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This marine risked his life to save his friend True hero Respect by

This marine risked his life to save his friend True hero Respect by


This marine risked his life to save his friend! True hero! #Respect by factsdailyy | instaHaase | Pinterest | Respect and Marines

I crazily respect anyone in the armed forces! "Go on - Tell me about your bad day." - MilitaryAvenue.com. "


It's sad that everyone in DC keeps padding their pockets while men and women in the Armed Forces keep getting screwed! God Bless our Military and the ...

But I don't care, I RESPECT him. Like if you respect him too! An American Hero.

He passed away December 8 years after he was wounded in Iraq. Thank you for everythinghe was a true hero!

Explore our collection of motivational and famous quotes by authors you know and love. Find this Pin and more on Real Heroes ...

Veterans Day, USA -- November If this doesn't put a lump in your throat, then nothing will! God bless the USA!- Stand proud with our soldiers!

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Marines their families and the search and rescue effort. by warriorculture

We aren't free without the brave men and women who risk their lives everyday

Read this about General Carter Ham who was in Benghazi on resisted the Obama Stand Down order and was relieved of his command w/in minutes.

Military USA (@MilitaryCourage) | Twitter

Another 10 Awesome Quick Facts. Real Life HerosReal ...

the military and police are here to serve and protect tho there are bad ones out there most are good and kind and really do care for the good of others.


the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, and Cost Guard. Thank you all for risking your lives for us.

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I have so much respect for this man. #Hero #Merica by drunk_america

Texas Cruz'n: An American hero ➡ Kyle Carpenter threw himself upon a grenade to save his fellow Marines!

The real Super Heroes!


~We should all salute and respect the female soldiers of every nation who put their lifes at risk so that you and I are safe

Amazing photo of a Marine, risking his life, to save two innocent babies, in Vietnam! Oorah, Marine!

#US Navy Seal Lt Michael P Murphy died in action, serving his country in #afghanistan. Rest in peace, brother.

God help the ones left behind to grieve their loss.i hate war, prayers to all who are over seas at this moment for strength from ...

Medal of Honor recipient CPL Kyle Carpenter threw himself on a grenade to save a friend. Find this Pin and more on American Heros by ...

Reminder: We woke up to a free country again today. Show our military respect and honor the men who died to defend your freedom

Desmond Doss went from being labeled a conscientious objector and coward to earning his place in history as a true hero at Hacksaw Ridge.

Navy SEAL (Sea, Air, Land) Lt. Michael P. Murphy,

no words, im literally about to cry! Idc that this is a marine picture! So true about every branch

This marine risked his life to save his friend! True hero! #Respect by factsdailyy | instaHaase | Pinterest | Respect and Marines

Please help me honor Navy SEAL Matt Leathers who was laid to rest today after being KIT. Matt was a member of SDVT1 and has served our Country for 15 years.

Fundraiser for Lisa Buentello by Loretta Chapa : Hero Marine MSGT Rodney Buentello

Why would a man risk his life to rescue those who had persecuted him so violently

FACT CHECK: Facebook Removing Amputee Photos | Perspective, Military and Hero

SEALs of Operation Red Wings

This marine risked his life to save his friend! True hero! #Respect by factsdailyy | instaHaase | Pinterest | Respect and Marines

Sgt. Steffany Ismaili, an aviation electrician with Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron 11, conducts. The ...

Wilson D. Watson, Marine Corps Private who received the Medal of Honor for his actions at Iwo Jima during the Second World War ...

Soldier check his bag

Marine Matthew Harrison (All rights reserved.)

Lieutenant Ollie Augustin and Marine Sam Alexander MC (All rights reserved.)

Thank You for your patriotism and service. God Bless You

Thank you ladies...forever grateful for your service and sacrifices !!! ❤

Deadliest sniper in US history R.I.P. Worrior

Discover the inspiring tale of Desmond Doss, the World War II medic who saved 75 lives all while risking his own.

Think about this and Remember Draft Dodging Trump stole from Veterans!

