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Very pale buckskin classic bay cream Everything Horses

Very pale buckskin classic bay cream Everything Horses


Very pale buckskin (classic bay + cream)

CJ is indeed a Classic Dun Champagne, also called a Grullo Champagne, no cream gene involved


classic cream champagne Tennessee Walking Horse - a black based horse with 1 cream and 1 champagne gene.

This horse is believed to be a silver dapple buckskin: bay + cream + silver dapple. (If anyone knows the identity of this horse, please email me.

If a Classic Champagne horse has one cream gene from either parent, it's a Classic cream. At left, Topaz Merry Go, Tennessee Walking Horse stallion, ...

Double Cream Champagne

Tennessee Walking Horse rare classic champagne stallion, Champagne Lookout. He is the stud at

Sable Ivory Champagne: Brown + Champagne + Cream The brown color is diluted to a pale golden-brown shade with darker points, very similar to silver bucksin.

Amber Ivory Champagne: Bay + Champagne + Cream (perlino + champagne) The bay

Buckskin Horse

Morgan mother - Classic Genetics! Dunskin (Bay+Dun+1 Cream) mom and a Cremelo (Chestnut+2 Cream) baby. The father was probably a Palomino (Chestnut+1 Cream) ...

Buckskin horse

Amber champagne can be difficult to distinguish from classic champagne once the foal coat is shed. The best way to determine the color of an adult who could ...

Classic's Shogun - roan silver dapple bay Rocky Mountain Horse, such a beauty!

Bay Dun: Bay + Dun The body color is diluted to a sandy color, but the points remain dark. This mustang shows another typical characteristic of duns---the ...

Horse breeding for color: A dun horse is more than a buckskin with a dorsal stripe.

The Dun gene is a dilution gene that affects both red and black coat color pigments. The gene is associated with "primitive marking" and has the ability to ...

The brown color is diluted to a mousie grey-brown shade with darker points, very similar to classic champagne. (This is California Champagne, ...

This is Amaretto Blu, a darker silver dapple bay Morab. The manes and tails of silver dapple horses often darken as they age, but they generally do retain ...

Buckskin Draft Horse

Wild Bay - A wild bay looks almost the same as a classic bay, but

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This is April Sunshine, a light silver dapple bay Rocky Mountain Horse owned by Overlook Stables.

Morgan Colors- Your Information Station for Morgan Color Genetics and Color History

Liver, Blond Chestnut

Horse · buckskin pearl (bay + cream ...

The original ancestral color of the horse was bay dun. All of the other colors found in the equine species are the result of subsequent mutations over ...

Morgan Colors- Your Information Station for Morgan Color Genetics and Color History

A horse with classic sabino belly spots, white above its hocks, a chin spot and wide white facial markings.

... for the combination of chestnut, champagne and cream (gold champagne with a cream gene, or you could say a palomino with a champagne gene!). Such horses ...


This is his dam, Muscade. Both are clear bays with socks and minimal face markings. Apache and his parents are the kind of horses that sat ...

Frame Overo, Overo

Perlino: Bay + 2 Cream genes. When two cream genes are present, the body color becomes very pale, and the black points are diluted to a light red or brown ...

This includes the mane and tail which are red in chestnut horses. There is clearly no dorsal strip in this horse so it is unlikely to be a dun.

2014 Silver/White Colored Grullo Stallion Homozygous Black & Homozygous Dun EEaaDD No Cream

Most of these horses, along with many ancient breeds, have primitive markings associated with the dun gene.


Seal Bay

The skin photos on these horses are nearly identical. The owners of both stallions state that the horses look "just like" cremellos.

Most bay-based buckskin silvers are this pale body color, rather than the deeper golden coloring of most buckskin-onlys. Brown based buckskin silvers may be ...

Morgan Colors- Your Information Station for Morgan Color Genetics and Color History

Impulsified is very, very loud. His son, Huntified, is very, very not.

2014 Classic Champagne Dun Stallion Homozygous Dun EeaaDD No cream. "


Classic champagne, black base diluted by champagne gene.

SC-Smoky Cream. SO-Sorrel

Bay, Mahogany Bay

bay1, Maghogany Bay

Buckskin Horse


This Chestnut Classic Roan Quarter Horse is not so classic after all. Classic Roan rarely

It has become commonplace, in Morgans as well as in other breeds, to call any horse with flashy white markings not due to another pinto pattern (especially ...

Frame Overo, Overo

UDM MILANNE (Minion Millenium x Aljaks Miss Whamerica) 2010 bay mare owned by Lindsey Naas. "Milly" has a good deal of light hair in her mane and tail and ...

BC bay head


The recessive allele Aa has no effect on eumelanin production. Horses of genotype AaAa therefore have a base color of black.

... but these generally do not cover the horse as heavily or uniformly as Roan does. Tobiano and Overo (Paints & Pintos) and are other examples of White ...

DEM Sereno SOLD, Sanguine Lusitano Light Cream Buckskin Gelding

When talking about a topic as complex as equine coat color, simplifying concepts is essential. This is particularly true when speaking to a non-technical ...

Morgan Colors- Your Information Station for Morgan Color Genetics and Color History

The chestnut color is diluted by the champagne and cream genes to a pale cream color, similar to cremello. There is a distinguishable difference because ...

The Midas Touch Kid" ('cause everything he touches will turn to Gold)

He is beginning to look more gray than silver, and like all grays, will eventually be completely white. Photos courtesy of Cindy Dietz.


A red dun

Morgan Colors- Your Information Station for Morgan Color Genetics and Color History

Palomino Horse

This little cutie is a bay dun silver dapple: bay + dun + silver dapple. (He's also a tobiano pinto.)

The tan hair around the eyes and muzzle with a very dark body color is typical of seal brown.

Rosy pink skin and pale blue eyes are characteristics of cremellos, or "double-dilute" chestnuts.

When I started writing about horse color, I was primarily speaking to other artists, so it made sense ...

Bay + 1 Cream + Champagne = Amber Cream

A homozygous cream (Cr/Cr) horse with a bay base will be a perlino. Like all homozygous creams, perlinos have pink skin and blue eyes.

The key to distinguishing amber from classic is in the color of the legs.

I wanted to get pictures of one of the new horses at our barn, Dutch, to use for a post on sooty patterns. Dutch was interesting because he has the very ...

This Gypsy Vanner has very attractive horse coat colors


Gold champagne horses resemble palominos, having a golden color coat. They may have a white mane & tail, or these may be gold colored too.

HOLLYBROOK CARTUCCI (Hollybrook Headliner x Hollybrook Georgia Peach), 2010 bay gelding. This lovely gelding is a most interesting color.

For the full article on this research, with more pictures, click here: Double Cream Champagne

Horse-breeding tip: Learn how to make an educated guess on what color your foal will be.

To date, the other examples of these darker cream patches that I have seen have all been on black-based double creams. The color on Jess' filly is not yet ...

Silver dapple black

PATENTED (Big Bend Doc Davis x Reminiscing), 1990 bay gelding owned by Laura Behning. This is the classic light red-gold shade of bay.