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ISATAI (or ISA-TAI) Comanche tribe, Kwahadi band. He was the major leader of the indian warriors in the second battle of Adobe Walls (1874). I don't know ...


White Eagle - Comanche - circa 1885

Comanche Nation

Here is a 1900 family from the Comanche Nation. The elder man is Ta-

Quenatosavit (aka White Eagle, aka Isa-Tai) and his wife- Comanche

... [White Eagle, Also Known as Isa-tai, Comanche Medicine Man and Chief

Numunu (Comanche) family in Texas, Photograph, ca. are their names and their clan?

One Who Fears Nothing - Comanche - circa 1890 (I believe this picture was taken

Comanche - Quanah Parker,


Comanche family - circa 1890

Comanche Chief Quanah Parker and two of his six wives, 1898

Comanche family - no date

Quanah Parker and wives Topay and Chonay, Comanche Nation

Nʉmʉnʉʉ (Comanche) Nation - C 1890


Two American Indians of the Comanche Nation 1892.

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Arko - Comanche - 1890

Baldwin Parker with his wife, Nora Acquitsaketah-Parker, and their three sons - Comanche - no date {Note: Baldwin Parker was the son of Quanah Parker and ...

The story of Cynthia Ann Parker is a sad one - kidnapped after a Comanche massacre

some of the children of Quanah Parker, Comanche chief

Chief Quanah Parker, famous half-white, half Comanche Indian, visit to the Matador Ranch, Texas. 1910 Photos Erwin E. Smith Collection, Amon Carter Museium ...

Comanche men (read Empire Of The Summer Moon)

White Wolf - Comanche - no date

Quanah Parker, only war chief to push the settlers back from the frontier.

L-R: Quanah Parker, Moetah (aka Pug Nose, aka Frank Moetah), Quassyah (aka Eagle Tail Feather) - Comanche - circa 1891

Top Left...Albert Attacknie...1926---Top Right

American indians

Comanche family - circa 1890

Ten Bears was a Principal Chief of the Yamparika band of Comanche. Born around Ten Bears was orphaned as a baby when is family was massacred by Lakotas.

Delegation to Washington, 1897. Standing, at left: Quanah; seated: To

Federal Indian policy called for the removal of many Comanche children from their families, and


[White Eagle, Also Known as Isa-tai, Comanche Medicine Man and Chief ] | Medicine, Native americans and American indians

Comanche women and child; all in Native Regalia.

Comanche National Museum and Cultural Center

Comanches by Will Soule at Ft. Sill Comanche Chief and Colonel Lee


Quanah Parker was the last Chief of the Commanches and never lost a battle to the white man. His tribe roamed over the area where Pampas stands.

John Whiteman- Comanche - circa 1900

Comanche, 1874

Eva Wymnerchy, a Comanche woman, signs "Nearer My God to Thee" whilst

Comanche , 1872

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Quanah Parker and one of his wives named Tonarcy - Comanche - no date

The Comanche bow was deadly within 60 yards, which gave the Comanche warrior an advantage

Sanapia, born Poafpybitty, last known eagle doctor - Nʉmʉnʉʉ (Comanche) Nation

Comanche boy Pease Ross was the only male survivor of the 1860 raid in which Cynthia

[Moohie Tatsuh, Comanche Warrior]

Comanche men, including Tabananica (aka Sound Of The Sun, aka Hears The Sun

Comanche Mother with Infant; cdv. Also see stereo card.

Umatilla chief outside tent, Columbia River Territory, Umatilla, Oregon

Comanche Art Spotlight: Virginia "DeAnn DeFord" Berg CNMCC Collection. DeAnn DeFord.

Buffalo Hump and Family

152 best Comanches, Choctaws, &Cherokees images on Pinterest | Native american indians, Native americans and Native american

Quassiah at Parker Monument :: Photographs - Western History

The Comanche are a Native American tribe seen in Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood. They are briefly mentioned in Call of Juarez.

An old photograph of Quanah Parker - Comanche [B].

Quanah Parker as chief of the Kiowa-Comanche Reservation

Battle of Adobe Walls

[White Eagle, Also Known as Isa-tai, Comanche Medicine Man and Chief ] | Native americans, Indian territory and Native American history

Comanche mother and child

Quenatosavit (White Eagle) aka Isatai (Rear End of a Female Wolf), Comanche

Comanche Couple

Comanche braves, c. 1867–1874.


Comanche mother and baby son in cradleboard, photo by Edward Curtis

Chonipa Bones, Comanche Native American Indian 1898

Coyote Vagina. When the Comanche shaman White Eagle's ...

Pictures of Comanche war chief Quanah Parker and his mother, Cynthia Ann Parker, were

Lasaro 'Chief' Arriola, a Comanche-Apache and guest from the Four Winds

Chief Jim, Comanche Native American 1872

Topappy (aka Annie Blackstar) with her husband, James Hezekia Chebahtah (the son

Nakoney Chief, Comanche and

Quanah Parker and three wives – Comanche – 1892

Comanche Tribe

The White Man's revenge: deportation to Fort Marion, Florida; death of Guipago at Fort Sill[edit]

Portrait of Quanah Parker

Milky Way (Esa-ha- bith), a Comanche chief. Photographed Washington

Opening of the Kiowa-Comanche Reservation to settlement

COMANCHE INDIANS | The Handbook of Texas Online| Texas State Historical Association (TSHA)

Comanche Chief Parker 1892

Comanche Nathion Youth Dancer performs 'men's fancy war dance' at Sheppard Air Force Base

Uwat (Comanche), photograph by Edward Curtis, 1930

Mo'o-wai ("Pushing aside" or "Pushing-in-the-middle"), aka "Shaking Hand", chief of the Kotsoteka

Tosh-A-Wah (aka Silver Broach) - Comanche - circa 1872

Empire of the Summer Moon: Quanah Parker and the Rise and Fall of the Comanches

Buffalo Hunters' War

A 19th-century Comanche child.


... the Sunday morning of June 28, 1874, were seated on their horses a mile away from Adobe Walls, and were all listening to a respected Comanche Medicine ...

He had led the Indians in several smaller attacks against buffalo hunters during the spring, stoking Indian rage against the white man for causing the ...

Comanche warrior in winter dress, with a fur hat and buckskin jacket. About 1870. Photographer: William S. Soule.

Comanche Native Americans

Empire of the Summer Moon: Quanah Parker and the Rise and Fall of the Comanches

A map showing the Comanche lands (Comancheria) during the 1800s.