Sgt. Leah Stewart, with Marine Aircraft Logistics Squadron 11, the reviewing officer of

"Horse Soldiers" an ODA team from 5th group Afghanistan

Hero - it takes a special breed of soldier to go back to military duty after losing a leg.

Former Marine Cpl. William “Kyle” Carpenter will be awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions in Afghanistan, the White House announced Monday.

Words cannot describe the level of gratitude the family has for each and every person who has so graciously helped out. Thank you simply is not enough.

Marine Matthew Harrison (All rights reserved.)

Lieutenant Ollie Augustin (All rights reserved.)

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'There are no female marines,only marines' Love this one

Remembering Navy SEAL Jon Tumilson on his 37th angel birthday. Jon selflessly sacrificed his life


Freedom has a price, a high price that's paid by Our Veterans. Thank You to all who served.. | America | Pinterest | Military, Hero and Troops

Props to the parents of these boys RESPECT.....Have it, Teach it, Learn it.

Major Richard Winters of 101st Airborne--He wrote The Band of Brothers. (

Faces of the fallen: Muslim Americans killed in combat are, top row, left

This picture makes me sad to some degree. Though I know that the bravery these men and women who serve our country is greater than mine could ever be.

He repeatedly risked his life while rescuing dozens of people

Paratrooper Joshua Leakey REUTERS. Joshua Leakey was awarded the Victoria Cross for service in Afghanistan

Marine Corps scolded for dragging its feet integrating women into the infantry

Hospital Corpsman 3rd Class Zackery Penner will be awarded the Silver Star for his bravery in

Sonia Fleming holds her son Charlton Taylor, who lost his father Michael Taylor during the

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Incredible True Story of One of America's Greatest Snipers

Army Staff Sgt. Angel D. Mercado-Velazquez Died September 1, 2006 Serving

A true American Hero! Chris Kyle – SEAL Team Considered the most lethal sniper in American military history with 160 confirmed kills claimed kills).

I'll never understand the liberal mentality. What a disgraceful shame that our service members are "just a number".

James N. Mattis is a United States Marine Corps general and the current commander of

Dignified: Veterans from around the world travelled to Tamworth to show their respect to Mr

God Bless America

Burn Victim Sam Brown Treated With Virtual-Reality Video Game SnowWorld

James Campbell Clouston's family feels snubbed by Nolan's decision not to give Branagh's character the name

The price of pacifism: Refusing to go to war is finally being recognised as a brave act

New Silver Star Citation details corpsman's 4 harrowing runs through gunfire to save Marines

This marine risked his life to save his friend! True hero! #Respect by factsdailyy | instaHaase | Pinterest | Respect and Marines

Kargil war hero Captain Vikram Batra was martyred at the tender age of 24. However, the story of his life of valour and his service to his country is one ...

... heroes because they are putting their bodies between the Taliban and innocent people. This guy is a hero because he personally saved the lives of 30+ ...

Rough morning commute I bet that sucked

"Pearl Harbor survivor Houston James of Dallas embraced Marine Staff Sgt. during a Veterans Day commemoration in Dallas. Graunke lost a hand, ...

Louis Edward Trehern obituary photo, Bonita, CA - Please read my brother's obituary.

Now its ok to discriminate against our veterans?

Andrew Garfield in Hacksaw Ridge; Desmond T Doss, who was awarded the US Medal

Last year, 15 Indian soldiers lost their lives in counter infiltration/counter-terrorism operations; 45 others were seriously injured defending the border ...

Tobias C. Alexander, died from wounds suffered when his unit was attacked with a roadside bomb Sunday in.

They are further upset that the film-maker was unwilling, when they asked him

Hero: Matt Croucher who won the George Cross was the subject of an anti-

FACT CHECK: Facebook Removing Amputee Photos | Perspective, Military and Hero

Marine's Bravery Earns Highest Military Honor

The Commandant of the U.S. Marine Corps, Gen. James F. Amos, and

Video on Today Kicking off a week-long TODAY series called “Inspired By,” Willie Geist presents the story of a Marine corporal who was badly injured while ...