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Uprooted tree with menacing face tree Tree t Trees

Uprooted tree with menacing face tree Tree t Trees


In Mamaroneck, N.Y., Joann Turits lost two pine trees that had shaded her home and provided pine cones for centerpieces. Credit James Estrin/The New York ...

9 of the world's most amazing trees

Uprooted: An enormous tree is torn up by the force of a tornado which touched

Dalbergia sissoo by cactus_lover

And tornadoes. For all of my adult life, whenever I've been under a lot of stress, I dream about tornadoes coming at me, my family, my home.

CUFF OF CONCRETE: A completely concretised base of Neem tree inside the Government Royapettah Hospital

Ice crystals weigh heavily on pine branches, and white patches are visible around the bases of trees. May this spring storm be winter's last.

“I stretch out my branches to embrace the forest,” says a waiata about the kauri tree. Tane Mahuta, New Zealand's largest tree, does precisely this, ...

tree_drawing_by_absolutemadman-d61l2iw.jpg (1024×1451) · Landscape Pencil DrawingsTree ...

Mr. Paredes claimed the trees were too close to the road .

Contorted limbs of mountain beech, many smothered with moss and lichen, create tree labyrinths in the subalpine zone of New Zealand's mountainous regions.


Greencliff Hagg Wood. Copyright NYMNPA.

Tree creature by Vance Kovacs

The tracks may have been a little obscured by trees, but not quite like this

Graveyard at Indian Cave State Park

Trees of life at Fruitlands in Harvard - News - MetroWest Daily News, Framingham, MA - Framingham, MA

From Artist Comic " ...

Superior should have trimmed the exposed roots, Colleen said, whether the contract said it

UPROOTED: One of several damaged trees in the South New Brighton Domain.

i have trouble sleeping in the nights and maybe it's my thyroid.Though i am on medication it has not helped me sleep any better.Maybe i am anxious about a ...

Mike Bachman- Chicken wire and plastic Halloween tree

Ami and Stan's Halloween haunted tree 2014

Evil Trees-amazing tree builds by Halloween Forum member Tavisteam

Cottonwoods are known for their intricate and aggressive root systems

Ship in ...

As ...


Trying to get to the root of the matter

graveyard slate filter

Flowering trees and Athena the owl at the Wildflower Center

Death Knell Sounded for Ash Tress in St. Paul, MN

The good news is that the trees no longer resemble telegraph poles and are looking arborial again, although one tree appears to be struggling slightly and ...

Rain pounds home in Miamisburg · Rain pounds home in Miamisburg · Tree ...

Adam's ...

Cottonwoods in the park ... If you know cottonwoods, you know how they

If you're dropping trees this close to the neighbor's house, you just may

Ice crystals weigh heavily on pine branches, and white patches are visible around the bases of trees.


The most dramatic uprooting I came across, on Lookout Hill across from the Binnen Bridge. The arboreal casualties round southeast of the Maryland Monument ...

According to the local newspaper the storm hit Tours about an hour after us in Preuilly and caused some damage with fallen trees and branches.

Arno Gasteiger

Figures - at the end of the article those "experts" recommend everyone pay an arborist to come to their home to determine whether there are any trees likely ...

if a branch from a healthy tree in Massachusetts is in danger of falling into a neighbor's yard, that neighbor may trim it at his or her own expense … but ...

Ice crystals weigh heavily on pine branches, and white patches are visible around the bases of trees.

At lunchtime, eating sandwiches kindly provided by Galloway Glens, we discussed the Moss's changing fortunes and the irony of our introduction of olive pits ...

I haven't actually seen this film, about a murdered island prince reincarnated as a murderous walking tree ...

Over: An uprooted and fallen tree is positioned in front of a house in New

Major's Homestead

I can't help it if I have a morbid fascination with pictures of fallen trees .

Ice crystals weigh heavily on pine branches, and white patches are visible around the bases of trees.

Contrast between the remaining Crassula helmsii at the edge of teh pond and under where the

42,136.08855 branchless dead tree below & leaning on rock cliff, background of oak trees &

Being Tolkien people, this reminded us, of course, of JRRT's own admiration of trees, of which he wrote in a sort of letter of introduction to Houghton ...

Mitchell Hagg Wood, Fadmoor - the remnants of broadleaved woodland are surrounded by conifers making

Enchanted Forest

Stinging Rebuke

Mitchell Hagg Wood, Fadmoor. Copyright NYMNPA.

dead Man Legs FSSE Autumn Leaves bald tree root uprooted - Stock Image

Maybe, our roots were not as strong as we thought. Or maybe our condtions threaten to uproot us. Maybe, we don't have proper support, or maybe we're trying ...

But, electricity being the capricious thing it is, it didn't hurt Mr. Fleury. Instead, a “backfeed” went through the transformer and down his neighbor's ...

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frothy shrub

Common toothwort, also sometimes known as the Corpse Flower - NYMNPA Office, Helmsley.

A severe storm front cuts across the sky over Owen Sound on Friday, July 19

Mark Brown by uprooted tree

This Common Ash tree Fraxinus excelsior has a tide mark, with dead brown silt covered leaves below and healthy green leaves above.

Who has hugged a tree, or sit beneath one and not felt it's energy? There is nothing more wonderful than to connect with a tree.

I'm not usually prone to such behaviour, but a tree at the front of our home deserves a hug. It's a lovely, big shade tree, at least 50 feet tall.

Today's case has nothing to do with trees, unless you count those awful faux-tree cellphone towers many cities are requiring cellphone carriers to erect.

I found myself staring outside my window earlier today, but not the same day that triggered my recent poem on the death of trees. I looked past the silver ...

With Spring Around the Corner

Media player Trees ablaze in Canada

Tree falls on car near Smithville Road


All that rain sure is bad for trees, and if it's not that, let's blame drought! The Tennessean ran a story informing us that Christmas tree plantations ...

BARELY HANGING ON: Coastal-Burwood Community Board deputy chairman Tim Sintes said trees in the South New Brighton Domain are a serious health and safety ...


An electric pole that was damaged after a tree got uprooted and fell on it inAmalapuram