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This color is called claybank dun but it39s actually not clear what is a

This color is called claybank dun but it39s actually not clear what is a


This color is called claybank dun but it's actually not clear what is a claybank dun

The horse could be a Zebra Dun Sabino/Splash.

Red dun pinto horse

Slam Dun It - red dun, own son of Hollywood Dun It | Horse | Pinterest | Horse, Dun horse and Pretty horses

Red dun (sorrel/chestnut + dun gene).

Lot 1-Rockin T French Kizy X The Shiney Mixer 5-9 $1,200 Red

Skipette Holly - claybank (red) dun

red dun horse

a Very Pretty Horse, Nice Blaze. Find this Pin and ...

Flaxen red dun pony by CitronVertStock

POST AWAY!! at the Horse Colors / Genetics forum - Horse


Very clear red dun. See the eel stripe, leg barring and bi-colored mane and tail

Not all red duns have as clear dorsal stripe as this horse. It may be

Splash Paint with an interesting tail. Find this Pin and ...

This Missouri Fox Trotter's color is called amber champagne, resulting from a champagne dilution gene acting on bay. I love this color. not gunna lie, ...

Come and drool over my gorgeous boy Jax.

Red Dun Horse Color A couple of red dun horses. Find this Pin and ...

The dun gene is a dilution gene that affects both red and black pigments in the

Red Dun - dorsal stripe on a red dun horse. A red dun horse is a chestnut horse affected by the dun dilution. This dilution lightens the horse's body and ...

red dun pinto

Red dun colt 1yo | Kiger Mustangs. Red dun, or the variation "apricot

Red Dun Like a darker red with blackish socks. Find this Pin and ...

Pictorial Guide to Horse Colors Part Red Dun, Bay Dun, Brown Dun, and Black Dun (Grullo)

This is a red dun AQHA-registered quarter horse mare, 14.2 hh and 1,050

Red dun quarter horse foal

Note the zebra striping seen in some grulla (pronounced gruwa ) dun horses - About Grulla Horses - Shining C Grulla Horses

Zebra Dun Campolina horse Alabama da Conquista. A gaited breed from Brazil. It was

buckskin tobiano - Wild Colonial Spanish Mustang

Chestnut Fresian - rare color. That horse looks like it has a really small head.

Yellow Dun

Sex: Gelding, Color/Breed: Red Dun/Grade, Adoption Fee: $450, Category: Needs Training. Red is an incredibly handsome guy.

Claybank | Kiger Mustangs. Claybank, another variation of red dun, describes Kiger horses

Definitely one of my fav colors . but when it comes right down to it, it's just a color 'n color doesn't matter!

Dun (red) - Pictured in Tinker

Can't wait till he starts sheddin. Find this Pin and ...

Encore <3

red dun horse - Google Search

Grulla is a color, not a breed of horse. The dorsal stripe, head and legs are darker than the body.

Mouse Dun Horse - Bing Images

I love this horses color, I don't know what it's called though

This is Shiloh, my zebra dun Quarter horse.

Frenchman's Cool Lady x Chips And Dun

Red Dun beauty

black chestnut liver flaxen

2011 colt by Smart Starbuck (chestnut) and out of Dun It For Chex (grulla--though I suspect smokey grulla since he is palomino and her sire is buckskin).

Red Dun

Atlas, yearling, always somewhat confused due to the fact that he refuses to listen to others instructions .

I've never seen the silver colored horse. Now add that breed to my

young Akhal-Teke Stallion Sengar aka my Bubba Horse. He loves his peppermints, brushes, and kisses!

Quarter Horse gelding Fletcher, an extremely clear red dun. Notice the zebra stripes,

Dun Modifier. The ...

Not a feral mustang, this breed is a fully domesticated small,

Claybank Dun

Stacey Nedrow-Wigmore ?

Gentle 6 Year Old Ranch Gelding for Sale - For more information click on the image

Isabelle no mate wants one. Find this Pin and ...

There's nothing better than standing at a pasture gate watching exuberant horses, like the ones in these photos, play and gallop about.

Brown + Dun + Roan

Irish Draught Mare

red dun horse - Google Search | Favorite Animals | Pinterest | Dun horse, Horse and Animal

Red dun (Chestnut plus dun factor)

Gold Ivory Champagne: Chestnut + Champagne + Cream The chestnut color is diluted by the

red dun horse - Google Search

Same thing as a red roan only the red (chestnut) is a liver instead of a simple red tone. It's believed there is a modifier that is yet to be identified ...

Photo Gallery of Faith, Homozygous DUN, Photo Gallery of Mimi, Photo Gallery of Becky. Find this Pin and ...

Dun on chestnut/sorrel: “red dun”

Horse colour demystified: the dun gene

Dash for Cash On Papers

https://flic.kr/p/bUYTXx | Friesian horse

Another image of Dora, this time showing both her dappling and the sootiness of her

Love this dun!

Cool COAT and COLOUR markings - Page 69

74db4317587e482f840325adbe995831.jpg (736×509)

Campolina gelding Lorde do Engenho Novo

Red Dun Colored Horses have a Chestnut gene plus a Dun gene. The chestnut color is diluted to a sandy color, but the mane, tail, and points remain chestnut.

Bay Dun

Not all red duns have as clear dorsal stripe as this horse. It may be actually very faint. | Nicely-colored horses | Pinterest | Horse, Dun horse and Dream ...

Not all red duns have as clear dorsal stripe as this horse. It may be actually very faint. | Nicely-colored horses | Pinterest | Horse, Dun horse and Dream ...

Sulphurs Reyna - Outlaw Ranch

A red dun

Horses, Horse. Find this Pin and ...


Red dun horse. Chubby little pony with a white star standing in the snow with a few other horses. This horse is so plump and cute.

And this is Sugar, a 16hh Red Dun Quarter Horse mare.

Azteca horse Pura Raza Espanola Yeguada Herrera Caballos Espanoles Caballos Bailadores Andalusian Lusitano Lippizzaner spanish horse

10 yr AQHA Red Dun Gelding - good broke trail horse

Missouri Fox Trotter Mule

Feeling frisky ( The Love of Horses-Face Book)

Image result for horse color somatic mutation


Dun gene

Bay Dun Horse

More information

Przewalski's horses: The animal on the left shows the dorsal stripe along its spine, the one on the right shows faint horizontal "zebra" striping on the ...

Wolf Dun

Below are some examples and some various shades of the basic three dun colors. The foal coat color is shown, with the color the horse becomes at maturity.