorority Wooden Paddle - for Jilly. Tri DeltaKappa ...

Grinch Christmas Sorority Paddle #Grinch #Christmas #Ornament #Green #Red # Sorority

My beautiful paddle that my beautiful little made me for big appreciation! " Paddle I made for my biggie.

my perfect paddle from my little ! #Coco #Chanel #sorority #paddle

Tri delta paddle Delta delta delta, sunflower, sliver, gold, blue, yellow

Tips For Painting A Sorority Paddle

Paddle for my Big ~ Phi Sigma Sigma

Stitch paddle! Delta PsiPhi Sigma SigmaTri DeltaSorority ...

Perfect paddle for sorority twins!

Doctor Who themed paddle that I made for my big (:

Tips For Painting A Sorority Paddle

Pinterest @hannahlmuery More

Cat themed paddle for my big !

Doctor Who TARDIS paddle i made for my little and my bestie/cousin in my sorority family! (sorry it's blurry!

Big Bro Paddle. Sigma Chi/Alpha Phi

Harry Potter theta phi alpha Greek paddle I made for my little! Hufflepuff colors

Chanel Sorority Paddle

Harry Potter paddle. Sorority ...

Alpha Sigma Tau. Sorority. Star wars. Darth Vader. Paddle exchange.

keelis-daily-thoughts: Lilo and Stitch paddle I made for my big!